Attunements. 2nd level.

The Second attunement introduces the Venus grid into your energy field. This is how my guides explained it:5-frankzumbach-etc

“In using this function the recipient allows a certain amount of ‘love’ energy to be transferred to the client or site. This stimulates the sending out of the same energy by them, healing the atmosphere and energy field.

In carrying this energy you become one of the many devotees of the Goddess. Your every action and thought leads to unification with the Divine Feminine consciousness so that, eventually, you can join in Holy Union with the Divine Masculine energy of the Sun and Sea, both masculine energies within the overall feminine divine energy. Awareness of your own part in the cosmic evolution of earth is bestowed on all who carry this matrix within their fields and who strive to work within the earthly realms of the Goddess in ‘form’. Her sites, her children, her creations are all in need of her succour and love and those who give their lives to this work are rewarded, many times over, with love and honour. Those who carry this energy can assist in the conscious evolution of the planet and her people and they are the divine repositories of ancient knowledge, following in the footsteps of the Ancient Ones, those priests and priestesses who gave their lives in service to the planet and all her people. Do this willingly and lovingly and your lives will change to become one of love and abundance as the Goddess loves all, leaving no soul untouched.”

The Venus Grid introduces the lessons of Love, in all its forms. Self-love, Soul-love, Love of Other, and love of the earth and all it contains. It shows you what Love is not, just as clearly as it shows you what it is and it teaches how to Love, in a soul/Goddess-focused way.

The grid can also be anchored by you in certain sites, according to your guidance, when Love is required, where it then fills the atmosphere with its healing and nurturing energies.

Additional energies are given with this attunement, specifically a symbol which connects you to your primary channels of communication and information, i.e. the sea, the earth, the upper cosmos, etc. Everyone has their own strengths of communication and sensitivity and this additional energy opens up the channels from where you receive your information. You could be a sea communicator, or work with trees, or animals, or you might be a psychic medium, clairvoyant etc. There is information contained in everything and this symbol gives you access to your particular channels.

You may also receive other energies during this attunement, depending on what your Soul requires for its development. This is a team effort, between your soul, my soul and both of our guides.

Once you have received this level, I give additional attunements, when you require them, which again build up your ability to work with these energies and expand your knowledge and awareness, further developing your sphere of Love.

For the second level attunement click here.

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