Let Go!

B0001336There is a very easy option! LET GO.

The Magdalene energies have arisen. Allow yourself to partake of them then use them wisely. Liberate yourself from the yoke of subservience and stand in your power. Trust that others can take care of themselves. Liberate yourself from thinking that all depends on you and give others the opportunity to discover their own resources. Try to achieve this and your life will improve 10-fold.

Liberate yourself from impulsive action. If you feel angry at other people’s demands on your time and energy, look at what drives your reactions and emotional motives. Let go of the fear that they can’t look after themselves. Although they may still need your guidance from time to time, they need to learn independence. Give them this now. It is necessary! Let go.

Bridge the gap between understanding and non-understanding. The way forward is there if you but look for it.

Feel the blood coursing through your veins. Feel the throb of the heartbeat of the Earth. Breathe the fresh mountain air come home to yourself.

Feel the seasons changing times, feel as the Earth begins to slow down and go within, allowing her life-force to rest and recuperate. Allow yourself to do likewise.


An Affirmation.

IMG_0020Repeat this often:

I am safe. I am alive in my body now. I use my energy in the most alive way possible. I am light. I use that light for the benefit of mankind and I trust in the Universe to protect me and support me in my endeavours.

I AM LIGHT. I stay focussed on the best possible outcomes of all situations in which I find myself. This is the truth and my mind and body accept it as such for there is no difference between my soul experience and my physical expression. They are one and the same, and so I trust myself, I trust the Universe and I trust the Source to know always which is the right direction to take, and how to manage that direction when it arises.

So be it.

The Battleground.

Received in 2005.

PicsArt_01-04-04.15.49An ancient rule is coming to an end. The forces of light and dark are engaged in the Battle of the Ages. Allowing for time distortions this battle will conclude when all that are locked into old paradigms will begin to see a loosening of old ties and beliefs. This will allow all old belief systems to crumble and fall. New systems will then be enabled, and new ways of thinking and acting will ensue. New discoveries in the field of science will enable newer systems to be reversed so that these new discoveries can be manifested for the benefit of the whole of humanity.
The world is about to be turned on its head. This will bring fear and confusion but will ultimately result in a new way of being. New ways of working with the land will be created, based on the knowledge of the ancients.

Try not to guess the outcome of these events as the future will depend on those who remain to create it anew! They will result in many souls leaving the planet but it is for those who remain to decide how they wish to continue.

The world is about to receive a wake-up call. The shock waves alone will leave many in disbelief but those of you who have been warned of these impending events will be able to support those less able to cope.

All is in Divine order and all is going to plan. This will precipitate a series of events in which people will struggle for understanding. The world will never be seen in the same way again. A new template will be anchored during these events allowing the new energies to begin their work of stabilising the earth’s crust. This is where you come in. Your work now will help to stabilise the planet’s magnetic field so that all who are aligned with the earth’s field will progress much faster and allow for a clean break with societies conventions.

These world events will show people that progressing materially, while ‘stealing’ from the planet, destabilises the very support they need to exist here.
This will show them, and things will change. They will have to, there is no other choice.
We leave you now to contemplate our words.
Fear not. All is in Divine order.

Live a more Earth-Centered Life.

B0004173We have witnessed many changes on the earth but none are so potentially catastrophic as the changes now being wrought. Being unavailable to the demands for change means ignoring the warning signals being sent to you from all quarters. The destruction wrought by Hitler, Stalin, Polpot and others is nothing compared to the complete destruction which threatens the planet. The only way this can be avoided is to completely change your mode of living. There are many technologies out there which work in harmony with the planet’s energy fields. Technologies which, if used correctly, could stem the tide of planetary destruction. This technology is designed to balance out the earth’s magnetic fields, like Tachyon. But in order for it to be effective it must be used!

Enhancing modern life requires sacrificing old methods of using power. Wind generated energy is effective and cheap, as is solar power, when not monopolised by large companies. Cutting down on carbon-fuel emissions is also possible by moving to more efficient and cleaner fuels which do not waste the planet’s resources.

In order for these methods to be successful you must all begin to invest in them. Thinking about it is only the first step, acting on it is the second! Step two must follow step one if the changes are to occur.PicsArt_10-20-08.46.39gd

In serving the planet you must also take the step to physically support it. Energy work on its own is not sufficient. This is where your new step is leading. In combining efficient energy usage with planetary healing and earth activations you are ensuring the continuing survival of your planet.

Branch out now and create a new structure for your lives based on ecological awareness and energy work. Surfing the Net will not save the world but growing a field full of beans may! Use your resources wisely and you will see a change come to the world. The world wide web is only a tool but there are many more. Be balanced in your life and soon you will see the results.

Harvest your beans and watch your dreams take flight.

The Elven Realm.

PicsArt_1438588377903 - Copy - CopyIt is our privilege and great joy to be here with you here today. Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are of the Elven realm, the realm that exists between your world and the world of the Devic Lords. It is our work you see all around you in the form of birds and bees and all flying creatures. Insects too are part of our creation. For this reason, ‘fairies’ are often believed to have wings. People who are sensitive to our energies have seen us work and believe that we are winged but we are not. We have no discernable form but can be seen ,or rather perceived, by those who have the ability and the gifts.

The waterways and fish are ruled by other energies, energies more akin to the water sprites, part of our greater family but distinct nonetheless.

It is no accident that you find yourself in contact with us. This has been pre-arranged and you know of our energies from our many previous adventures together.

In those times when you see our messengers in the sky, you are tuning into our energy thoughts and this way we guide you. (Birds!)

We have an ancient pact with humanity, which the majority have failed to honour. Now it is time that that pact was renewed. In order to do that, humanity needs to be made aware of our existence once more. Working with us entails making changes and many things will need to be sacrificed. However, many new things will come into being.

In the days to come we will visit you often and show you the ways in which we work.PicsArt_1438588582799 - Copy - Copy

Each layer of energy, the earth ‘gnomes’ the water ‘sprites, the ‘elves’ and Devic Lords, works as part of the whole to maintain the balance on the planet.

In order to maintain this balance we have to work as a unit yet focus on our individual energetic responsibilities and creativity. Humans need to learn to do likewise, as they did before. And in this way, balance will be achieved.

Do your best now to work within the infrastructure of energetic boundaries. You, as a human, can learn to access the energies of all the Devic Realms, if you so choose. Ask and you will receive. Put into practice all that you learn there and we can all work together as a complete unit.


Working with the Devic Forces.

DSCN0689Working with the Devic forces means becoming aware of all the ways in which humanity uses and abuses the gifts of the Divine Mother and Father. In days gone by people completely understood their relationship to the earth and sun and to the continuing cycles of time and space.  Many of you  now are coming to the awareness and knowledge of how the Devic forces create your world and you are beginning to learn to work in harmony with it.

Let me show you now how to further your ability in working with these forces. It is an easy task and yet it is also not easy. The Devic forces control the weather, the cycles of the seasons and the ability for life to sustain itself. However, mankind’s efforts in the opposite direction puts the world’s survival in jeopardy.

Try this now: allow your everyday thinking to change its direction. Move your attention to all those things which you take for granted, such as heating, light and food. Imagine, if you will, how you would survive if your world as you currently know and enjoy it, were to fail. How might you survive? In your current way of living, you would probably starve as you have no way of surviving without your superstores.

How would you heat your home? You could not as you have no source of fire, another element man cannot live without.

And as for water? Where would you get that? Everything is provided for you, you have to work for nothing.

Now, the suggestion we make is this: try to move your attention to living within the elemental realm. IN HARMONY WITH ALL LIFE AROUND YOU! You know how to do this as you have done it many times before. All you need to do is REMEMBER.IMG_0149 (2)

Move your consciousness to that place in your body which feels the most connection to the earth, your Mother. When you have done this allow images from the past to flood your mind and record the images you see.  When you have done this design a life around them.

This process will take many months but in the end, you will find that life has taken on a different hue. The world of nature will be One with you. Everything you use, everything you wear, everything you eat, will come from the natural world. Nothing synthetic will survive in the New World for separation  will no longer be desired.

The energies of nature flow all around you and you can feel its impact now on your field. Allow this to be so. Return to the natural world. Taking advantage of past skills and combine your spiritual work with the natural world then teach others to do the same.

Allow this to be your dream.

We leave you now with these words:

“Strive to achieve the best that you can and believe in the forces of nature to support you”.

The Three Creative Centers.

PicsArt_143860512539 - CopyWelcome to my domain. All that you see around you, in the form of trees and plants, wild animals and tame, the cycles and the seasons, come under my rulership. The Devic realms, and all the realms of earthly light, are within my territory, my ‘land’, for I am known as the Devic Lord, the Lord of elemental light and life. It is my task to oversee the smooth evolution of nature and the light within nature.

Come with me now on a journey into that light and see for yourself how all is put together. Try as you might, in your everyday consciousness, you cannot begin to imagine the ‘delicate intricacies’, that make up the creation and maintenance of nature. It is my task now to give you a glimpse of my world so that you can share the awareness of this light with your world.

In your greatest imaginings, you cannot begin to comprehend the task which we share with you. It goes beyond anything you have ever known. Our task is Herculanian, a mighty task, yet a task full of wisdom and caring.

Nature can be both a terror, frightening, and a joy, pleasing. In order to work with the cycles of time, you need to understand nature and her ways.

It is I, as Lord of light, who takes Nature’s creations and ‘evolves’ them. I mold them with light and ensure their survival. Yet now my task has become more difficult because of the interference of man’s greed. They are destroyers, not creators and yet they have the potential to create.PicsArt_11-02-12.04.56ghj

Man’s eternal desire is always to create and grow but this desire has become masked in pain and coldness, and so his creative forces cannot flow. This constriction of the creative channels blocks other avenues of expression, such as love, compassion and loyalty, respect and admiration. In the blocking of these channels all connection to the beauty and joy inherent in Nature’s creations can not be seen or acknowledged. They cannot be valued and emulated.

The only way that mankind can move forward now is through the unblocking of these channels of light and creation and the only way that these creations can be manifested is through the unblocking of those channels.

In order to create one must be clear, clear in body, mind and spirit. When one reaches this point of clarity the creations in and of the soul begin to peek their heads out and call for attention.

When mankind has opened these creative channels and begun to create ‘life’ and ‘light’ from within then can nature find her ‘flow of creation’ once more and the lords of light, and the Mother, can continue their works of creation.

To begin, one must clear the channels in the body so that the forces of light from the Sun and the forces of light within the earth can flow like the lemniscate, filled with rainbow light. It is these forces within you now which drive you to create your forms. Allow them to flow through you, your body and mind, filling your form with rainbow light.

Through the heart flows the majestic lines of heavenly art. Through the solar plexus flow the lines of earthly creation and through the sacral centre flow the juices of the Mother’s creations. In all three of these centres unify your intentions. Create a matrix of light, joining these three centres into one, a unified chakra, yet still three.

These three centres are the most important centres in the human body. In order to create from your soul all three of these centres must act as one. We do not speak here of anything other than the use of these three chakras within the creative forces of the Soul, as these chakras also have their other functions. But in terms of working with the creative forces of light and life one must be proficient in using these three chakras.

For this reason, you need to clear these three centres when working with the forces of Nature.

We leave you now with these words of light: “Creation has many purposes but its primary function is to create life, in all its forms.”

The Diamond Merkaba.

DiamantThe Diamond Merkaba is an attunement which allows you to work within the nine realms, or dimensions, of the Earth and its energy-field. Merkabas are vehicles of light, of different frequencies, allowing you to move in and out of specific frequencies and ‘worlds’ of vibration. They act as doorways into these worlds. You can anchor specific energies within these realms when guided to do so, so that they act within those dimensions or layers.

“The Diamond energies focus, with precision, the light of the Heart of the  Mother, in all of the ancient sacred places. In this way, the Matrix of the Mother-light can expand into the network of light around the world.’

“The pyramid is a diamond which surrounds your body. There is a point at each side of the body aligning you to the four directions. Each pyramid has its base, or foundation, at the Centre, where Heaven and Earth meet and join as One energy. (This is at your Earth Tan Tien) Focusing on it daily will raise the vibration of the body and allow certain connections with other spheres of existence. On a fundamental level, it is your connection to the ‘Elemental realm’. At the upper-most level, it is your connection to ‘All That Is’, or the Source. When all nine fields are active you can travel, at will, across the universe of energy; in and through, the planetary field.

When you travel together to distant sites we will assist you in connecting your Merkaba field with that of the site so that your energies become One with it and the dimensional energies necessary for its activation can be accessed and opened once again. This is a necessary part of the process and must not be forgotten.”

These are 9 levels that you can expand into with this Merkaba, and each one focuses it’s energies on a different level.20150803_080211_thumb.jpg

  1. Elemental layer. This is the physical world, the world of plants and physicality. The World of the Elemental energies which create our natural world.
  2. This is a ‘Light’ level, just filled with light. A much finer frequency than the very physical first level.

3. This is the ‘Crystal’ level, the crystals we work with, in the landscape! The whole field becomes crystalline

4. This is the level of level of ‘Neptune’ and the sea. Here you work with the ‘water’ platonic solids which connect to each other via the sea, the Elemental Beings of Water and with the Collective Unconscious of humanity.

5. The fifth level is the level of Archetypal symbols and knowledge. Energy as symbols lives in this layer. When we see Gods and Goddess energy this is where they ‘live’. We take from this field when we use their energy and when we use symbols of any kind. Symbols are pictorial representations of different kind of energies and thoughtforms.

6. This level is the Spider Woman level at the core of the earth. Her energy runs through the planet in red and black lines. These lines continue out into space so that the earth is held in a universal web. These are the webs of creation and energy which feed the living planet.

7. The seventh layer is the Heart layer, the heart of the Mother and is part of the band of energy which runs around the planetary field.

8. The eighth level seems to be more of an Angelic-ish level. I found myself anchoring energies and creating lines with this level.

9. This level seems to be the Gold layer, our/the Earth’s connection to All That Is!


Once we have been attuned to the Diamond Frequencies we can then anchor the necessary energies into any one of these layers. It also gives you access to stellar energies which can then also be connected to specific points around the planet. If you are prompted to expand the Diamond Field to a particular level, when you are working on a site, then you just follow the prompt using your breath and/or your hands to expand it to whichever level it requires.

Once you have been attuned to the Diamond Frequencies you will receive the manual and instructions in how to work with it.






Diamond merkaba image: http://turn2befree.com



Soul Alignment.

Connecting with the Seed of your Future.


So many times we struggle to know which way is the right way to go, especially when we are trying to listen to our guidance and follow our purpose. I have always struggled with this so my guides gave me this exercise to do. Proved to be very interesting and not at all what I expected. 

The exercise is about the Soul’s Journey through life, as it works through the personality; the journey you have chosen to experience when you decided to incarnate into this life. It gives you an idea of the experiences you have chosen, the ‘lifetimes’ you need to travel through to heal old issues and blocks that may have originated in those times. It aligns you with your Soul’s choices, because your Soul knows what you need to learn or experience and allows you to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. 

It does not show personality goals, necessarily, although if you are in alignment with your Soul, your choices will reflect these.  

When doing this exercise, images will arise in your mind’s eye that show you the next steps in your life. They may be symbolic, incorporating past-life imagery, or like dream symbols, images which your consciousness will understand. Allow them to appear and allow them to change. One after another, they will show the progression of events over time. 

You may only need to do this exercise a number of times in your life, or it can be used to understand the purpose of current challenges. It very much depends on your needs at the time of doing it.  

Go into a meditative space, listen to the music that gets you there. Do whatever it is that you do to get you into the right energy. Everyone has their own process, for me, I turn on the music that feels right, I close my eyes and watch.

Focus on the light in your heart and imagine that a seed is growing there. This is the seed thought of your best possible future, the seed your dreams are made of. Look into this seed in your soul’s heart and follow the trail there, the trail that leads to your best possible outcome. 

Everything in your soul’s heart is the right path, so accept what you see there. Once you have done this, you will have begun a process of manifestation which will take you to the desired shores.

Once you have done this, write it down and let it go. Slowly it will begin to manifest and the healing will have begun, making you stronger, more capable, and Soul Aligned.

Creating your safe World.

surrender-1024x683As things begin to feel darker for us in the world it is important that we manifest a belief that we are safe, that we are nurtured and that all that we are is secure. The beliefs of mankind are manifesting in ever more chaotic ways so it is important to create a reality in which we feel free and safe to be our whole selves.

This is a technique that my guides gave me in order to do this:

Roll up in a ball and imagine that you are safe in your mother’s womb. Touch the walls of this space and feel how secure and warm they are. Now imagine that you are outside of this womb and out in the freedom of nature and space. Fill yourself up with this feeling of freedom and fearlessness. See this bigger, outside space as something that feeds your soul and gives you energy, just as you received these things inside your mother’s womb. See the world as a giant womb, safe, nurturing and complete. This reality will manifest in your emotional body and in your consciousness so that you are contained by the energies of nature whilst going through your releasing work.

For Accessing the Knowledge Held at a Site.

corfebwWhen entering a sacred space in nature, or one which you know has been a sacred space before, this technique helps you to easily access the knowledge left there by the ancestors.

When you are the site ask permission from the ‘guardians’ and then focus on your energy field. Place your attention on the energies of the site and imagine that the energy of your field/Aura is vibrating at the same rate as the energy of the site. Your field, and that of the site’s, have become one blended energy and with intention, you can ask that all of the knowledge and wisdom contained in this site is now One with your field, as you are sharing the same energy. Imagine that all the little particles of light information contained in the site are now dancing in your field and can be accessed by you on all levels so that you can know the information.

When you feel ready just ‘disconnect’, seeing yourself as your own field within the greater one of the site, but now filled with the ancient knowledge of the ancestors. Give thanks in whatever way you feel moved to. Often, just the accessing of this knowledge is thanks enough as your guides/soul already know your intention for accessing it in the first place and are glad to share with you.

The information will filter into your consciousness through writing, art, channelling, or ‘knowing’, etc. However you usually receive information and knowedge from your guides!