Reading the Soul.


A Soul reading can be many things. It can tell you what our Soul desires to accomplish, on a personal level, in this lifetime. It can tell you what you do, as a Soul, in the Spirit-world, in terms of our Soul service. It can tell you what you are here on the planet to do, for instance, if you are already training to be a guide, or involved in other purposeful work, for instance, in the environment, with people, or animals, etc.  It can be instructive, teaching you to remember why you chose to incarnate this time around, or it can be advice on how to work through a certain issue that you might have been grappling with for many lifetimes.

Many times, if it is necessary for your Soul, or ‘entity’, to remind you of what you planned to do here, you might find other lifetimes being brought to your attention, lifetimes that have a bearing on your current challenges. This is to remind your Soul, rather than your personality, because your Soul can then prompt your personality into understanding that there is a reason why you are doing what you are doing, or why you are experiencing what you are experiencing.

Sometimes you are given, if it will you help you, your Soul Age in terms of development. When your guides do this it is to remind you that you have had many lifetimes of experience behind you and that this current challenge is probably one you have met before, therefore, you have many skills and abilities at your disposal. In other words “You can do this”.


Having experienced  Life between Life regression sessions (Andy Tomlinson) and many years of past-life work, this has given me a wonderful connection to the Soul World. I also participated, as a ‘subject’ in one of Andy’s books on Life Between Lives, where I was regressed and spoke on behalf of my own group of Elders who were able to answer Andy’s questions on many subjects, including the legend of Atlantis, animal souls and why we choose certain lives to work on. He wrote this book in collaboration with Ian Lawton.


This gave me a connection to that level that I have never lost. For me, that is the true meaning of Bringing Heaven to Earth, making ourselves more aware of our Soul’s existence and working at opening up to that level of awareness.


Any of Andy’s books, and especially the Books by Dr. Michael Newton, are an amazing resource if you are interested in this subject. Dr. Newton’s books opened the way for me to be able to read the Soul History and Purpose of other people. Even though it took me 17 years to do it!

I also worked, and continue to work,  with Melvyn Foey, a wonderful Network Chiropractor and Past Life Facilitator, with a practice in Winchester, and in Cornwall. With him, I undercovered the reasons why I had had so many fears around actualising my purpose in this lifetime.

I would recommend, if you are interested in learning more about yourself as a Soul, that you check out these books. It makes a Soul Reading much easier to understand if you understand how the process of living as a Soul works. The books also go into lots of detail about your guides and their function in your life, and why you chose the life you chose in the first place.



Soul Readings can be used to understand the dynamics within relationships, both family and intimate.  Once you understand the background and purpose of relationship difficulties it becomes much easier to accept them and to work through them. This understanding might also give you the courage you need to leave a damaging relationship or to work through issues that are actually there for your growth within the relationship.

Fears, gifts, talents, and ways of life can also be explained, and you might discover that you have a gift that you could be actualizing in your physical life. Your personality character is better understood once you see why you chose the circumstances in your life, and the challenges which face you.


As my own guides once told me “The challenge is to overcome the challenges.” Knowing this, gave me the courage and strength to continue ‘overcoming’. Working with my Soul through past life and inter-lives work helped me enormously.

WE are so much greater that the sum of our parts!

Soul Readings.

I am now offering Soul Readings, either Past-Life or Soul Purpose/Challenges.

How they work: once you have requested a reading I go to the Akashic Library, which holds the records of all of our lives and our soul purpose. In my mind’s eye, it literally looks like an endless library, full of old books. The Soul Purpose books are usually white, while the past-life books are old and brown.

I then pick out the books that I need, so that I can read them. A day or two later the information comes in, in the form of a direct communication from your guides to you, where they explain the dynamics of a past-life, or a present life challenge or purpose. I write it up as they give it to me, and then I send it on. Sometimes the reading might be preceded by a healing energy transmission to facilitate your understanding of the information from a Soul perspective.

It is always fascinating when they describe soul dynamics within your past-life or present life and give you information on a difficult relationship or situation and the reasons for that difficulty. That then gives you the ability to change something you are struggling with, as your Soul awareness is now in the picture with you, helping you to understand your purpose and challenges and helping you to overcome them.

The price for each reading is £40. This includes the written report that I send you.

If you are interested in a reading just contact me.   Payments are paid through Paypal.

A Soul-reading can take time. I first have to request access to your records on your behalf and when the information comes in, I then spend a couple of hours writing it all up. It can take half a day, from start to finish, sometimes longer. It is a long process. I will send you both a word document of the reading and a pdf so you can keep them.

I am always available for questions if you have received a reading and need clarification on something.