Who are the Tuatha De Danaan?

f331977d037a50e62b64182a177689feThe Tuatha De Danaan are traditionally the faery folk of Ireland, a race of beings sent underground with the coming of another race of beings called the Milesians, who defeated them in battle. In reality, they were the Bronze Age people from the Aegean, who came originally to the Western Isles (Southern England and Ireland) after a cataclysm in the Mediterranean.

This was possibly the Santorini volcanic explosion that erupted during the Bronze Age and caused two years of winter. The people who came at that time came in boats and settled here, bringing their culture and knowledge with them. During energy-work on the Dorset Cursus, I was shown that they came here to escape a massive flood that destroyed their homelands and they took their knowledge of mound-building with them. They said,  “We built them in order to stabilise the imbalance which had resulted from the catastrophe that caused the flooding.” They came here too because we already had a firm foundation of Mother consciousness and shared similar beliefs.

The Beaker people built the burial mounds, with their cremation burials, and these are still thought of today as places of the Sidhe (Shee), or Fairy-Forts if you live in Ireland! When I first started doing earth-work, I began by working with these round barrows, and it was through working with them that I learned so much about the rebalancing of the land.


Dorset Cursus

The myths tell us that the Tuatha de Danaan, or People of the Goddess Danu, the Great Mother, came from a group of islands, and from each of these islands, North, South, East and West, they brought an object of power.  These ‘objects’ can be used today as energetic tools, which you receive when you reach a level of proficiency when working with the balancing  of  sites. The Directional energies in the myth are also encoded knowledge for working at sacred sites, as many round barrows lie on the intersection of earth-energylines, and often you have to acknowledge the four directions as a way of activating them beneath the site.

In every culture, there are the Ancient Ones, the ‘memories’ and knowledge held in the country in which you live or work, by the people who first worked with that knowledge. In Ireland, and the United Kingdom, the Tuatha De Danaan are the Wisdom Keepers, and you can access their knowledge through working with their ‘layer’ of history. It is a form of energetic archaeology!

In Scotland, you also have the Picts, another group of people with sacred Knowledge, but I have not worked with them. The energy in Scotland is completely different to the rest of the UK, it is deeper and more ancient.

3c457ba9402ac37b6e02f13880fa3b8cWhen the Milesians came to Ireland and defeated the Tuatha De Danaan, (They also did the same in England) they went ‘underground’, not literally as in the myth, but their power was taken away and they became marginalised. The Celts were mercenary, and much like armies of today, thought only in terms of power and greed. The ‘knowledge’ of the Goddess people had to become secret, or at least less visible, in order to protect it! It was encoded in the myths, and stories that they told each other in order to preserve, in art and writing, the knowledge of how to keep the earth in balance.

Over time, this knowledge was lost, but now it is returning, through us. One of the myths tells us that Iron kills the People of the Sidhe, and that is because the Celts brought their knowledge of Iron-working to the British Isles, and Ireland, and ‘killed off’ the sacred tribes of the Mother. All of the stories and myths have a truth hidden in them, if you look hard enough.

Working with the Gaia Method gives you the access and training you need to work in the way the Tuatha De Danaan worked, and their tools can be used anywhere in the world. The world needs rebalancing and those people who, on a Soul-Level, work in this way are re-emerging and remembering how to do this work. Many people with ancestry in the British Isles and Ireland have this memory in their cells. They only need activating in order to access them. ‘Ask and you shall receive’. Your guides are only too willing for you to ask them and you will receive the knowledge if you really want it. It is the sincere desire to know something that opens the door to learning it.

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