The Origins of Male Circumcision. (Channelled).

Cucuteni, Drăguşeni, 4050-3900 BCThis information came about after an upsetting event involving a male child in my husband’s family home, which you can read about here. This is the response from my guides on the matter:

“It all began when Man was still grappling to understand his place in the Universe. Circumcision was the Universal symbol of the punishment for original sin, as it was understood then. It was symbolically the male self-punishment for the acceptance of Eve’s Apple. The belief was, that if it were not for Man’s lust and desire, he would not have fallen.

In those days, women were not seen in the same light that they are seen in today. They were seen as the Guardians of Mankind, guiding and developing male-ness in the world.

But as beliefs changed, old practices persisted. A circumcised man was a devotee of the Goddess, sacrificing his foreskin a way of showing his dedication through the dedication of his body; willing to sacrifice his most treasured possession, in fealty to the Goddess. He made the decision consciously, as an adult. All male devotees sacrificed this part of their anatomy. Over time, religious beliefs dictated that all  men should sacrifice this symbol of their Sin, as atonement. All foreskins were gifted to the Goddess. Slowly, slowly, the practice became one which was carried on younger and younger males until male babies were circumcised too.  A practice which persists to this day.

Men believed that it was their fault that mankind had fallen from grace, that it was their lust that had created the famines and floods of their age, and it was only through the sacrifice of part of the instrument of that lust, their symbol of fertility and power, that fertility could be restored. Only then could peace, and survival, be restored to them. They were, quite literally, ‘stripping away their manhood’, symbolically.  So it was the sacrificial offering, the dedication of man’s fertility to the Goddess of the Earth and Sky, that began the practice.

With the ascendancy of the male Gods, Eve/Woman began to see her as the temptress. Men saw the goddess as the reason why all had failed.  t was not their/man’s fault, but eh fault of the Goddess. So as the religious landscape shifted so did the evidence of circumcision.  It was no longer viewed as a necessary sacrifice to the Goddess, but became instead ‘revenge’ against her. It represencircumcisionted all their  ‘badness’ in the old religion and was a constant reminder of how they had sacrificed their ‘good’ for Womankind and the Earth. The calamities raging around them were the fault of the Goddess, not of their own male weaknesses.

As a result, women were now to be denied the ‘power’ of the male member and the foreskin became a symbolic reminder to Woman of man’s previous sacrifice, a sacrifice that Woman no longer deserved. So it was never a rule dictated by God, but an act of revenge against the diminishing power of womankind. Instead of the male sacrifice to the Goddess, the act of revenge involved the same sacrifice to the emerging power of the male gods. The Goddess no longer deserved this sacrifice, so they gave it the Gods instead. Instead of giving up the practice, they turned it instead to the male gods, whose fertility kept the land fertile and productive.

This practice, and vengeful act, persists to this day, but men only hurt themselves in their act of revenge, an act whose roots have been forgotten but which continue to inflict pain on innocent victims unecessarily.


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