Attunements: 1st level.


The attunements for each level are very definite, in that they each anchor, and thereby initiate, their own sphere of development. Within those spheres of development, you build up your tools and keys, such as more symbols, the Madonna Light, the elemental gifts, flames, dragon energies, etc.  It is an ancient way of Initiation.

The First attunement gives you the tools and energies of growth and transformation. It connects you to your Sovereignty and initiates a process of development and change. It opens up your Goddess/Earth channels and connects you to your purpose. You are a representative of the Goddess energies on earth and are given your name and keywords. The name is an energy in itself. It is who you are in this lifetime and what you are here to do.

You are given a written message from your guides about your spiritual purpose and your feet are set upon a path of development akin to the old paths of Initiation which have been experienced in many cultures for a great many years.

For men, it connects you to your Love of the Mother, and the awareness of the sanctity of the earth and of woman. The Arthurian mysteries play a mythic/energetic role here as men learn the qualities of the Knights of the Round Table and the development of compassion, and service through Divine Kingship. They too are gifted with the same energies and receive an energetic name and keywords, plus a guided message about their purpose.

Once you have received your initial attunement, subsequent attunements, add to your sphere until you are ready for the next Major attunement.

In between attunements your Soul and earth guides teach you how to do the work you are here to do. It is not a teacher/student style of teaching as each person is recognised as the gifted individual that they are. You have brought many lifetimes of experience into this one, and you already have skills in this arena. The Gaia Method energies remind you and awaken your, as yet, un-remembered skills and abilities. You might already be doing this work, in which case the attunements will add to your own development and work.

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