The Diamond Merkaba.

DiamantThe Diamond Merkaba is an attunement which allows you to work within the nine realms, or dimensions, of the Earth and its energy-field. Merkabas are vehicles of light, of different frequencies, allowing you to move in and out of specific frequencies and ‘worlds’ of vibration. They act as doorways into these worlds. You can anchor specific energies within these realms when guided to do so, so that they act within those dimensions or layers.

“The Diamond energies focus, with precision, the light of the Heart of the  Mother, in all of the ancient sacred places. In this way, the Matrix of the Mother-light can expand into the network of light around the world.’

“The pyramid is a diamond which surrounds your body. There is a point at each side of the body aligning you to the four directions. Each pyramid has its base, or foundation, at the Centre, where Heaven and Earth meet and join as One energy. (This is at your Earth Tan Tien) Focusing on it daily will raise the vibration of the body and allow certain connections with other spheres of existence. On a fundamental level, it is your connection to the ‘Elemental realm’. At the upper-most level, it is your connection to ‘All That Is’, or the Source. When all nine fields are active you can travel, at will, across the universe of energy; in and through, the planetary field.

When you travel together to distant sites we will assist you in connecting your Merkaba field with that of the site so that your energies become One with it and the dimensional energies necessary for its activation can be accessed and opened once again. This is a necessary part of the process and must not be forgotten.”

These are 9 levels that you can expand into with this Merkaba, and each one focuses it’s energies on a different level.20150803_080211_thumb.jpg

  1. Elemental layer. This is the physical world, the world of plants and physicality. The World of the Elemental energies which create our natural world.
  2. This is a ‘Light’ level, just filled with light. A much finer frequency than the very physical first level.

3. This is the ‘Crystal’ level, the crystals we work with, in the landscape! The whole field becomes crystalline

4. This is the level of level of ‘Neptune’ and the sea. Here you work with the ‘water’ platonic solids which connect to each other via the sea, the Elemental Beings of Water and with the Collective Unconscious of humanity.

5. The fifth level is the level of Archetypal symbols and knowledge. Energy as symbols lives in this layer. When we see Gods and Goddess energy this is where they ‘live’. We take from this field when we use their energy and when we use symbols of any kind. Symbols are pictorial representations of different kind of energies and thoughtforms.

6. This level is the Spider Woman level at the core of the earth. Her energy runs through the planet in red and black lines. These lines continue out into space so that the earth is held in a universal web. These are the webs of creation and energy which feed the living planet.

7. The seventh layer is the Heart layer, the heart of the Mother and is part of the band of energy which runs around the planetary field.

8. The eighth level seems to be more of an Angelic-ish level. I found myself anchoring energies and creating lines with this level.

9. This level seems to be the Gold layer, our/the Earth’s connection to All That Is!


Once we have been attuned to the Diamond Frequencies we can then anchor the necessary energies into any one of these layers. It also gives you access to stellar energies which can then also be connected to specific points around the planet. If you are prompted to expand the Diamond Field to a particular level, when you are working on a site, then you just follow the prompt using your breath and/or your hands to expand it to whichever level it requires.

Once you have been attuned to the Diamond Frequencies you will receive the manual and instructions in how to work with it.






Diamond merkaba image:



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