Links to videos and meditations.

I hope you find them useful on your journey and earth-working.

A Helping Hand. A short meditation to help you see from a higher perspective and get beyond anger and blame. Also useful for removing creative blocks.

Activating the Hara to work at sacred sites.

2 thoughts on “Videos

  1. A powerful symbol Ann which I needed and it’s already produced.

    I look forward to your posts as we learn better each day now how to build and enrich new earth.

    With gratefulness and love. 


    div>There are so many spiritual options out there now almost like different denominations with their individual dogmas but


    • Thank you, SophieA. I think there are multiple variations of this symbol which others have probably received too, but I hope in sharing them that they can be of use to people. Thank you for reading my posts too. 🙂


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