The Gaia Method™

Mother Earth. Gaia.

Mother Earth. Gaia.

The Gaia Method™ is a system of healing which allows you to work with the sentient, feminine entity which inhabits our physical Planet: The Great Mother.   She is an entity, who for many years, was nurtured through divine connection with one’s inner self and the environment.

The Gaia Method involves moving into sacred spaces and removing old, negative programming around feminine wisdom in the collective unconscious and reaccessing the ancestral wisdom extant there, reinstalling it for the benefit of humankind.

Our task is to link up the Power centres of the world, so the power of the Ruby Ray, the Love of the Mother, can be released into the earth grid, bringing hope and healing to all. This can be visualised as electrical power stations that then send out, via an electricity grid, energy to the points of consumption.  The ultimate goal of this work is the flooding of the world with Truth and Love, to clear the darkness that, we, as humanity, have created.

Kundalini Serpent.

Kundalini Serpent.

Channelled explanation:

“This journey is a deeply personal one. Each of you will receive exactly what you need in order to pursue your particular path to Sovereignty; you will also receive both the healing and Light Code activations which you require. Whatever level of spiritual development you have achieved will be raised to a higher frequency, activating the light portals in the body. Once these light portals have been activated, the DNA strands will reflect this, allowing a deep transformation and an increase in healing ability and skill. New codes will be added to your already existing ones and your journey will take on a new significance; new possibilities will appear, new pathways be discovered. Whatever the Soul needs for its journey from darkness to light, will be received.

Following the paths of the Ancient Ones, you will once again take up the Mantle of Divine Stewardship. There is a Divine law which states: Each man/woman, in control of his own destiny, is indeed a server of the Divine. For each person, in their own heart, knows their path to Divine Sovereignty. Only those who are willing to carry the light codes, on behalf of humanity, who are courageous enough to pass the initiatic tests, will achieve the Grail. For this journey is challenging, and yet it also inspires. All who rise to meet the challenge of uniting the male and female energies, both in themselves and in the world, can call themselves ‘Keepers of the Grail Mysteries’.”

I go into more detail on each of the pages dedicated to an aspect of these routes. Whether you do the Gaia Method™ or not I hope these pages help you in your own Gaia Energy work.

7 thoughts on “The Gaia Method™

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Now, when I go back to visit this old tree friend, I will have to ask who have I been speaking with all these years. I call her Grandmother Sycamore.


  2. Wow just had the pleasure of running into your site. What an amazing synchronicity. I have been tasked by the mother with building a place for the teaching of earth healing called Rising Stones. I was compelled to build a stone circle and currently building a dragon earth work as part of the great work. I will continue to follow.
    As one


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