Gifts of the Tuatha de Danaan.

The Elemental gifts comprise four directional energies and four ‘Faery InstruThe-Holy-Grail-4dc3102c5c604ments’. As you become more proficient at working with the elemental energies in nature you are gifted with these energies. The first four, The Four Treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan, give you the ability to anchor these energies in the landscape as Matrices of light. The four instruments are tools for working directly with the energy of nature, as healing energy, changing the quality of the energy into a more nature-focused vibration of sound and light.

There are additional instruments which also have their one function, but are not ‘directional’.

When receiving an attunement they are gifted to you by the energies themselves. I have no conscious control over most of the energies, except for the symbols themselves.

The Four Treasures are the Sword, the Stone, the Spear and the Cup/Cauldron. These four treasures are tools for working with energy in the landscape.

The Sword is used as an acupuncture needle and can be used with earth, air, fire, and water, depending on what work is required at a site and on which level it is required. It is used as a symbolic opening, or closing, of earth vortices. It can anchor solar light, open points beneath water, anchor solar energies in water or the land, etc. Think of Arthur when he loosed the sword from the stone! To my mind, he was showing that he was a proficient energy-worker and able to do this work of opening sacred places. It wasn’t a physical sword but an energetic one!

Working with stone circles and being able to access the memories and knowledge anchored in stone is part of the second treasure. These two hold energies, often from stellar bodies, whose energies are anchored into the earth, creating stability within the universnewton-stone_thumb.jpge. Stone circles are used as fertility points, ‘holding’ the energies in the earth so that the energies flow in the right direction.

The spear is used as a channel for more directed energies. When a stone, which is supposed to act as a feeder stone, channelling solar energies into a stone circle, has been disrupted, the use of the spear can make the circle whole again by  binding together the stones as if all were still there and functioning as a whole.

The cup, or cauldron, is the ‘holder’ of vital feminine energies in the landscape. It is the wisdom and knowledge of the Divine Feminine and the nurturing energies of water for healing and life.

The four treasures, which are ‘gifted’ to people are the Harp, the Pipe, the Drum and the horn. Once you have received one of these gifts, in energetic form, you are then gifted with the ability to use their energies when doing earthwork. When you have received one of these gifts, you will find yourself using them without any conscious intention of doing so. When a site needs these energies, you will see them happen, all by themselves. They bring Nature back into harmonious relationship with human beings.

harpThe harp is golden, which means it is of the highest essence, and grounds higher frequencies of sound into the landscape and into the atmosphere. It gives you the ability to change the vibration of atmospheres in nature. The sounds created by the harp, which you will often not even know you are using, change the vibration of frequencies in the natural world. They create more harmony between nature and humans, clearing negative and lower frequencies created by humanity. Ancient tones, the music of the spheres are held in the harp and they lighten the world around them. Sometimes you will see yourself placing a small harp in certain locations. This will be an anchoring of these energies where they need to be anchored.

Sometimes too you are asked to pick a coloured string from a harp and the colour will denote a choice of what elemental energy-task you are asked to carry out. This will be a particular work of connecting the energy in certain locations, when it is required. This task can take a number of months or even years. Once you have completed that one, you may be asked to choose another later.

pipeThe pipe is used to change the colour frequencies in certain locations. The sounds bounce off the colours which exist in a pattern above human cities and settlements. In bouncing off the colours, the notes change the colours and instil into human thinking, the desire to do something which honours nature. The colours are the thought-forms which exist on the mental level of our earth, or the collective unconscious. Using the pipe, we change the ideas or tweak them a little, so that others come and bring those ideas to fruition. The first time I ever saw this action was at the Twin towers site, five years after they collapsed. A huge dome of hexagonal colours surrounded the entire area in the air above. I saw myself take the pipe and play, the notes pinging off the colours of each hexagon, changing the colour into another, lighter colour. Beneath the dome grew a beautiful garden, a garden where those who wandered in it could connect to nature. The shifts were putting a place of calm, healing nature where once was greed, power and destruction. Although I was doing this work, my mental belief was ‘I can’t imagine THAT happening!!’

Once I had done that work and come home, I thought no more about it, until a few years later, a good friend informed me that the site now was now a lovely garden full of trees. What a difference a little energetic tweakindrumg can do!!!

Additional instruments.

The drum is more earth-centred. It brings the deeper tones of the earth into balance. They can be heard like the heartbeat of the mother and send healing frequencies through soil and rock, bringing life and balance back to the physical earth. It allows a ‘centering’ feeling to be experienced at sites where the drums are anchored. They remind you of your connection to the balancing forces of nature beneath your feet.

The horn is an instrument which calls people to places in need of balancing, revival or clearinhorn2g. Often it is the last gift to be received. It calls people to sacred sites so that they can be maintained and honoured as they were in the ‘old days’. The Elemental beings and ancestors can be called too when you need to celebrate a site and its energies in the ways we once did.

Receiving the Horn is like getting the Elemental’s phone number!

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