History: The Second Level.

Dartmoor sheepstor

Sheep’s Tor.

Chris and I did a lot of work in Dartmoor, and in the West Country, in the mid 2000’s. The energies there are still accessible, not having had layers of subsequent human habitation/emotion to cover them. One of the sites we visited gave me the Second level energies. It was at a Bronze Age stone circle called Yellowmead, near Sheep’s Tor in Devon. A remote and beautiful place. It took us quite a long walk to get there and at one point, crossing some small streams, I heard my guides telling me to collect some of the water for an essence.

On arriving at the circle , or first impression was that it was the remains of a burial cairn, surrounded by three concentric circles. As we tuned in I felt that each ‘band’ had a different ‘spin speed’, a different wavelength. When all the wavebands spin at the same speed it powers up like a battery. One of the things I discovered, while doing all of this earth energywork at ancient sites as that they are all connected and are like a computer’s Motherboard, each component having a different function, but all working together to create balance in the land. The people buried in the cairns, mounds and cists, were people with a particular spiritual status, often of high birth and connected to the Earth as guardian, a role they continue in death. All sacred sites had guardians, both living and dead, to maintain the functioning of the area. This particular function is slowly returning as people instinctively feel a burning need to protect a site they feel connected to.

Once Chris and I had tuned in and allowed our energies to meld with the site, my guides gave me some information and then told me to place the bottle of water, which we had collected earlier, into the centre of the circle. All we had to do was tune in and watch! As I did, a grid was placed around my energy field. A lady in a white dress and white flower headdress began making adjustments to it, so that this grid would harmonise with mine. She told me it was a Venus grid and that this was part of the second level of the Gaia method. All I had to do was to see the grid move around the recipient’s energy field the same way they had just done to me:

“This can be transferred at the second level by visualising the Venus grid being placed around the recipient’s body from yours, then activating and powering it up. In using this function the recipient allows a certain amount of ‘love’ energy to be transferred to their energy-field. This in turn stimulates the sending out of the same energy by them, healing the atmosphere and energy fields around them.”

Yellowmead Stone Circle.

Yellowmead Stone Circle.

They also described it thus:

“In carrying this energy you become one of the many devotees of the Goddess. Your every action and thought leads to unification with the Divine Feminine consciousness, so that, eventually, you can join in Holy Union with the Divine Masculine energy of the Sun and Sea, both masculine energies within the overall feminine divine energy. Awareness of your own part in the cosmic evolution of earth is bestowed on all who carry this matrix within their fields, and who strive to work within the earthly realms of the Goddess in ‘form’. Her sites, her children, her creations, are all in need of her succour and love and those who give their lives to this work are rewarded, many times over, with love and honour. Those who carry this energy can assist in the conscious evolution of the planet and her people, and they are the divine repositories of ancient knowledge, following in the footsteps of the Ancient Ones, those priests and priestesses who gave their lives in service to the planet and all her people. Do this willingly and lovingly and your lives will change, to become one of love and abundance, as the Goddess loves all, leaving no soul untouched.”

I focused back on the bottle of water, still sitting in the centre of the circle. A golden sphere of energy, a sun elemental, dropped down into the bottle. As soon as this had happened I was told to put the lid on. It was like putting a genie in a bottle! Then I sat back down. The Venus energy from the Grid began to flow around the bottle, like fast moving colours or atoms, swirling. I waited for information on how to use the essence. I was told that it was “Elfin Gold”. It harmonises the male and female energies in the body, creating harmony in relationships. The energies of the Sun and Venus, Male and Female, Light and Love.

For the following years, until the present, I kept receiving symbols. Either at sacred sites, from Dryads or from the temples in Egypt. Here are a few of the symbols/energies which you may receive. They can also be received during any other activation, during either the first or second level. If your guides know that you will not receive any more Gaia Method attunements, then they will give you the energies you need now.


Adam,The Perfected Man.

 This symbol was received in Luxor and represents a man who is connected to his Divinity, while being solidly grounded, his legs firmly anchored to the earth and aware of his relationship to the Mother. He is perfectly balanced between Heaven and Earth, whole and healthy. He is not the Adam who was tempted by Eve.

He is the man who is fed by the Mother in Nature and values his relationship to her. He knows his place in the world and knows that all the abundance of the Earth is there for him. In recognizing the power of nature, and having respect for it, all his needs are met.

anchor symbol

The anchor.

The Anchor is both a personal symbol and and a working symbol. As a personal symbol it tells us when we have to ‘stay put’, and firmly anchored in a place.

As a working symbol it acts as an anchor point for different energies, both in bodies of water and in the earth. I usually see it as a gold anchor.


The Mirror of Isis.

 The Mirror of Isis allows us to relect on the past and to see how our past might create our future.

On a working level it is a deflector. Energy coming from one level of the earth’s field, can be deflected by the mirror into other levels. (Weirdly, I found this website which spoke of an object which Akhenaten used. It was a light reflector. I would dismiss it except for the fact that the Mirror of Isis does the same thing, energetically, and my guides told me years ago, that many of our ‘symbols’ were, anciently, energy devices. Devices which were once physical but were no longer necessary as we could now use the energy thought-forms of the same devices. So who knows? ).

brigit's mantel

Brigit’s Flame/Mantle.

Brigit’s Flame/Mantle is a symbol of protection. This symbolizes the mantle, or cloak, of the Goddess Brigit. It provides physical protection, in the form of food, shelter, water, heat, etc. The ‘hood’ or flame of the symbol can be either at the back of our head, protecting your ‘thinking’ from the thoughts of others, especially people who like to mentally control others, or if the hood is down, protecting your back, it is doing just that, protecting your body.

While I was receiving this symbol, I was aware of a band of energy, which I could somehow tap into to get the energy of the symbol. Every time I thought of the symbol I was aware of this band. I really ‘got’ that the symbols were really just pictures of the particular energy we were accessing. The symbols just make it easier to do.

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