The Shining Ones.

Channelling Received 6th July 2015.

mesolithic campIt was on a moonlit night when we first left our shores. None of us knew when we would return as we faced into the West, heading into an unknown future.

We knew we could not look homewards, for in so doing, we knew that our hearts would surely break. Our destiny lay ahead, on wayward shores. Would they welcome us with open arms, or repel us with swords and shields? We knew not where our destiny would lead us, but we knew, without a doubt, that it would lead us somewhere.

Our lives, whilst on that journey wore long and hard, and there were times when we believed that we would never reach those distant shores, but we did, eventually.

When we landed we were greeted by our fore-runners, those brave souls, who by dint of their upbringing, were the privileged few to come to this new land. We knew not what to expect, but they were older souls than we, and knew how to live on these wild shores.

They greeted us as though we were family and welcomed us into their homes. We wined and dined and ate to our fill, but soon it became clear to us that this was not our home. We were needed elsewhere, somewhere wilder and forgotten.

We packed our belongings and set off into the wilderness, hoping to find the place wherein we could settle. Ours was a heavy burden and at times we despaired of ever finding a place to settle down. After years of moving and searching we came to this land, the land of your ancestors. It was a wild place, full of forests and wild beasts. No-one had yet settled here and so, in the beginning, we could only inhabit the outer edges, close to the sea.

The winters were harsh and the summers short and food was often in short supply. We learned how to fish and how to hunt in these surroundings and learned how to live, and survive, in this New Land. But we still did not feel that this was our home, so one day, we picked up our belongings and began to move again.birch pine forest

The going was slow, due to the dense vegetation and many of us lost our lives, scrambling through the thickets only to fall to our deaths over a sudden sheer cliff and into the deep valleys below. We were lost indeed.

But one day we found an area close to the sea, but on a rise in the land, and we decided to rest here for a while. We cleared away the trees and scrub and made an empty place in the forest. In order to keep out wild animals we built a palisade with a ditch outside of it and inside we built simple roundhouses of mud and wood. This became our home for a while. We fished, we hunted and life became less of a struggle.

One day a new person arrived. He had been travelling alone, lost and scared and had found our settlement. We let him in and listened to his story.

His settlement had been some distance away and it had been a good place to live. His father had been master of their people and his Mother, the living representative of the Great Mother in form. But there were those amongst the people who took no part in the running of the settlement. They wanted to contribute nothing, but spent their days in lazy self-indulgence. Their settlement began to split in two, some people supporting the camp and the others taking from it.

It was decided that those who took from it could no longer dwell within it, but the Takers disagreed and rebelled. The young man’s parents were both killed and the settlement burned to the ground. The survivors went out into the forests to try and find other settlements, as no-one knew where the other ones were, or if indeed, there were any others!

newton stoneWhen we heard this man’s tale it was unanimously decided that a network of lines should be established, which connected the settlements to each other. Marker stones would be erected showing the position and directions to each one. People were elected to find the other settlements and to put this idea to them. We reasoned that we would be safer if we knew the whereabouts of each other. We could form alliances to keep ourselves safe. Now not only were we protecting ourselves from the animals, but from people too.

And so they set off and, in time, many settlements were discovered, and nearly all of them agreed that it was a good idea. It would be harder for the rebels to rebel if they knew that other settlements would come to the aid of their leaders, most of whom were fair and devoted to maintaining the integrity of the settlement.

Then it was decided that there should be central communities, whose job would be to oversee and feed their own group of settlements. They began to create huge banks and ditches to mark out their own territory and all of those settlements were under the protection of the larger ones.

In order to maintain balance, the larger settlements were built on hilltops and most could be seen by the others.

All worked, for a time. The people lived abundant lives, peace reigned, with only minor grievances. But came a day when the invaders rolled up on our shores and everything changed. Our lives, our way of life, changed dramatically. We were no longer lords of our lands and one with the God and Goddess. Now we were outcasts, sent to the margins to live, but still under the central control of those who wished to take everything we had created.

Our people became the unwanted ones, as everyone joined forces with the new invaders who promised them power and wealth. Some of us remained; separate, nomadic travellers. We had returned to the old ways, but it was harder now. The invaders had taken our land, which they now controlled and so, they also controlled the food. WE returned to hunting and fishing to feed ourselves. What we had created in order to serve and support the communities, was now being used to control them, and there was nothing we could do to stop them. Celts1320

In despair we turned to the Goddess, and she told us to bide our time, that soon her ways would return and the ‘takers’ of this land would be gone. All that had once been, would be again.

Reassured, we waited, ever staying in the background, watching as waves of new invaders arrived, taking from the takers. But alongside them, came people from another land and they could see our handiwork. We rejoiced, for we thought that this was the time spoken of by the Goddess. But we were disappointed. They too were overtaken by the takers and all they had built, they lost.

Over and over again we watched those who would take, overtake those who tried to bring the balance back. To us it seemed like ‘soon’ was just too far away, so we shrank back into the forests and woodlands, slowly giving up hope that the Goddess would return. The land was a wasteland and we could no longer look upon it.

Then one day we noticed that something was changing. The world was getting brighter. At first we did not understand what this meant, but then the God and Goddess appeared to us and told us that it was Time; Time for their return to the land of men and to the honouring of each other, and of the Earth.

astraea_and_altennimer_by_irulana-d5m85vfWe were overjoyed and celebrated with huge feasts and dancing in the moonlight, for we still did not wish to be seen. But, we began to notice that there were people appearing in our world. Modern people who could see into our hidden places; people who desired to bring back the ways of the Old Ones.

We collectively decided to share our knowledge and wisdom with these people, for we could see who was pure of heart and who was not. Those whose intentions were true, we passed the knowledge to, making a pact with them that they would share this knowledge with others, who like them, also wanted peace and balance once more.

And now you know our story. We are the Sidhe of Old, the ancient energies who live in this world and who have been waiting for this time. We hope that our collaboration with you, and the ones like you, who are trying to ‘right’ the imbalances in the world, yields positive results. Only in working together can this work be established, and only in this collaboration can our lives mean something again.

We are glad that the humanity of the new World is working in partnership with the humanity of the Old World. Together we create a bridge of Light, a bridge that we hope many will cross, bringing our worlds together once more; bridging the wide gap of Time and Space to become One once more.

All of this we hope for and in our hope lies our deepest desire for communion. All for One and One for all. That is our hope. We greet you on this bridge, so that together we can walk into the future, hand in hand, as One.

The Shining Ones.

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