The Wise Ones

At the beginning of the Covid-time, I received the following:

“A great blindness overcame the tribes. From coast to coast and line to line, the way became unclear. Our holy men, usually so calm in the face of adversity, had lost their way, and as a result, so had we.

The Matriarchs of the individual communities insisted that we change our ways, that our having become lost was a result of our no longer listening to their wisdom. Even then, we refused to hear.

At every gathering, we brought together the Elders, hoping for answers, but they seemed as confused and lost as we were. They had no solutions, and still we did not listen to the Mothers who told us they knew the way. So, we faltered, our civilisation collapsing under the weight of unknowingness and our refusal to pay attention.

Today, we see the same dilemma occurring, and the same solution. What you are doing, we have done. What happened to us, will happen to you. And why? Because you are not listening either. You do not listen to those who know. You do not listen to those who have the answers. Why? Because you do not value those whose heart is in the earth. You do not pay heed to those who hear the heartbeat pulsing through the land; the Wise Women, the Wisdom Keepers.

If you wish to survive, you must seek them out; gain their wisdom and their knowing. They are your only hope. But do not give up when what you hear is not what you want to hear. No, that is not the time to give up, but to give in, to surrender your will, your resistance. Sit, listen, and the answers will be yours. Be not the proud fools, as we once were, we, your ancestors. Be the Wise Ones of tomorrow, the survivors, the custodians and guardians of the Mother, and live.

The time has come now to survive and thrive. Step over the threshold and become your true self. Set aside your fears, your doubts and lean on the Mother of all: Mother Earth. For she is your ally, the ground you walk upon, that which supports you. Learn to live within her limits and you will live well.

Take heed now, for this is the time of the Wise Women to take flight. Follow them into peace and be who you were destined to be.

This is our gift to you this day. Use it well. Put food on the table and love in your heart.

That is all.

In Sisterhood.

What is it to be a King…?

Sometimes I wake up with my guides telling me stuff! Often it is in response to questions I have been asking in my head, exploring the whys and wherefores of life as a Soul in human incarnation.

Like many people at the moment, I am thinking of Rulership. What does it mean to be a Ruler of a country, be it King, Queen, Prime Minister, President, Taoiseach, etc? I have been looking back at my own past-life history and the ruling positions I have had over the centuries, most of them pretty badly handled, unfortunately!  As Souls, we learn about all facets of human development and this includes the role of leader. Lessons in how to rule, how to wield power fairly etc, are all part of our soul learning.

Not me!

About fifteen years ago I had a regression session with Melvyn Foey, a Network Chiropractor who I see regularly. During that session, I went back into a life I had as an Indian Maharajah, a long time before the coming of the English. When I was a young boy I had a spiritual teacher, who was training me to be a wise and good king. My father died early and I became King but I wasn’t old enough to rule so my mother ruled in my stead. My teacher was trying to teach me humility and how to rule well but I was incredibly narcissistic, and abusive. His teachings were wasted on me.

My mother constantly fed me with her ideas, which contradicted my teacher’s, and which were far more attractive to me than ideas of spiritual humility and service. To me, they smacked of powerlessness and I wanted power. I had power. That was the most amazing thing I experienced in the regression. My power energy radiated out from me. It was like a drug. It disconnected me from any other human emotion. If someone was ‘weak’ or did something wrong I would not hesitate to kill them. They didn’t matter to me, especially women. It was like being tapped into an unending source of energy that gave me godlike powers over life and death. It was an addiction.

However, that life ended badly! A failed assassination attempt shocked me so much that I developed a mental illness. I could not understand why anyone would want to kill me and I became paranoid and hid myself away. It was a complete shock to the system. Wasn’t I all-powerful? My mother remained the ruler behind the scenes while I sank further and further into a bottomless pit of paranoia and depression.

The people of my kingdom staged a revolt and stormed the palace, dragging me out into the grounds.  I was pushed to my knees by the leader of the revolt. In front of the crowd, he was going to take my head. As he looked down at me, sword in hand, I looked up at him, and with a sudden moment of lucidity, I recognised that he was just like me! Power hungry and ruthless. I laughed and my life ended with one swing of his sword. 

As a result of that regression, I see through different eyes. I see Trump and his ego and I remember myself! I see the leaders of countries fulfilling their own personal needs for power and control. And I remember myself! How can I judge them when I have been there? That’s not to say that I can’t dislike them, but I can’t judge them.

I have had other lives, where I have been the observer of rulers, or advisors to them, and also lifetimes where I experienced being abused as a young ruler, so I have learned about power!

This morning’s message, coming in just as I was waking up, was about being a king, and what that meant. The message was “As a king, you act charitably.” It is not about desiring personal power, but of acting charitably towards the people who put you in that position. It isn’t about personal needs but about other’s needs. You are in a position of wealth and governance to help the poor and to make other’s lives better. The people’s wealth is not your wealth. It is there to create order, to create stability, to create balance. Needless to say this also applies to women in power, it’s not only about kings.

Thinking of why my guides specifically spoke about kings, in terms of the Gaia Method and the men who train in the system, it is about learning to use their skills and abilities to benefit others. This doesn’t mean that they live in penury while others live off of them, but it means that money is there to be used to benefit the lives of others as well as yourself. All is balance; you cannot help anybody financially if you are destitute! As my guides told me a few years ago, “You are not a philanthropist.” I was surprised and questioned their meaning. Their reply was “Because philanthropists are rich!” At that time I was trying to serve others but I was sacrificing my own needs to do it, which left me in a worse position than they were!  I was giving out-of-balance, so I turned it around!

Nuada Airgetlam, King of the Tuatha De Danaan.

The role of men in the Gaia Method is to learn to be a king, a leader, even if outwardly you look nothing like one. It is an internal process, a process of letting go of ‘holding on’. It is an initiatic path of service, just as it is for women. But the healing is different because men are raised differently in our society. Think of the old spiritual kings, King Arthur, Egyptian kings until after Akhenaten’s reign, the stories of King Nuada, Aairgetlam. They were ‘married’ to Sovereignty, the Female Power of the Land and its people. They role was to serve. They trained to be king, letting go of personal desires for power and wealth and learned to put the land, through the Divine Feminine energy, and her people first. Letting go of the need for control is a powerful step!

If they failed, on any level, they lost their power and their position. It was a constant balancing act for them. Nuada lost his arm in a battle and lost his position. He was no longer ‘perfect’, i.e. he had lost his connection to the Goddess. Arthur too, lost himself, because he became too emotionally attached to his desire for personal connection to Guinevere, who was Sovereignty.

The path to Divine Kingship is the path of letting go and learning to serve. It is the path of the Eagle. Learning to use higher vision to soar above the selfish human desires and the need for power-over. There is nothing wrong with desire, but for a king, it has to be channelled correctly. There is nothing wrong with having power so long as it too is used correctly. There is nothing wrong with being rich, so long as we remember to use it well in the service of others, in however you feel guided to do. A

A King is evolved enough, through healing and hard work, to desire to serve the greater good. He is training to be the partner of Sovereignty and women in the system are training to be Sovereignty!  Everything is balance! The great outcome of this path is that we learn to create our lives more richly, because it removes our unconscious fears of ‘having’. We are not just doing this for ourselves, but for others!

For men to reach Kingship status, he has learned to value women, letting go of unconscious and conscious beliefs about them as powerless, sexual, or whatever their particular beliefs tell them. He has to heal his own Mother issues, his relationship issues etc. The same as women have to do about the father, and their own lack of power and sovereignty.

There is a progression of development for men. They are a Knight, serving a Lady, just like in the Old Days!  The Lady assists the knight to let go of his old beliefs about women, and the power issues that arise from those beliefs. The Knight protects the lady, making it easier for them both to carry out their work, assisting the Land and its people.  The Lady too works on her negative beliefs around men and heals her own traumas around power and abuse at the hand of men and patriarchal systems.  The man might never reach King Status, and that’s OK. Not all women can heal enough of themselves to reach their Sovereignty role either. But it is the desire to work hard and get there that counts.

The Lady too works on her negative beliefs around men and heals her own traumas around power and abuse at the hand of men and patriarchal systems.  They teach each other how to rule in service. The man might never reach King Status, and that’s OK. Not all women can heal enough of themselves to reach their Sovereignty role either. But it is the desire to work hard and get there that counts.



The Future for Woman-kind. Channelling.

6th September 2016.

fantasy-36It is written, that in man’s greatest hour of need, that Mother Nature will turn against him and all of his cruelties.  That She will close her eyes to the suffering which he has inflicted on the innocents and that She will refuse to participate in the cruel seduction that manipulates the masses, under the ‘guise’ of leadership.

Mankind is about to find that neither man, woman nor beast is to be spared. It is only through the harsh reality of Nature’s power that mankind will be brought to its knees. Once this process of ‘cleansing’ is complete you will find an altogether different humanity, a ‘humanity’ truly deserving of that name.

In times to come this period will be known in history as ‘the great upheaval’, and in the generations to come, mankind will find himself with more respect; more respect for himself, for the Earth and for his equal in nature, Womankind. For it is to her he will look when Nature finally rebels.

Womankind will prove to be fantasy-41the saviour of mankind, for they are resilient and have suffered much at the hands of man. Now their time is coming. The Great Mother will take her place beside a very much humbled ‘man-kind’ and the world will change its direction. New leaders will rise from the ashes of the old, as will new ‘queendoms’. Now it is the time for the great new beginning.

Mortality rates will be high during this time so prepare for much grief. This cannot be avoided. But fare thee well and we will come as and when necessary to give the next steps on your journey, until you find yourself in your own place on earth, the place you chose many moons ago.

Adonai, dear sister, we wish you well on the next leg of the journey. Fare thee well.

The Masters of humanity.

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The Women’s Revolution. Channelled.

2 September 2016.

serpent-5The goal of feminism is not to make men obsolete, but to recognise that women have a God-given right to a free life, a fulfilling life, a creative life, just as man has afforded himself those rights. It is not man’s role to control the women around him, but to recognise that without women they would not survive.

The danger, at present, is that man believes that he is at the top of the social pyramid and therefore his beliefs and ideas should be everyone’s, especially women’s.  If women are to be a force for change in this world, then they need to ask themselves two things:

1) Do they feel that they have the ‘right to exist alongside’ man, or do they ‘believe’ that they are second-class citizens, as they have been taught?

2) Do they believe that they can succeed?

This latter question is most important, for if they believe that they will not succeed, that the odds are stacked against them, then they will not be successful.fantasy-66

Any anthropologist will tell you, that the female of the species is the one that maintains the integrity of the group. The male role is for the procreation and the protection of the more vulnerable members of the society, not that females cannot also fulfil that role, but the male ‘stands guard’ while the female ‘gives birth.’ That is their pairing. While a woman is birthing life, creating new forms, she is vulnerable and the man’s role is to keep her safe from predators.

Unfortunately, man has become the predator and therefore women are no longer safe, as they were long ago. Now the time has come for women to take up the Rod of Power once more, and to wield that power for the benefit of mankind. It is time for the women of the world to take her place beside man, but first, man has to learn a hard lesson, and this lesson is long overdue.

Culturally, women have been born to breed, born to care-take, and to care for and maintain, man’s position in his self-created world. That is all about to change and only time will tell if the women of the world can rise to the challenge.fantasy-71

Now it is time to re-install the new codes of women’s empowerment. The codes that will be transmitted to every woman on the planet, young and old, codes that will reaffirm the power of Womanhood in an ailing world. Time to give back to the world what man, in his quest and greed for power, has stripped away.

Prepare now for a revolution, but this time, it will be a revolution of woman-kind and the collapse of the old world, birthing the new. Prepare yourself for this great new adventure, and let it bring a note of joy, long missing, to your world. It has been a long time coming.

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The Origins of Male Circumcision. (Channelled).

Cucuteni, Drăguşeni, 4050-3900 BCThis information came about after an upsetting event involving a male child in my husband’s family home, which you can read about here. This is the response from my guides on the matter:

“It all began when Man was still grappling to understand his place in the Universe. Circumcision was the Universal symbol of the punishment for original sin, as it was understood then. It was symbolically the male self-punishment for the acceptance of Eve’s Apple. The belief was, that if it were not for Man’s lust and desire, he would not have fallen.

In those days, women were not seen in the same light that they are seen in today. They were seen as the Guardians of Mankind, guiding and developing male-ness in the world.

But as beliefs changed, old practices persisted. A circumcised man was a devotee of the Goddess, sacrificing his foreskin a way of showing his dedication through the dedication of his body; willing to sacrifice his most treasured possession, in fealty to the Goddess. He made the decision consciously, as an adult. All male devotees sacrificed this part of their anatomy. Over time, religious beliefs dictated that all  men should sacrifice this symbol of their Sin, as atonement. All foreskins were gifted to the Goddess. Slowly, slowly, the practice became one which was carried on younger and younger males until male babies were circumcised too.  A practice which persists to this day.

Men believed that it was their fault that mankind had fallen from grace, that it was their lust that had created the famines and floods of their age, and it was only through the sacrifice of part of the instrument of that lust, their symbol of fertility and power, that fertility could be restored. Only then could peace, and survival, be restored to them. They were, quite literally, ‘stripping away their manhood’, symbolically.  So it was the sacrificial offering, the dedication of man’s fertility to the Goddess of the Earth and Sky, that began the practice.

With the ascendancy of the male Gods, Eve/Woman began to see her as the temptress. Men saw the goddess as the reason why all had failed.  t was not their/man’s fault, but eh fault of the Goddess. So as the religious landscape shifted so did the evidence of circumcision.  It was no longer viewed as a necessary sacrifice to the Goddess, but became instead ‘revenge’ against her. It represencircumcisionted all their  ‘badness’ in the old religion and was a constant reminder of how they had sacrificed their ‘good’ for Womankind and the Earth. The calamities raging around them were the fault of the Goddess, not of their own male weaknesses.

As a result, women were now to be denied the ‘power’ of the male member and the foreskin became a symbolic reminder to Woman of man’s previous sacrifice, a sacrifice that Woman no longer deserved. So it was never a rule dictated by God, but an act of revenge against the diminishing power of womankind. Instead of the male sacrifice to the Goddess, the act of revenge involved the same sacrifice to the emerging power of the male gods. The Goddess no longer deserved this sacrifice, so they gave it the Gods instead. Instead of giving up the practice, they turned it instead to the male gods, whose fertility kept the land fertile and productive.

This practice, and vengeful act, persists to this day, but men only hurt themselves in their act of revenge, an act whose roots have been forgotten but which continue to inflict pain on innocent victims unecessarily.


Current Events Advice from ‘Upstairs’. 30th June 2016.

20150823_194005It is critical that you remain balanced in this situation. People’s fears will arise and will appear to flood the country and the world, much as the earth’s waters have flooded the Earth. Now it is time for humans to play their part. Let us guide you through this difficult terrain until you find you your new Niche. It will shortly appear on the horizon, like a beacon of hope in the darkness. Do not be dismayed at what you see happening around you. Just let it flow past, like flotsam on the water. Let this river run past you and soon clear waters will come into view. It is time to shake the world out of its complacency. Time for the world to awaken and see the damage it has created through its lack of generosity, its lack of faith in Divine Providence and its lack of faith in Love to carry them forward.
Let us all join together now in groups and pave the way for a more balanced and loving future. A future where all who share earth’s abundance with others and who love one another will flourish. Love WILL outweigh the ‘bad’ here, just have faith and trust that all will be well, and all will be well. Plan your lives carefully, thinking about the impact you have on the planet and you will find that you are looked after magnificently. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, a saying which has been said many times and remains true to this day. There is never anything to fear if you have complete faith that your souls will guide you, if you let them, into calmer waters. It might take extra effort on your part, but isn’t that effort worth it?

The Battleground.

Received in 2005.

PicsArt_01-04-04.15.49An ancient rule is coming to an end. The forces of light and dark are engaged in the Battle of the Ages. Allowing for time distortions this battle will conclude when all that are locked into old paradigms will begin to see a loosening of old ties and beliefs. This will allow all old belief systems to crumble and fall. New systems will then be enabled, and new ways of thinking and acting will ensue. New discoveries in the field of science will enable newer systems to be reversed so that these new discoveries can be manifested for the benefit of the whole of humanity.
The world is about to be turned on its head. This will bring fear and confusion but will ultimately result in a new way of being. New ways of working with the land will be created, based on the knowledge of the ancients.

Try not to guess the outcome of these events as the future will depend on those who remain to create it anew! They will result in many souls leaving the planet but it is for those who remain to decide how they wish to continue.

The world is about to receive a wake-up call. The shock waves alone will leave many in disbelief but those of you who have been warned of these impending events will be able to support those less able to cope.

All is in Divine order and all is going to plan. This will precipitate a series of events in which people will struggle for understanding. The world will never be seen in the same way again. A new template will be anchored during these events allowing the new energies to begin their work of stabilising the earth’s crust. This is where you come in. Your work now will help to stabilise the planet’s magnetic field so that all who are aligned with the earth’s field will progress much faster and allow for a clean break with societies conventions.

These world events will show people that progressing materially, while ‘stealing’ from the planet, destabilises the very support they need to exist here.
This will show them, and things will change. They will have to, there is no other choice.
We leave you now to contemplate our words.
Fear not. All is in Divine order.

A parable for Today.

2 July 2009.Channelling.

In a far distant galaxy, filled with the embers of past knowledge, lay a valley so vast it would fill the eye forever. So vast was this plain that not only could one not see to its end but one could also not see where it began.
The valley itself was carved out of the ancient rocks by years of running fertile waters and to this day it remains, large and beautiful. It was the perfect place to live. Both humans and animals lived side by side, both aware of their own place in the realms of nature and each residing in harmony within it and with each other. There was no death in this place, only life, and harmony reigned.
One day however, all this changed. Life began to grow bored with itself. There was no growth here, only harmony and where harmony reigns no growth occurs. This is because there was nothing to challenge it to grow, nothing to force creative ideas to the surface. Everything went on as it always had and life had had enough. It decided that it would introduce a challenge to those living. It would introduce the need for separation hoping that those who lived within this fertile valley would learn to live together and grow so that life would not be static. It would begin to move again, but this all depended on those living and how they managed that growth.
It was decided by the Lords of Nature that the element of strife would propel the living into realms of which they had no understanding. So Strife was introduced. This came in the form of disease. It was a total shock to those who lived in this valley for not only had they never fallen ill they had no words to describe this awful thing which afflicted them. They gathered together to discuss this ‘thing’ of which they had no experience but found that they had no solutions. You see, they had never had to think before. Everything was present. They had no need to discuss or to think about solutions because there had never been a reason for them. They were completely baffled and went to bed at night dreading what they would wake up to in the morning. No-one had an answer. More and more of their families fell ill and died.
Then because there were less of them to work the fields and take care of the animals their food ran short and they began to starve.
Now another element was introduced. The earth tremors began one morning when everyone was just beginning to awake. They were small tremors at first, barely noticeable, but over the course of the morning they began to grow until their very houses shook and all the people had to leave them. Now they were not only falling ill with disease, they were also starving and homeless. What on earth was happening? What had befallen them? Why was this happening? They ran about in confusion, not knowing how to fix this as they had never had to think, never had to create anything. They were lost, and very afraid. They looked up at the darkening skies overhead and the rain began to fall, thick and heavy, but it wasn’t rain, it was black, hot and dangerous. They fled, leaving their sick and dying behind them and took refuge in the caves where once they had kept their animals. They had no food, no water and the air itself was thick with death.
The people were starving. Starved of the light, of the water and of the land which had always sustained them. Some among them decided that they must have done something wrong for how else could this have happened? How could their lives have changed so quickly, from life to death?
But what they didn’t know was that they were being watched. Watched by a consciousness so great as to be unfathomable. This consciousness watched and waited to see what would they would do. It was interested in how this fledgling humanity would extricate itself from its darkness. How would they cope with this sudden downfall, from life to death? Would they just die out, beaten by the powers of nature or would they find a way forward? The consciousness watched, much as a human might watch an ant colony, but it had compassion for this young humanity. It waited until it became clear that they just did not have the knowledge to deal with this and that they needed help. So, souls from a different time and place, were asked to volunteer to be born into this struggling group of humans. This would be a difficult mission as they had not incarnated on this type of system for many years and would have to relearn how to live in such basic circumstances. But they did have the creative spark of the mother in their souls and so could help these lost humans, who held such potential, to find the new skills which would help them so survive and thrive within the Mother’s domain.
And so they incarnated into these trying times. Some did not survive as human babies because their human carers were unable to deal with the circumstances. But this gave the souls time to acclimatise to the new energies of this planet. They incarnated again and again, ready to help over and over, and as these children grew they showed their families new ways of being and living. This came slowly for children needed to survive before they were ready to show their ways.
The climate changed and returned to normal but everything these humans had known was gone, disappeared in the blink of an eye. They had to relearn everything and also had to learn new skills.
The soul children grew into adulthood and shared their soul knowledge with their human parents, showing them through play how to survive and grow within their new parameters.
They learned that through challenge do they grow and that harmony was at best, a temporary luxury. They realised that there was a joy in creating and growing through the challenges which now faced them. They saw too that working within the Mother’s energy brought a safety and succour which they had not experienced since before the fall and that although there would also be challenges there was also hope and the promise of tomorrow. They learned balance and this was the most important lesson of all. To live in harmony while still striving to grow became their joy and they lived it to the full. They learned that when they joined together that they could create many different realities and they revelled in this new-found understanding for it was indeed good. Nature continued to grow too and humanity learned to live within these growth spurts, no longer fearing that they would not survive for they now had the experience of previous struggles to guide them.
They had grown and the source of all life saw that the experiment had worked and that there was indeed hope for this fledgling society of humans for that is what they had become, a society, committed to the growth of each and every person, regardless of their beliefs or appearances.
The souls who had volunteered to live amongst the humans lived out their lives and when they passed out of that world that were glad that they had volunteered to serve the Source in this capacity for the planet had grown into the wonderful apple of the Mother’s eye and would remain so as long as humanity remembered her.Unfortunately we have lost this connection, thinking that we are indeed the Lords of Nature. We clearly are not! And we are about to learn that lesson. If we want to survive and thrive then we need to reconnect with the bounty of the mother and learn to live in harmony with the cycles of nature once more. Growing and striving for the good of both the planet and the life upon it.
This we leave you with today as a parable of life and how to structure your lives on a daily basis so that life and growth can continue unabated. Once again the young amongst you will be your teachers and if you listen you will hear the breath of the Mother in their voices and you will know what it is to live in her bounty once again.
Go now with our blessings and give succour to the land, replenishing where necessary the parched dry earth of the world. Adonai.

27 October 07 Values and Beliefs. Channelled.

Down through the centuries mankind has allowed a certain set of values to dictate what beliefs were necessary to reach ‘God’. These values are inherently flawed and need revising. In order to do this a new set of ‘possible’ values need to be explored. Only in doing this will balance be restored. However, there are difficulties in this for many will be unable, due to their own level of evolvement, to make the necessary belief changes and this will lead to conflict, initially! Over time the new value sets will be established and mankind will enjoy a period of relative calm. This calm will have been hard won and many will not forget how things changed and what happened to change it. It will go down through the centuries as a period of great change and disaster and many myths will evolve out of it, some real and some imagined, for that is the way of mankind.

Living through these times will not be easy but you will be offered protection at every corner. Some of the changes will cause great disturbance in the earth’s atmosphere and during those times you will be protected form them. At other times it will be necessary for you to experience the disturbance for only then will you come to learn and appreciate the processes of change which are necessary for great world changes to occur. So, you see, it will be a great education and experiencing.
Nothing you do is ever wasted so never be afraid of making a mistake. All will work out as planned if every one of the souls born on earth to be part of these great changes can make the changes themselves.
Many downloads will be experienced as those souls with this particular mission of energetic change, at a molecular level, experience the shifts and changes. Only in going through their trials by fire will they experience the freedom that comes with the change of destructive beliefs. Beliefs which limit them from their full soul’s capacity at every turn. Only in enduring these great changes, WITH THE WORLD will they understand what is necessary and what is ready to be released. This is how beliefs are changed in the collective unconscious. Only in undergoing the same trials as the world will those self same trials be understood and ultimately changed for the better. This can be a long and lonely journey but beacons of hope exist for all those travelling it.
Abandon all of those desires now which do not marry your soul’s direction for they will act as impediments to your journey, creating confusion and misery. It is not difficult, just hand yourself over to the Goddess and all will be revealed, in time, and you will know what is right and what is wrong.
Adonai sister, travel well.

Changes 2 June 2015. Channelling.

I received this having felt an extremely sad heaviness in my heart and my Hara/ centre. I ‘felt’ the knowledge that all was about to change, to ‘return back’ and that life, as we know it, would never be the same again. I felt overwhelmingly sad and then these words came.

dark ages buildings“A million years ago the world stood on the brink of ‘knowingness’. It ‘knew’ that its destiny was changing, that all it ever knew was coming to an end. Its populations, nomadic travellers and settlers, also knew, because they were attuned to the cycles of nature in a way which modern man is not. He knew, for instance, that life was a continuing cycle, and that death was only a transition from one sort of life to another. He was not afraid of death. His only fear was that of starvation, because he also knew that nature was a fickle mother. But he learned to live within her boundaries, and to grow within her belly. He knew, that in order to survive, that he had to do this. There would be no point in resisting her ways. The rules could be bent, but never broken.

Modern man, on the other hand, is on a collision course with the forces of nature. He believes that his way is the right way, until Mother Nature shows him something different. Then, when she does, he feels like a victim. But he is not a victim, he is a casualty. He exists on Earth as a guest, a guest of honour, and guests do not betray their generous hosts. To betray a host means to not be invited again. The boundaries of nature are sure and strong. Rubbish-dump-Sidon-001

In order to survive the coming times you too have to learn to live within the boundaries of nature. It is not enough to pay lip service to her, pretending to live a natural life, while living amidst the rubble and rubbish of modern life. That does not work here. Living in the bosom of the Mother means to live within her boundaries, caring for what she gives, wasting nothing, respecting her gifts, her generosity. If someone gives you a gift and you throw it way, why would they give you another? Yet Earth keeps on giving and you, as humans, keep on throwing it away.

Now it is time to learn a new way. A life of extreme luxury and wastefulness is not a life, it is a waste of life, and a waste of the abundance which Mother Nature has gifted you.

Be prepared  for change, where all of your abundance will come with the proviso that you change your ways. The gifts are being revoked and your lives becoming a little less free. All that is good will remain, but all that is wasteful will be returned to the Mother. That is the way.”

I googled for information on what might have happened on the earth 1.000.000 years ago:

So what does that imply? Whatever it does imply it might be a good idea if we learned how to grow our own food! …and I still can’t shake this overwhelming pain in my heart and stomach!!

Prehistory. Channelling 2008

15 million years ago the world was a very different place. Continents existed which no longer exist in your world. These places now are beneath your feet, in the deepest oceans and flattened beneath tons of ice. But in the deepest places of the earth, canyons, the sea bed and pits in the earth these regions are accessible. Beneath the earth’s core lies another world, the place of divine creation. This world is constantly in process, creating the magnetic fields which power your earth and keep you alive. This place, or world, is not physical but magnetic and it supplies the power to your world on the earth’s surface. Without this world your world would not exist. That is why the interaction between the elemental worlds of earth, air, fire and water are crucial to your understanding of the magnetic fields of the earth. Without these elements the magnetic field would have nothing to ‘work upon’ or to ‘act upon’. Its job of creation is to regulate the force fields of each element and this is why you find many healers working with the different elements. All are needed if the world is to remain in balance.
Our work, in your prehistoric past, was also to regulate our world. We did this in much the same way in which we are teaching you today. In times past we too understood the volcanic nature of creation and strove to work in harmony with it choosing our times carefully and with foresight. We knew that the result of our actions would effect the entire planet’s energy field and so we worked diligently to repair it and maintain its efficiency.
The magnetic core at the centre of the earth is regulated by other, more cosmic energies, held in place like a ball on a number of strings, taut like a cable. When this forcefield changed so also did our work requirements. We strove always to work in harmony with the earth’s forcefield so that all life would succeed.
There are layers of patterns working in harmony with each other and all layers require different expertise. But all need to work in harmony. This is why it is so important that those who work on their particular layer are trained to trust their intuition and vision so that the patterns can be re-instated or changed as necessary. Each elemental world requires its own patterning. The sea world requires the use of magnetic flows which are capable of ‘swimming’ the currents, like giant sea serpents, meandering along specific ‘highways’. Earth currents do likewise but require a different attention than those of the sea. The waterways which flow through the landscape require yet another form of energy regulation if they are to flow in harmony with the other forms of life and so on. Working in harmony with each element is vital to the success of the planet.
There are other networks of energy which flow through the deeper layers of the earth, layers which cannot be accessed by humanity for they lie too deep beneath the earth’s crust. These energy flows are regulated by outside forces, forces which you have not yet come into contact with for that is not in your realm of experience. Suffice it so say that all is taken care of, either by humanity’s healers, the earth’s healers or the cosmic balancers.
If you would allow us we will now teach you how to maintain the earth’s energy flows which run throughout the earth’s crust on even deeper layers. These are layers which our civilisation would have been familiar with but which your archaeologists have never discovered. These layers lie within a circle of fire which you can access by going within. All parts of the world contain these rings of fire but only some are visible. Allow us to share our world with you.

The Changing Sun. Channelling.

2 February 2009.
In times gone by, when men were free and times were fruitful we expected our work to remain as it always had and our lives to be the same as they had always been. But we did not account for the rays which emanated from the sun. These rays, our source of life and light began to radiate in ever stronger ways. This brought destruction to parts of our world but it brought life to many others. We were forced to move where the sun was weakest and to recreate our lives in a simpler manner. We had no control over these circumstances but we did have control over how we managed these changes.
We moved our belongings and livestock to those areas which still allowed life to flourish. We did not delay for we saw, over a number of years, that the sun’s emanations were changing our way of life forever.
Over the coming winters you will see how your world is changing and you too will have to choose to stay or to change. The sun’s rays will mean that you will have to endure many years of fluctuating weather patterns over which you have no control. Life as you know it will subtly change and you will find that if your world wants to survive then you will have to flow to where life is still manageable.
This will not last forever but it will last for some time until the sun’s rays balance your world again and all can continue once more, albeit in a different form.
You recognised what needs to change and this is happening already.
You need to be prepared for these changes. You will need to be ready for a complete change of lifestyle. You will need to relearn old skills so that you can teach these skills to others. You will need to reorganise your lives so that you can survive the coming difficulties. Try to express this to those who will listen but do not take responsibility for their lives. Their destiny is theirs alone as yours is yours alone.
Relearn what you can then pass it on.
Combine your nomadic lifestyle with a life of culture and movement and bring back the old ways. They will be appreciated one day.
Join with us now in anchoring the Light of Divinity with the love of the Mother and see how things improve. Let your lot be a good one and rejoice in your ability to survive and thrive.
That is all. We hope that this helps you in your endeavours so that you do not stumble in the dark.
Adonai. The Adamic fathers.

Summer Solstice 2008 Channelling.

Down through the centuries mankind has endeavoured to find the source of his misery and suffering believing it to be inflicted by outside sources. However, he has consistently refused to look for the reasons inside of himself.
This has led to great wars, famine, and suffering across the globe and yet he continues to refuse the acknowledgment of his part in its failure. It is down to you, as a member of the human race to begin to look within for the source of all suffering. This has been said by many down through the ages, but as yet no-one has really heeded those words. Why is it, we hear you ask, that humanity consistently refuses to take responsibility for their actions, even though they see the outcome of those actions all around them, everyday? We answer you now, with kindness and compassion, that humanity refuses to bear the weight of its own choices and the outcome of those choices. It is as simple as that. If mankind were to realise, en-masse, that its choices effect everyone on the planet not just itself, then maybe he would begin to make better choices. It is only when one person refuses to acknowledge the results of his actions that suffering ensues and this suffering not only effects him but the entire world, as we are all connected in consciousness.
In order to effect change on this level many of you will need to consider that your choices all have consequences. As light-workers your responsibilities in this matter are huge. You are the ones who hold the new templates of thinking and belief which we ask that you act out, and own. It is through you that the template of suffering can change. It is through you that the new beliefs of kindness, awareness and compassion, coupled with a soul understanding, will be anchored on the planet but it is also your responsibility to ensure that you anchor these beliefs responsibly. This can only happen if you are healing your own, outdated, beliefs which state that suffering is the natural outcome of human life. We say NO. It is not the natural state of humankind to suffer. Suffering is the result of unnatural choices made on a daily basis. From a soul perspective you are incarnate on the planet to serve and to learn, through all your experiences but your experiences here, through successive lifetimes should teach you that belief and awareness can heal the world and create a place where humankind can change the name of the game. You are not destined, collectively, to suffer. You are destined, collectively to learn, and learning through responsibility is a natural outcome of a natural life. It is up to you now, collectively, to change the game. To change the outcome of your world’s future. What kind of world do you wish to create? What kind of world do you want to incarnate on? One of suffering or growth through learning? It is your choice.
We leave you now with these words:
If you decide to learn through growth then grow you will, even if this is challenging. But if you decide to grow through suffering this is also what you will create. But remember, you are all connected and, as light-workers, your lives effect others. What do you want for the world you live in? Choose now.
Do the hard work of Love and you will grow. Hate and you will not. We leave it up to you.

(Image by carol Robinson)

Channelling. The ancient paths…15/8/12

Micheldever Woods in the Spring.

Ancient footsteps fall flat upon the modern world, the shoes no longer fit.

Ancient pathways lay untrodden whilst modern man whistles by on wheels, the paths forgotten.

The waters glisten, yet are quiet, the sounds of oars upon wood a forgotten memory. The creak and groan of planks as they move through the water, no longer heard. All is fibreglass and steel…man’s creations.

Abandoned Fishing Boat in Wexford.

The sounds of the woods, an axe’s fall, an arrows whistle, gone now. Only the sound of gunshots crack and roar through the trees.

Time passes by but slowly now, Giant Elk bellows…a distant memory.

Micheldever Woods in Spring.

It seems so long ago and yet it was only yesterday. A yesterday which is still with us…in our minds. For all of human history lies here, hidden in the depths of the mind where no time exists.

All human knowledge resides here. Nothing is truly forgotten, it only appears so.

But how do we access this knowledge, this not-so-forgotten history?

Let us see…you could contact the ancestors, the Ancient Ones, those who still inhabit the dimensions of human memory.

Or…you could travel the ancient pathways and wear the old shoes and thereby allow your mind to bring to the fore long forgotten memories and skills. You see how easy it is?

The tea House of Brandon Dale. My Magical Place when I was a child.

Try it now and discover for yourself how humanity has moved through the ages and how he has forgotten himself in the process. When you have ‘remembered’, bring it back to life and then you will see how to move into the future.

Prophecies…Received last Autumn 2012.

According to ancient annals, the time of the prophecies is drawing near. But this we say to you now, these prophecies have no time limit. They have no stationary point, they are moveable teachings, teachings which are designed to make man more aware of that which is changing and that which needs to change.



For this reason we are beginning the downloads of the New Egypt. These codes are codes of practice, designed to move man along one of the prophetic paths as set out by the prophets, both ancient and modern.
For this reason too do we impose ourselves on the will of humankind. In order to affect the way man’s mind works we need to install new ways of thinking, new codes for living, new ideas of survival. Only with these new codes can man survive the changes which are always upon him. There is no time when changes are not happening. But man sees only from his own perspective and time frame, and so the prophecies seem to take on a meaning, a life of their own if you will. But they are not the end, they are always ‘beginning’ for they are designed to be a process, and not an event.
Try this now: Imagine that you are living in a time of great change, such as the current one for instance. Now cast your consciousness back to a previous time in your long existence on planet earth. Try to find a time where there was no change, of any kind whatsoever. Now, once you have found such a time, see, with your inner eye and imagine what this life must have appeared to be from the perspective of your fellow man in that time. What were his thoughts do you think? What perspective on change did he hold? What did he feel about his life path and the paths of others?
View his life from his perspective and see how the prophecies might have taken hold. Did they apply to him? Or to some future time? Are these prophecies always ‘in the future’? Or are they for ‘Now’. Use your spiritual mind here, do not think about what appears, but allow the images of man’s memory to arise in your mind, then watch as they evolve.
When you have done this you will understand what prophecy truly means and how to work with them. For they are codes, codes to be deciphered and understood so that the right path is always taken. They are not designed to instil fear in human hearts but to inspire hope!
We leave you now with this maxim: leave all but the most positive outcomes behind you now. Leave the world of care and woe and design a future based on love and support. All of humanity will one day find this support but first it must change its views and understanding of how the Mother consciousness works in their hearts. And in order to do this they must understand that prophecy is not an end unto it self but a means to change such thoughts and beliefs, ensuring a loving, supportive future for all.
That is all. The masters of Time. Adonai.

Channelling on Ascension and the New Age. 2012

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you a new and exciting piece of technological brilliance. The Human Soul.

Why? We hear you ask. What is new about the Human Soul?

The Human Soul

This new soul technology is creation at its best. A Soul technology that supersedes all other models. It is the new and improved Human Soul, made to fit any body during any time period. There are no limits to its wonders. With this new Soul your world is light and bright and breezy. Simple yet abundant. A timeless joy and experience.

OK, It sounds like an advert doesn’t it? But this is how you are sold endless realities and soul experiences by those who profess to have all the answers and stand to reap the financial rewards that such advertising creates.


But how do you tell the difference between true soul realities/futures, and false? How can you tell if there are no guidelines? It is easy. If someone tells you something that feels like a fantasy and that fills your heart with the joy of avoidance then you know it is not the truth. There is no sudden leap into a bright new world, but a slow crawl towards the light, just as there has always been. However, for some their lives will change, but not in the fantasy light worlds expressed by many, for these worlds exist only in the higher dimensions and can only be glimpsed by those who have their mind and heart awareness open.


Life on earth is not supposed to be trouble-free. It was designed to be a school of experience, as you know. Mankind has a long way to go before he is free of the karmic chains which keep him bound here, year after year experiencing both love and hate, joy and turmoil. This will not change in a day, but the efforts of those to create more loving experiences, i.e. the light-workers of the planet, are bringing in newer energies. Energies which will allow those who have struggled to grow, to move through their ‘stuck’ places, patterns and emotions. Behaviours and patterns which have proved difficult to shift, through many lifetimes, now have the chance of being pushed through like never before. The increased intensity of vibration at this time is allowing a window of growth, mercy if you like, to allow these souls a little ‘help’ in finally moving through their most challenging experiences. Experiences which they have struggled to overcome in the past. It is like a damned river which nothing can clear until a flash flood comes and sweeps it away. The energies propel them forward in their growth so that new cycles can begin to be experienced.

So in this way is the New Age inaugurated. No new bodies of light, and no avoidance of mistakes from the past. All is NOW.

Cosmic Help

Reap the benefits which such time affords you and do the work necessary to clear your fields and the collective field, for all is One. Join with your neighbours and clear, clear, clear. Once everything has cleared then the world will indeed seem a little brighter but it will still be the same world. One of hope and joy, but also pain and challenge, for that is why you are here. Make no mistake about it. The world is not going to become a paradise overnight. It will take thousands of years before humanity is capable of evolving beyond the point of returning, collectively.

It is the time for a New Age, a new age of challenges and new experiences but you will all remain, bar those who have evolved beyond the need to be here, as has always been the way. Some will remain and some will stay and that is the way it is.


So stay focused on the journey and not on the outcome and continue to work your way through difficulties and illusions until you are free once more. For that is the path through life.

We hope that this answers the many concerns you have had around this issue. Nothing will change and everything will change and that is how it is.

The Priestess Path of the Rose.

As each petal unfolds, its treasures exposed to the elements,

A light begins to shine out into the world of man.

A light bright and exciting,

Bringing light and joy to the hearts of all.


In this, their greatest hour of need,

We come to bring our succour.

We bring all of our gifts,

Our light, our joy.

Our feminine wonder and delight in creation.


For we are the priestesses of the great Mother.

Her honey bees,

Filling the crevices of need with Divine Honey,

Filling the world with her sweetness and joy,

For all to know and savor.


Our gifts we give freely to mankind,

For this is our journey too.

A journey of the heart,

Without which we would not learn to share our gifts.


We need you as much as you need us,

For we cannot learn without you.

You teach us where you are wounded… through your wounding.

You teach us of what you lack… through creating lack.

And you teach us of lovelessness…through your lack of self-love.


All this we see and absorb into ourselves until we know what your needs are.

All this we forge into new feelings, for we love you in all your human glory.

All of these gifts you give, in the form of pain and darkness, we transmute and recreate into beauty.

Filling the world with a new vibration,

A new light,

A new love.


For this is our world and we share it all with you now.

We fill your coffers with our heart’s abundance,

With the Divine Mother’s love and creation.

It is our gift to you, in your hour of need.

Use it wisely and learn the lessons of the past.

We are ever with you.

In Love.


The Seed of the Tree. 13 May 2015.

This is your challenge: to stay focused in the physical reality of your surroundings, whilst at the same time focusing in on the myriad other worlds that form part of this one.

12You live in a multi-dimensional universe, and whilst most people are focused purely on the  physical world they inhabit, you, like many others, choose to focus on the many worlds of existence that intersect, and form part of, your world. As you know there are many levels within the world you inhabit, the physical world being the densest. As you expand into other worlds, the density decreases, until the layers are finer and purer, existing in the level of the Divine Mind, the Father energies, and the Divine Heart, the Mother energies.

As you travel through these worlds, you can see how it is connected, like a giant sphere made up of other spheres, all together within the energy of Mind and Heart. In order to bring the awareness of Mind, and Heart, Father and Mother, into the physical world, you must be the channel, the medium, through which these energies flow. YOU ARE the body of the earth, and through your body, anchored in the dense physical world, these energies are anchored. You hold these energies in your ‘Hara’, or spiritual womb. All creatures, male and female, can utilise this space in their body. It is their reservoir of energy, flowing from the divine mind, and anchoring into the earth, for the benefit of all humankind.  As the energies flow into your body, they bring with them, the energies of Love, flowing through the Heart. These then are the Blue/Father and Pink/Mother. blue-flower-of-life

These creations, which sit in your Divine Womb, can then be birthed into the physical world, through your body, your actions and your creativity. There is no limit to what you can create. All is possible. But keep this in mind. It is the task of the Servers of this World to act as the channels/mediums of new Divine Thought and Love in Action. Look not to others to see how it is done, but place your attention on your Hara, for there you will find the seeds of your own wisdom.

Try this now: Imagine that you are a seed in the vast darkness, waiting for the right moment; the right time to be fertilised and brought into the light. As you wait, you notice other seeds and they too are waiting for their right moment. Some of the seeds will be birthed before you, but you don’t worry about that, for you know that your time will come and all will happen perfectly.

Meditate on this imagery and fill yourself with the knowing that your ‘seed’ will be birthed in exactly the right moment, and when it is, you will understand why you waited so long. All is in perfect motion.

We leave you now with these words:

Just as the fruit ripens on the branch, and sheds its seeds, so too will you ripen, and so too will your seeds fall into the open mouths of those who come to eat from your tree. All is Divinely inspired, so allow your tree to produce its fruit, so that one day, your seeds will quicken the lives of the hungry, filling ‘their’ bellies with the seeds of Divinity, so that they too become the fruit of the world.

Window Of Opportunity. Channelling.

11 February 2008. World healing event.


All we need is Love.

Nations all around the world are poised for an event which will shake the foundations of society as they know it. This event will involve a group of nations which have struggled to gain a foothold in the political arena. This event is designed to ‘shake up’ these warring nations and eventually will force them to look anew at old situations which have catapulted them into their present precarious situation.

A window of opportunity will arise during this event for all the healers, who are focussed on the healing of the individual nations respective identities and growth, to channel the new and necessary energies into these nations so that beneficial change can occur.

The window will be brief but enough to create an opening for the healing energies to be anchored. All the healers of the world will unite at this time to create the necessary shift.

Try not to pre-empt this healing as it will be very obvious when the event takes place that the healing time is here. Just do your best and connect to us and we will download the necessary gift as appropriate.

Join with your brothers and sisters in the light to create a brand new and vibrant grid of light energies which will join, across the planet, all power points activated thus far.

Do this in memory of me.

That is all.

Adonai Sister in the light.

Man made God in his Image.

This phrase popped into my head while I was cooking this evening, followed by the voice of a young girl saying… ‘how predictable’. I was sure I had heard it before and it seems, on google-ing it that it was Eckhart Tolle who said it.

However, I have no idea who the girl is or why she was being so disparaging about male grandiosity.  Apart from the obvious of course!  But it has made me think. I remember years ago reading the Seth books, channelled by Jane Robert’s and he had a lot to say about how man projects all of his ‘bad’ stuff onto God. Simple projection!

Although as I am writing this I wonder why exactly this young woman, whoever she is, made the statement? Perhaps I need to be thinking a little differently about it, or even deeper. And why was it so predictable that men should do that? But it is interesting that they do. Women didn’t make God in their image. But why not?

Making God in man’s image is nearly like giving  men carte blanche to do whatever they please. If they are God then they have complete power over everything else.

Perhaps that is why it says in the Bible that God gave man dominion over all the earth? Do men collectively believe that they reside in a dimension closer to God while women and all the rest of creation live on the Earth…beneath them?

I can remember this from my days in the Hare Krishna’s. Women were not deemed to have a soul, only men. Women could get to ‘heaven’, or ‘krishna-loka’, but if one of their children left the movement then she had no hope. She was completely responsible for her children’s spiritual development. The onus was on her to be impeccably behaved at all times. I can remember feeling shamed into sitting the right way, not laughing too loud, always wearing my sari over my head so it was covered. When we passed the ‘boys’ in the temple we had to look down and not meet their eyes. Everything was about their spiritual development and we were made responsible for it. Everyone was celibate but as women we had to make sure we did not ‘agitate the boys’. Agitating the boys meant not turning them on!!! Their focus on celibacy seemed to be paramount and our responsibility as women was to make sure that they achieved it! Why they weren’t responsible for it themselves I will never know!!! And why was I shamed into believing that if they were unsuccessful that it was somehow my fault, just by virtue of the fact that I was a woman and I was ‘there’. I was covered from head to toe, so how was I to blame?

It was for that reason that I left the hare Krishna’s. I was so fed up with being blamed for men’s sexual weaknesses and being made responsible for their spiritual development. Surely the whole point was to learn to control their own urges and recognise that it is their own responsibility. We women had to learn to curb our behaviour BY OURSELVES. Why couldn’t they?  And are they saying that God is also  intrinsically weak?  If they are made in his image then does that also mean that HE (?) has no control either? And yet they try so hard to get to God but why  bother, if God has no control over HIS creative urges. They obviously do not think very much about the things they say and which they claim to come from ‘God’! If they actually used their minds they would have to rewrite the bible!

Personally if I thought that God made man in his own image then I think I would rather die now!  What would  I have to aspire to? As a woman on a spiritual path if all I am aspiring to is to become devoted to a God who has no control over himself, then I am truly living in the wrong reality! But then if God created all realities then I am truly stuffed!

What is the point of being a woman at all if only men are important in the whole of creation? Oh yes, procreation! To provide the world with more men, who in their turn are made in God’s image!

What a mess!!!!

It seems an almighty (Excuse the pun) mission is needed here. To recognise that men are not made in God’s image. If  ‘God’ is a human construct, filled with all of man’s unwanted and disowned parts of himself, then yes he is made in his image. He is God the controller. God the punisher. God the angry judger of man’s actions.   The creation of ‘God’ is a fabrication. Just another angry God like all the rest of the Gods which have ever been created by small minds. Man needs to take responsibility for the parts of himself which he does not want to ‘own’.

This ‘God’ is just another archetype and one which seriously needs remodelling!!!  It is not an archetype I wish to embody. ‘God’ is just another aspect of the Source, the energy which IS everything. This consciousness does not have a name it just IS. We are ALL part of this consciousness and therefore all equal. We all have parts to play in the greater scheme of things and no-one sex, or animal, or plant or mineral is above or below anything, or anyone else. We are all a part of creation and therefore need to recognise that we all have a right to live as part of that creation. It is not for any one man or group, to tell anyone else how to live and love. It is not for any one man to judge another’s actions, especially when  they do not see inside that person. They do not know know why that person is alive today and what he is learning! How could they? They do not even know their own plan or purpose of existence.  So how can they afford to judge?

If man owned his ‘bad’ parts instead of creating a vessel to contain them, only to continually feel punished by the container,  we would have a healed world!

A whole world.

And surely that is a world to aspire to?