The Seven Gates

seven-gatesThe Seven Gates are Seven Initiations which follow the ancient traditions of Initiation. These seven were in use in Ancient Egypt and in other countries around the world, in ancient times. For me they are the most life changing aspect of the Gaia Method system. The attunements, install energies/keys in your field and open you up to different aspects of the Divine Feminine energies, but the Seven gates introduce you to real changes, changes which are an intrinsic part of your healing and the healing of the Planetary field.

They can happen anywhere, at any time, and in the most unlikely of places. Not everyone completes all seven initiations, and that’s OK. They go as far as they can go, and as far as their own personal development can take them.

The gateways are ‘Soul-training’, for the particular purpose of healing ourselves, and thereby healing the same wound within the collective unconscious. Our issues are the world’s issues, and we take on an aspect of the world healing through our own healing. Often you will find that the childhood issues you experienced were for the purpose of preparing you for this work. There are no mistakes. You will often find that other healers who you are connected to are going through the same healing, so we are healing through the group mind, rather than as individuals. The Gaia Method is about the Group and not the individual.

So…below are the Seven Gateway initiations. Every gateway initiates a certain path of healing, and these gateways can last for many years. They are not linear but holographic, in that once you go through each gateway it becomes layered in your life experiences, like a stack of CDs, each with its own programming. As you go through the gateway you are given the information about the focus of the initiation, so you know what it is likely to be about. However, it is never quite how you imagine it!

The first three Gateways focus on your healing, taking you deeper and deeper into your Underworld, especially as it relates to power imbalances which you might have experienced in your present lives, or in previous lives. We all have issues relating to ‘relating’ and these issues need to be healed if we are to experience balance, and then to bring that balance into the world for future generations. How we relate to the male and Female aspects of Creation come in here. What are our deeper feelings and beliefs about men and women? What experiences have we had with the negative aspects of men/Father/authority/nurturing and female/Mother, authority/nurturing?

The first three Gates focus on going as deeply as we can into the Collective unconscious, mentally and emotionally. The fourth gate is the ‘bridge’ between the ‘lower’ and the ‘upper’ dimensions of human experience. The three last Gates take us into the higher dimensions of the planetary experience. Here we really start to work with anchoring the Purpose for the future of humanity, in regards to the Mother consciousness. The Seven Gates continue to work simultaneously; we heal our issues and work on bringing in the newer beliefs which the world needs to be experiencing now. As we heal the imbalances inside of ourselves we realise that our ‘stuff’ reveals the ‘stuff’ of Humanity and so we learn, from personal experience, what needs to change in the world.

Each gateway we traverse gives us the abilty to work within the different, and corresponding, layers of the Earth’s energetic levels, and the ability to plant new ‘seed thoughts’ and ‘thoughtforms’ into the Planetary mind, which will benefit humanity’s development in the future.

The Lessons of the seven Gates.  

1st Gate: The opening. Osiris. Death and rebirth.


This gateway begins the process of dying to your old self.  It begins to unlock your particular training, on an emotional level, for the work of your soul as a planetary healer. Learning this system involves letting go of our ‘old’ selves and becoming World Servers, or Mother Servers. This process takes as long as it takes and is not always a conscious process. Changes just ‘happen’ in our lives but it is our challenge to overcome old programming and just ‘let go’. This letting go is important because often we are letting go of mass programming so that we can stand in the light of our soul and not be fooled by what appears to be the truth. Once we have gone through this Gateway we can now work with the Osiris energies in the form of the Male Creative Power within Nature and the Landscape.

2nd Gate: The Ruby Gate of the Heart. Divine Feminine Love.

46238_174287602712190_1338233597_n Brings up issues of distorted ideas of love. If anything relating to love and sex is out of balance it allows it to be healed by re-experiencing the pain and changing our ways of reacting to it. If we have been abused it shows us all the ways we still allow ourselves to be abused so that we can change it. There is also a sense of loss connected here as men have lost contact with the ‘Mother’ so it is all about ‘Father’. However, creation needs both sexes in equal measure. Going through this Gateway gives us the ability to work with the Ruby energies of the Divine Mother, within the environment and at Sacred sites, anchoring and working with those energies.

3rd gate: The Gate to the Underworld.


 Takes us deeper into our Underworld. The initiatic journey always involves going into our deeper issues and those of the collective unconscious. Here we explore further how our experiences with men and women impact on our lives and how we manage it, and how we managed it in the past, especially the deeper woundings we experienced. We might also have to experience other culture’s woundings around these issues too. Through this Gateway we learn to really face our fears and not allow illusion and delusion to create our reality.

4th Gate: The Orion Gate.

orion_constellationThis is the transitional Gate between the three first gates and the last three. This gate gives us the clearest picture of our purpose here and initiates our journey towards it. It can also provide the toughest challenges, as our purpose on the earth might not be the easiest to attain! Again, this is because it brings up our deepest fears and deepest woundings, but these woundings are our pathway into manifesting our purpose, even if that purpose takes years to achieve.  This particular Gateway can take quite a time to work through in our lives as it is the bridge between our ‘normal’ life and our ‘spiritual purpose. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

5th Gate: Frequency shift.


This one entails moving through a skin-like membrane which can not be stepped through until we have learned to shift our vibration to match the gateway, then we can step through and join the Great Ones. It allows you to change your frequency so that you can travel through the portals of time at specific sites.  Depending on the site’s requirements, sometimes the work needs to be done from this upper dimension and so we ‘shift’ into that vibration in order to do the work at that level. You will literally feel it as though you were moving through ‘membrane’ and you will be connected to that higer dimension for the duration of your work.

6th Gate:  Stellar gateway.

2006-04-11 10.16.56Connected to the water element and the sea. This gives you the ability to work with, and join, the lines that move through the sea. You learn to work with the Whale/Dolphin energies anchoring 6th level energies, which all seem to be related to water. These ‘water’ energies are also connected to Platonic solids and can be anchored anywhere in the world, even in the desert. Often you will find that you need to open an energy between sites, on other continents, if you have been to that country, and this initiation opens up the ability to do that, through the use of Platonic solids and sacred geometry. You don’t have to understand what you are doing when you use these energies, as they just ‘happen.’ But these geometric energies seem to act as transmitters and receivers of elemental energies and are usually connected, one to anothe,r via an energy line.

7th Gate: Communion.


This is the final, culminating Gateway, where you realise your ‘Greater Self’ and your connection to All that Is. This Gateway is a gateway of sacrificing your ‘crutches’ and stepping into your true gifts and talents. If you think that crystals are something that you cannot work without, you find that that is not the truth. They are purely tools, and at this level, you no longer need them. You now have the ability to work with energy without the need for tools. You relinquish what you ‘think’ you need in order to have more energy and you find that you now have direct access to all of the energies you really need. Your own soul is your teacher and you now have the power to be able to work on your own. Spiritual books, which you might have been addicted to before, now become unecessary, as all of the information you need is inside of you, although that doesn’t mean that you stop reading them completely, you just won’t ‘need’ them so much. Your connection and trust is now well established. This is a gateway of complete trust, faith and surrender and of becoming your Multi-dimensional Self on Earth, for this is where you belong…for now.

Having completed your Gateway Initiations, that is not the end, however, as these ‘programs’ are continually being refined and experienced. Initiations do just that, ‘initiate’ a course of development which you work at for as long as you live. But they provide you with the knowledge of who you are, what you are doing and why you are here. Your Purpose is clear, although it might take time for the physical outworkings to be achieved.

You are always supported, throughout your life, by the different consciousnesses and energies with which you work, and are always offered choices as to how you wish to manage your own soul development. Everything is about choice and if you feel that you have come enough of the way, without continuing the Gateways, then that is always honoured. Each person goes as far as they feel capable of going.

Here is the record of my own Gateway experiences, which I had to undergo while learning this system. I have also added some of the other Gaia Method healer’s Gateways, to clarify how each person has their own experiences, and the challenges therein. (coming soon)

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