‘Chi Ball’ Attunements.

b0000725I have been asked many times recently about whether the Gaia method Attunements can be sent via chi ball, which seems to be the fashionable way of sending distance attunements these days. Unfortunately, the attunements are part of a direct energy transmission and therefore it is not possible to send the attunements via a chi-ball attunement.

When I send an attunement I am connecting directly to your Soul Essence and these energies are not ‘containable’. Every aspect of myself goes into sending the attunement and I am in direct communication, both with your Soul and your guides. The same can be said for future teachers of the esystem.

The Gaia Method is an Initiatory path of Earth Healing, not for personal healing. Reiki and other systems are for personal healing, and I do use those systems to heal myself, as I learned to do many years ago.

It takes years to learn this system, and time to learn how to pass attunements, so unfortunately, it cannot be done using a ‘chi-ball’ method. Your attunement is done in the ancient tradition, Soul to Soul and I would not have it any other way. So if anyone offers the Gaia Method as a Chi-Ball attunement then they are not sending you the Gaia Method energies. Apart from that, no-one else but me, teaches the Gaia Method yet. I know all of the Gaia Method healers around the world and they are all genuinely committed and very gifted healers, but as yet only Eartha teaches, although a couple are headed that way…and that makes me genuinely happy! Eartha and I go back near to the beginning of the Gaia Method.

My guides had this to say about it: “The Gaia Method is a path of Dedicated service, not an attunement supermarket. Although if you are a healer, you will benefit from  the attunement regardess of your intention.”

I hope that goes some way to explaining why I do not use the chi-ball as an attunement process, and clears up any confusion that might arise.



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