13 December 2009. Cone-of-Nature.

Down through the centuries man has endeavoured to control the elements. He does this from a basic lack of trust in Nature’s ability to decide for herself what is needed for maintaining the balance of her planet.

She is but one element of the planetary intelligence just as skin is but one element of your human body.


Humanity are just like communities of ants which live in your lawn. They change and disrupt that part of the ‘skin’ in which they live. If your lawn was filled with ant communities your lawn would be unpleasant to sit on but it would still look alright. You can notice their workings but they do not cause lasting damage because their building is superficial. If you were to take a rotovator to your lawn those ant communities would be destroyed, because their ‘cities’ are close to the surface of the lawn.

In the same way humanity’s cities and works are unsightly and mar the beauty of the countryside, but they are also superficial and can not create any lasting damage, as nature can easily ‘rotovate’ her lawn in order to create something new.

Man, however, is at the mercy of this ‘whim’ of Nature, this reversal of their norm and so, for this reason, they block nature out. They deny her power for they believe that, if they do so, then nature will leave them alone. She will ignore their existence, just as you do the anthills.

But try as they might they cannot succeed for Nature will always seek a balance, and if you are in her way then that is of no concern to her. Her way is balance, in much the same way as skin works to heal a blister, life will always seek a balance.

In order to succeed in your venture a working relationship with nature is required. You will need to be ‘tuned in’ to her frequency so that you create with balance in mind. Trying to do otherwise will only end in failure.


You are the ‘Lady’ of the house and it is up to you to become familiar with nature’s ways.

Try this tonight: as you retire for sleep imagine a giant cone, inverted, above and surrounding your house. See that within this cone are layers of substance, each made up, in varying degrees, of vegetation and matter. See in one layer the grasses and plants beneath your feet. In the next layer see the plants and trees which grow high above you. In the following layer see the clouds of energy which swirl around and about you as you step forth from your house. In the succeeding layers see the stars above as they shine their everlasting light down upon your planet.

Recognise that all these elements come into play during every aspect of your human life. Learn to understand the interplay of each of these levels/layers and learn to work on unlocking the secrets of nature as we know them.

Only in understanding this relationship between each elemental layer will you understand how the Universe functions and how Nature plays its part in maintaining the Divine Balance of the planet.

We leave you now to peruse our words and try our technique. Record all that you experience and when you are ready pass it on in the form of Art and writing. It will take many years but it will open your eyes to the many wonders which nature has created on your beautiful planet, her creation.

Image: http://www.5feet20.com/2013/08/

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