Sacred Site Essence Sprays

These are just a few of the essences available, more will be added soon.

  1. Shamanic Wisdom: Micheldever woods, in Hampshire. Connects you to the Shamanic Wisdom of working energetically in Woods and Forests. Opens communication between you, the trees and power animals. While using this essence you are working with tree-consciousness; on the same vibrational level as trees. Trees work tirelessly for our benefit, so in using this essence we are giving something back.

Made by the Red Sea, Egypt. Limited Quantity.

  1. Female Heritage. Connects you to the ancestral wisdom of women which you can use for the future benefit of all people. It instigates new thinking and understanding around relationships, forging new paradigms of relating.
  2. The Womb of Creation. The ‘holding’ essence of shellfish. This brings the healing of creativity, bringing gentle healing to emotional/mental blocks around our ability to create.
  3. Goddess of the Bay. Filled with the energy of the Sea Goddess in the bay at Sahl Hasheesh, on the Red Sea. Also contains the white dragon energy which brings inspiration and new art forms in art, writing and music. Opens us up to a spiritual anchor for our artistic expression.

  1. Elixir of the Gods: Merlin’s Cave, Tintagel, this essence raises your energy above poverty thinking and into the Flow of Abundance.
  2. Father’s Abundance: Glastonbury Abbey.This essence is also from the masculine source of abundance and feels like father Christmas. Brilliant if have issues around accepting ‘help or support’ from men, in any sphere of life, because you prefer to be independent.

  1. Elixir of the Goddess. Made in a bullaun stone at St. Fiachra’s Well in Ullard, Ireland. It contains the triple flame of the Goddess, which can be used in the healing of the landscape, bringing higher frequency energies, such as Love, Wisdom and Power onto the physical plane.
  2. Love of the Mother: Burial cist on a hill in Cornwall. Very supportive essence. Keeps you steady and holding fast when the winds of change try to blow you off your feet.
  3. Elfin Gold. Dartmoor, circle-cairn. Brings the energy of Venus-love and sunshine- positivity into field. Changes your energy from negativity to positivity. If your vision has become clouded and hopeless, this brings back hope and growth.
  4. The White Calf. A healing well in Rath Maeve, Tara, Ireland. Maeve was a powerful warrior queen in ancient Ireland and is sovereignty Goddess of Tara. She represents the power of your connection to the Earth, and your personal power. This essence helps you find your place in the world and helps you go for what you want, healing all blockages that tell you cannot.

  1. Green Nature Dragon. St. Nectan’s Well, Cornwall. The green dragon is the growth of nature and water together. They are creativity in nature, bringing you the ability to bring nature to man-made structures. Nature and Humans, hand-in-hand.
  2. White Dragon. Magdalene Down Barrows. The white dragon is the energy of feminine inspiration from the energy of the earth. New creative ideas, which ultimately help both you and Mother Earth, come through using this essence.

1.Wisdom of the Ancestors. Spinster’s Rock, Dartmoor. Made with the combined ancestral wisdom of Native Americans, African tribal wisdom and Indigenous Australians. Connects to ancient ways of working with the landscape. Helps you, while at sacred sites, to communicate with the guardians of the knowledge there and allows you make contact with them.

The Lion of Queen Hatshepsut.

Made in the Solar chapel in Queen Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple in Luxor, this essence is filled with her lion energy, which symbolises the power and courage to fearlessly manifest your dreams and vision, on the physical plane. This is especially important when you are manifesting something that goes against the tide of current thinking and belief.

  1. Elemental Connection. Danebury Hillfort, Hampshire, this essence helps you bring light into darkness. It is a male-wisdom essence and throws light on the past. Sacred sites need both male and female wisdom. This will help you understand the male aspects of energy-work, while working at female energy sites.
  2. Water Elementals. Aire Falls, Lake District. This is a very light, faery-like essence. It brings sparkles and joy and excitement. The feeling of joy as water falls over the rocks, as it cascades freely down the hillside, and how it creates tiny rainbows in the mist. Brings the elemental’s absolute joy of creation.

The Raven’s call. Dinton Hillfort in Wiltshire, this essence was created in a tree, but is the essence of raven. It calls you to your path, both spiritual and physical. The raven can see the path ahead. It sees that there might be a better route forward than the one you are walking and so calls you to choose the best path. It gently guides you, with its voice, to follow it. That takes trust, but you can trust his voice. It will not lead you astray. Your gifts might be used in better ways than you imagine.

As I organise the many bottles of essence I now have, I will continue to post them. These essences can also be put into soaps, so if there is an essence, or two, that you would like in a soap, just message me and I will make it for you.

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