History: Receiving the First level.

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The Old lady of the Woods.

On top of Selbourne Hi,ll there was an old beech tree, gnarled and ancient. It was growing in what looked like a hollowed out round barrow and we could feel a portal energy there. The tree itself felt like a faery tree and I called it the Old lady of the Woods, because that is what it felt like, the female tree guardian of the Area.

Chris and I tuned in together and I saw a portal in front of us, which we had to step through together. He had a brow activation by the eye of Ra, when he stepped through into the Light beyond the portal, and I was given a symbol, which was placed in my central light channel. I was told that it was ‘The Gift of Sovereignty’. I was told that I could attune people with this but that in terms of how, I was told ‘Do not imitate others, create your own’. The symbol was shown to me as a picture with the image superimposed on it. It represents a person/guide handing a cloak of sovereignty to someone. The bar across the middle represents the cloak being presented.



I also received some channelling, which told me to keep the system pure as too many systems had been changed by people over the years so that it did not match its original intention and energy. I had no idea what they were talking about! What system? I kept hearing the name ‘Gaia’, and thought that maybe it was yet another, Reiki system. Gaia Reiki maybe? But to my mind there were enough Reiki symbols and systems already and I didn’t want to be adding to them! But I held onto it and got on with the rest of the day’s energy-work. We spent all day working on this hill, and at the end of the day, we worked on a large dew pond on the other side of the hill. As we walked towards it I heard this rather large energy say “Welcome. Today you will each receive the passing on of the sceptres of guardianship”. They gave me the impression of myself as embodying the lady who holds the Grail energies and Chris was the grail Knight who would be my protector, a role he still carries out to this day.


Selbourne Pond.

We took our place, each at opposite sides of the pond and my guides told me to throw my crystal into the centre! So I did! We then tuned in and immediately a crystal pyramid being created, above the water, which Chris also saw. Then I saw him as Osiris and I was Isis.

A green octahedron appeared hovering above the pond, and at the point opposite me my merkaba was attached. Chris’s was attached at the point opposite him and we were both connected to each other through the heart. Then I was told that I was being given the frequencies of The Knights Templars, the true Templars. I was to work with loving the Mother through the Earth, to love every blade of grass, every crawling thing. Then I was given a sword with crystals on the hilt. The octahedron moved one point anti-clockwise. A few minutes later I opened my eyes to look at Chris and felt a strong urge to go over to him. As I did Chris began to walk away. I asked him where he was going and he said that he was coming around to my side! We both had had the same impulse, so we swapped sides. Now on the opposite side I tuned in and I saw myself holding the jewelled sword. I then saw someone holding out an ornate crystal sceptre. A voice said that I was being given the Grail Sceptre. It was placed in my hands. I wondered why I was given the Templar Energies first…



The second symbol was received at another tree. I had gone up to Micheldever Woods, near Winchester, with Melody the owner of an Holistic shop and Therapy centre, where I was working as a therapist. We did some energy-work in different parts of the woods and then found ourselves being pulled by a very energetic young Dryad in a Beech tree. It was so excited to see us, that it would have been doing somersaults if it hadn’t been rooted to the ground! It felt amazing, like a young man who hadn’t seen anyone in a long time and here were visitors at last!  Although, in hindsight, it was more likely to do with the fact that we were there in service to the earth and about to be gifted with something wonderful, something we were not expecting!

I sat at the base of the tree and tuned in and they again gave me a symbol, which merged with my physical body. This time, it was a butterfly, with the symbol superimposed on it. The Dryad explained what it did and told me that the system was not just for women but that men could benefit from it too! As it wasn’t a system yet I still had no idea what they were talking about. I was told that the symbol was called ‘Emergence’. “The guarantee of a bright new future, once you emerge as the person you are destined to be. Only time, patience and constant growth can bring this transformation into your life. You are born with a blueprint, a plan for your life. Using this symbol can help you heal everything that stands in the way of becoming who you originally intended to become.”

It is also an energy of knowing when you need to be ‘open’ and out there, showing your colours and when to be closed and quiet, focussing on healing and learning. Some things need time to develop and you cannot always do that when you are actively engaging with the outside world. When you are working as an earth healer sometimes you are so engaged with the inner aspects of your own development, and the development of the world around you, that you need time to be solitary. Sometimes too, and with certain people, it is not always time to ‘show your true power’ or spiritual identity. Not everybody understands healing work, especially when you work with energies which many find fantastical, so you have to learn who to open up, to and who not to open up to.” It’s not about keeping secrets, or thinking that you are on a mystical path whose ‘secrets’ no-one else is privy to, but more about personal safety and awareness. Not everyone understands the ins and outs of energywork, just like I don’t understand nuclear physics!

The Sword of Arthur.

The Sword of Arthur.

The third symbol of the first level was not received at a tree but at a little Knight’s Templar Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It was the energy of a sword, and as it merged with my body I could see the symbol superimposed on it again. The sword was pointing downwards so that the crossbars were at my shoulders.  One of the most important things in this system is the ability to cut away beliefs which serve to disempower us. This sword energy is a masculine energy, just as the Sovereignty symbol is feminine. The sword gives us the ability to use our minds properly. To cut through old limiting beliefs, both in ourselves and in the collective unconscious. It also gives us the strength to push through cultural beliefs which are diametrically opposed to the Balancing of Male and Female energies.

Channelled Information.

“Further Information on The Sword.

There are two levels to the Sword, the mental and the spiritual. The mental takes into account the thought processes, and includes the power to act. It also includes the mental ‘nature’, that which is connected to the Human Mind En Masse (Collective unconscious).

At the spiritual level, it is used as a ‘weapon of self-destruction’. By this we mean that it gives the bearer the ability to achieve change on multiple levels of being. It allows us to ‘do away with’ obsolete mental energies and harmful negative thoughtforms.

In its primary use, it gives us ‘Reason’, the ability to ‘temper’ ourselves and to act with care.

Its secondary use involves the action of the heart, in union with the Soul. It is an ‘all-round’ instrument of positive change. In order to use it in this capacity, there are certain requirements, which first must be ascertained.

1. Is the individual in the right place in which to achieve her spiritual goals? Is this the right time? Is she ready?

2. How far along the path has she travelled? Does she have the necessary understanding of her processes? Can she work unaided? (This is most important, as one must be ‘captain of one’s own ship’ before this level can be used safely).

3. How committed is this Soul, in completely achieving all of her Soul’s goals and plans? This last involves a complete commitment, the price of which necessitates sacrifice and courage. It is not for the faint-hearted.

4. Lastly, is the student ready to give up everything for the quest?

The Sword, although placed within the field, may not be activated to all degrees, and only the student herself can decide how far she wishes to take her development.

The sword brings truth, clarity and commitment.”

The only person qualified to judge any of the above, in terms of soul development, is the person’s soul itself, and their guides. No other Human Being can do that. What we may see with our human vision, might be completely different to what the Soul sees, and THAT is an education itself!

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