A selection of blog posts on ancient ways:

The Brigit and Magdalene Flame. Spring 2023. Part one. RC Church of St Edward the Confessor.

In The Beginning…

Bread of Life, or of the Mother.

Red Dragon (From my other earthwork site)

Landscape serpents

Black Serpent

Imbolc Celebrations.

An Invitation to Work with the Elementals.

The Green Mantle Of Brigit.

Green Dragons of the River Test.

The Dragon of Castle Hill.

Golden Dragon Energy

White Dragon

White Dragon Serpent key

Dragon Energies Simplified

Unexpected Dragon Clearing

Development of A Sacred Site

Settlement Sites of the Mother

The Wise Ones

Durrington Walls and the Cuckoo Stone

Queen of the May.

St Catherine’s Hill Mayday Celebrations

Male Spring Mysteries

Itchen Woods, Male Mysteries

The May Crone

The Snow Goddess.

The Shamanic Wisdom of Orkney

The Avebury Serpent

Stanton Drew

Lemurian Teaching

Ancient Lemurian Learning

The Will of the Mother.

The Three Creative Centers

What have they done with Mother?

Queen of Trees.

Who are the Tuatha de Danaan?

What is it to be King?

Teaming up with your Soul.

Reconciling realities.

Brisingamen by Thorskegga Thorn.

Eve’s garden.

The Goddess of Dingle

The Importance of Heresy

How to Live Longer

The Library

The Women’s Revolution

The Future for Womenkind

The Origins of male Circumcision

Dimensions and Planes.

Let Go

An Affirmation

The Battleground

Live a more Earth-Centred Life

The Elven Realm

Working with the Devic Forces

The Merkaba

Hatshepsut’s Temple in Luxor

The Seven Layers of the earth’s Energy Field

The Shining Ones

What is Planetary Healing?

A Parable for Today.

Workshop in Tintagel Journal

The Lords of Light

Values and Beliefs




Tree attunements

The Changing Sun

Summer Solstice

Black Lotus Vision

The Shield

Energywork in Luxor/Naqada

The law of Compassion

The New Codes of Stillness

The Grail and the Blood Sacrifice

The Chalice/Grail

The Sword and the Gates/Vortices

The Umbilical Cord


The Ruby Ray and the Elementals

Fledgling Humanity

Divine Messengers

The Cone of Nature

The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages, Cont’d

The Dark Knight

Working with Dragon Energies

Absorbing Energies

True Life

Surfing the Muddy Waters of the Collective Unconscious


Father Yule