The Ruby of the Divine Feminine.

ruby-bottleThe Ruby Energy is an energy attunement, where the Ruby Ray is anchored in your energy-field, allowing you to work with this beautiful, loving energy of the Mother.

I have written a post, on my Earth-working site, that covers my first experience of the Ruby Energy. Since then, most of my work involves the anchoring of this Ruby Light, which is the Light of the Heart of the Mother.  It is the light of the Divine Feminine consciousness, as it moves through Love, and is the energy we are most in need of today.

Since my first experience of receiving this Ruby Light, I have been sent to places where this love is the most needed. That work involved preparing the energy grids to accept the energy when it comes flooding into the grid. Old, negative beliefs around the sacred feminine, women’s power, religious beliefs, all need to be cleared from the memory banks in the energy grids. Memories remain in the ether, and they continue to exert an influence on the thinking and beliefs of the people in the surrounding areas, so they have to be cleared, and primed, before the Ruby energy can flow freely.

For countries that have patriarchal religions, this is vital, because we have been hugely misinformed about our power as women, so this now can be rectified.

There are many great teachers and channels in the world, both male and female, who work with the Divine Feminine energies, and together, we are healing the old world and building the new one. We are not removing the ‘masculine’ but bringing it back into balance, teaching that we can live in balance and harmony, both male and female together. That is the way it is supposed to be.

The Ruby energy is an important aspect of this work, for it is through Love that we can bring change. I am not talking here about romantic love, but love in its true sense, which can often feel completely the opposite to what we think love is. Working with the Love Ray of the Ruby, we have to learn all the lessons of love, and they are not quite as you think! It is not all roses and wine, although it can be.

It is also letting go; self-sacrifice, but not in a crucifixion way. Killing yourself to protect someone else is counter-productive. How can you help someone out of a hole if you are in it with them?

Learning to balance your needs with the needs of others is an act of love. Leaving people to find their own way in life, is an act of love, because you are trusting that person to work it out for themselves.

There are many ways to love, and the Ruby Ray helps us to learn that. It is not often easy, but learning the lessons of love makes you so much more effective in the world and in this world, we need to be.






Access Attunements and Readings.

Each attunement/reading takes approximately five hours from the sending of the energies, to the writing up of the session.

Please include a photo when you email me for an attunement, reading or healing. This helps me to focus on you as if you were here in the room, and makes for a much more powerful experience.

To make payments easier, I have added credit/debit card payments. You don’t need to join Paypal in order to use it this way.

Gaia Method Earthways First or Second level

The First level attunes you to the Soul of the Earth, otherwise known as Sovereignty. You are given a name which represents your particular Goddess aspect, which you embody on earth. Men who receive an attunement are given a name too, and this can be the name of a God of nature or a personality from any of the stories of the servers of Humanity. The name given is an energetic representation of the work your Soul wishes to anchor on earth. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. The Second level, which is done at least a year later, connects you to the elements that your Soul resonates with, such as the sea, the mountains, the trees, the stars. It opens the channels that enable you to be their voice, in whatever way they wish to communicate. This could be through art, writing, music, etc. You also receive the anchoring of the Venus Grid which introduces the lessons of Love, in all its forms. Self-love, Soul-love, Love of Other, and love of the earth and all it contains. It shows you what Love is not, just as clearly as it shows you what it is and it teaches how to Love, in a soul/Goddess-focused way.


Gaia method One/Two plus individual flame/dragon attunement.

If you wish to have one of the other attunements at the same time as the main attunements, then there is a £10 discount for each additional attunement. If you want one additional attunement, then choose this box. Just let me know what additional attunement you want.


The Mantle and Flame of The Goddess Brigit.

There are a number of energetic expansions you can experience which allow your energy-field to hold more energy. This attunement will allow you to work directly with the fertility aspects of fire as the ancestors once did. In becoming attuned to the Brigit energy, you become aligned to the spring focus of fertility. The Mantle is about reclaiming ancient sites associated with spring fertility and learning how to work with them again for the benefit of all. The sacred flame is anchored into your energy field so you can become a channel for the Sun and for the fire in the earth. You can then light these fires, energetically, at sites where this was once done. That light then travels through the network of energy lines, bringing with it the promise of new life. This is the first in a series of attunements for the first level and includes a pdf giving information on both the Mantle of Brigit and the Flame. It also includes a guided meditation which you can use during Spring, and a shorter one you can use throughout the year and information on how to work with sites using the Brigit energy. As usual with all attunements, I also include a written report of the attunement you receive. If you would like more information on this attunement, please contact me for more details.



Madonna Light. Blue Flame Attunement

This anchors the Blue Flame of the Divine Mother into your energy field. Often, when the personality is about to face an important, developmental challenge, it needs extra energy in order to go through it. This attunement provides the energetic equivalent of maternal support and love, bringing peace to your human mind and heart. (Although the energy of Mary is used in this attunement, she is purely symbolic of the state of compassionate understanding and support). This flame also comes in the form of a blue mantle which can be used in ‘laying things to rest’ or bringing peace to a situation, or place. It is often used in human habitations, or places which were once used as sacred places but which now have no energetic, or social, function, such as ruins of old religious institutions: monasteries, cathedrals, etc. As usual, you need to be attuned to the First level of the Gaia Method Earthways in order to work with these energies.


Tree Attunement

This is an attunement which imparts to you the energy of trees. In effect, you become a tree, able to work with other trees energetically and to communicate with the indwelling Dryad. You will easily recognise the conciousness of a dryad in the landscape; you will also develop a relationship with them, and learn to follow their instructions when they need to connect to each other in the way they need to connect. Working with trees is a magical experience that teaches you how to be strong and stable in the world and also to understand trees in a ‘tree-way’. Often, our own human emotions project our fear and longings into trees but their consciousness is different to ours. In working with them we learn how to be as accepting, and as understanding, as they are. Becoming a tree means that you can pull in energy from ‘above’ as well as from ‘below’, so you are fed on all levels. Trees are bridges between earth and sky, so in receiving this attunement you become a human tree. You need to have been attuned to the first level of the Gaia Method Earthways in order to receive this attunement.


Red Dragon Attunement.

This attunes your energy-body to the Red Dragon. Once you have the Red Dragon anchored in your field, your purpose becomes more focussed. The Red Dragon guides your path towards enlightenment and healing, filling your with the energy and vitality that allows you to heal your own sense of purpose and that of the world around you. The Red Dragon is your purpose, made manifest in the body of the dragon. It is your life’s blood, your raison d’etre, your soul path. If you allow it to guide you, you will find your sense of self expanding and growing, eventually transforming old beliefs and emotions and becoming a clearer version of yourself. The Red Dragon shows you what you need to heal and what will feed you and it will also show you what is not nourishing you.


Blue Dragon Attunement

Working with the Blue Dragon energy gives you the ability to work with sources of water, i.e. rain and storms. Without water, we cannot live, so this dragon gives us the ability to work with sites that ensure a water connection. Many ancient sites, and those which are not so ancient, are built on sources of water: underground streams, and rivers, for instance. Water ‘holds’ energy, so building a sacred site on top of a water channel ensures that the sacred energy built up through ritual, permeates the water, which then flows through the landscape, spiritualising the earth. Many stone circles were created close to a river for this reason. Water is fertility.


Gold Dragon Attunement

The Gold Dragon teaches you how to use wealth, but it is the wealth you use when working on behalf of the Earth Mother. When you are holding wealth on behalf of humanity, there are many lessons to learn. If you have issues around money, if you are afraid of it, if you have self-worth issues around it, this dragon will show you how to heal those fears. It is important, while working as an earth healer that you have the funds to allow you to travel and live. But, as usual, this wealth is not to make you filthy rich, it is for your work and spiritual goals, so long as they are in alignment with The Mother. The Gold Dragon will teach you how to do that.


White Dragon Attunement.

There are a few different frequencies of White Dragon. It’s energy works with all the elemental dragon energies and it can travel through all dimensional layers and earth lines. It is like a ‘spirit’ dragon, able to shift vibration depending on the task at hand, rather than being limited by its frequency as the others are. But it always works within the elemental dragon frequencies, meaning that it is still confined to nature. It is the higher form of all natural energies on the dragon dimension. It works on the Earth’s Soul level of creation so when changes are necessary, as part of the world’s Soul development, the White dragon brings inspiration from the Soul realm which influences humanity’s thinking, bringing new ideas and inspiration. As for all the attunements, you need to have, at least, the first level of the Gaia Method Earthways to receive this attunement.


Elemental Portal Attunement.

In order to receive this attunement you must already be attuned to the Second level of the Gaia Method Earthways. This attunement installs in your energy field the ability to work with, and anchor, Elemental portals in the landscape, and to use the portal energy in sending energy to others. The Elementals are nature spirits who maintain every growing thing. They ask those of you, willing to give of your time and energy, to work with them to help stem the tide of destruction and greed taking over the consciousness of humanity. Working with the Elementals, in this way, is a form of service, allowing us to build closer relationships with them so that together we can help bring the back the balance of life. As well as the attunement, you will also receive a manual and a write-up of the attunement, which may include additional energies which the Elementals think you might need to enhance your development or work.


Reiki One or Two

Your own personal healing journey is a vital component of Earthwork. Through learning to heal yourself, and thereby helping others to heal, you enable your energy body to hold more energies. Holding more energy allows you to do greater work. During the attunement, you may be given additional symbols/energies to help with your journey. Your guides know what you need. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Reiki Add-On with Gaia Method Attunement.

If you do not already do Reiki, but are doing a Gaia Method Earthways attunement and would like a Reiki attunement too. This gives a balanced Sun and Earth energy attunement. It is important, while doing earthwork, that your own personal healing continues. Reiki can help enormously in this respect, providing energetic support to your endeavours. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Gaia Method One or Two with Reiki Booster

This attunement is for those who already have Reiki but wish to do a Gaia Method attunement and have a Reiki booster with it.


Reiki Booster

If you already have Reiki and wish to receive a Reiju, or Reiki booster. Reijus were the traditional Mikao Usui way of boosting your ability to channel the energy into your system. You may just wish to improve your channelling capacity or need an extra boost to help with a challenging situation in your life.


Distance Healing

These healings are sent in much the same way as attunements, although the symbols are added temporarily, and intuitively. I work with your guides and they instruct me as to what you need. This may be to overcome a challenging time, help with emotional struggles or to help deal with issues that arise with physical illness. Healing does not ‘fix’ a physical issue but it will lead you to the perfect people who can. Sometimes, these issues are past-life related, or they can be challenges your Soul has agreed to overcome. Whatever their source, the healing will bring clarity and succour. Please provide me with a picture of yourself, so I can tune into you while sending the energies. As usual, I will write up what I have sent, and will send it on to you via PDF or Word Document. If you would like to discuss your particular issues with me, please feel free to contact me (Contact page).


Soul Readings

This reading comes directly from your own Soul and Guides and often includes channelled information. For more information, please go to Soul Readings page. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version as either a PDF or Word doc. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Past-Life Reading

This is a reading of a significant past-life that is pertinent to your current life. The records are taken from the Akashic Library, where all Soul-Records are kept. The reading often includes information on how that life-time effects this one, so you can begin to heal the issues consciously. The reading is written up and sent on to you either as a PDF or Word document, so you have a permanent record that you can refer back to. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


 Once you have received the attunement, I am always available to talk to if you need any help or extra information. I will always do what I can to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

Once you have received your main first and second attunements, you can receive attunements whenever you feel you are ready for a new one. This gives you the extra keys and codes you need to further your work in the field.

As I am often asked for healing, I find that these healing sessions also tend to be attunement based, in that they add the necessary energies that you need, permanently into your field. So they can cost the same as the attunements themselves, although this is flexible for current Gaia Method Earthways practitioners.

In the UK, the attunements can be done in person or by distance transfer, either at a workshop, individual attunement or with a group at a sacred site.



Attunements. 2nd level.

The Second attunement introduces the Venus grid into your energy field. This is how my guides explained it:5-frankzumbach-etc

“In using this function the recipient allows a certain amount of ‘love’ energy to be transferred to the client or site. This stimulates the sending out of the same energy by them, healing the atmosphere and energy field.

In carrying this energy you become one of the many devotees of the Goddess. Your every action and thought leads to unification with the Divine Feminine consciousness so that, eventually, you can join in Holy Union with the Divine Masculine energy of the Sun and Sea, both masculine energies within the overall feminine divine energy. Awareness of your own part in the cosmic evolution of earth is bestowed on all who carry this matrix within their fields and who strive to work within the earthly realms of the Goddess in ‘form’. Her sites, her children, her creations are all in need of her succour and love and those who give their lives to this work are rewarded, many times over, with love and honour. Those who carry this energy can assist in the conscious evolution of the planet and her people and they are the divine repositories of ancient knowledge, following in the footsteps of the Ancient Ones, those priests and priestesses who gave their lives in service to the planet and all her people. Do this willingly and lovingly and your lives will change to become one of love and abundance as the Goddess loves all, leaving no soul untouched.”

The Venus Grid introduces the lessons of Love, in all its forms. Self-love, Soul-love, Love of Other, and love of the earth and all it contains. It shows you what Love is not, just as clearly as it shows you what it is and it teaches how to Love, in a soul/Goddess-focused way.

The grid can also be anchored by you in certain sites, according to your guidance, when Love is required, where it then fills the atmosphere with its healing and nurturing energies.

Additional energies are given with this attunement, specifically a symbol which connects you to your primary channels of communication and information, i.e. the sea, the earth, the upper cosmos, etc. Everyone has their own strengths of communication and sensitivity and this additional energy opens up the channels from where you receive your information. You could be a sea communicator, or work with trees, or animals, or you might be a psychic medium, clairvoyant etc. There is information contained in everything and this symbol gives you access to your particular channels.

You may also receive other energies during this attunement, depending on what your Soul requires for its development. This is a team effort, between your soul, my soul and both of our guides.

Once you have received this level, I give additional attunements, when you require them, which again build up your ability to work with these energies and expand your knowledge and awareness, further developing your sphere of Love.

For the second level attunement click here.

The New Temples of Feminine Power.

divfemI have been receiving information about women a lot recently and my recent trip to the library is connected to this new level of work. I had been questioning what this new material was about and yesterday received this:

“We are a group consciousness, working through civilisations and individuals. A family of consciousness, a ‘group mind’, similar in function to how the World Wide Web works. We are all connected and hold the same information and knowledge. It is all accessible to each member of the group, it is just a matter of downloading it!

We are a group of female energies, dedicated to the seeding and development of human consciousness. You see us as Goddesses, but we are a group of female consciousness all intent on the same goal, that of the unification of the sexes, in all ways and on all levels of development.

In many ways, your ‘groupings’ come under the same heading, as you carry out on earth what we create here. We ‘see’ how humanity has developed, since Abraham, and we see how that experiment has been a dismal failure. The Akkadians had powerful belief systems and these have formed the foundation of many of your current beliefs. The fear of female power originated here and has run, like a dark thread, through your religions and cultures ever since.

Goddess temples were reduced to ashes, sometimes literally, her temples razed to the ground. We watched as mankind slowly lost his connection to the Mother and seeing him come so close to the abyss; we made a collective decision to intervene. All souls on earth, currently incarnated, are set to begin a new sphere of development, where man is no longer the ruler of the planet, but co-creator with woman. But first, he must be brought to his collective knees. All incarnating souls are aware of this purpose and so all are part of the changes to come, and willingly so.

seagoddesstempleBut to you who are the founders of the new temples, we say this: never in the history of humanity, in this, their current incarnational cycle, has this been attempted. There are so many beliefs at play around ‘gender’ and ‘gender roles’ that it will take many lifetimes for these to be healed. But lifetimes you have a-plenty!

All of you focused on the re-instatement of these energetic temples are guided by us. Gone are the days of female disempowerment. Now you will learn how to be powerful, sensitive women and you will lead other women through their healing process. Each woman is connected to a particular Goddess consciousness, that is, their healing focus and frequency, and all the knowledge that that energy contains. These are the temples that we speak of, not made of brick or stone, but out in the open, in the trees and the land, free of structures created by man. Your roots are in the earth and each of you is guided by one of us, clusters of healers working through our different energies and frequencies.

If you want to call us a name then “the Council of An” will suffice.”

Now, I understand why I was feeling so emotional when I was given the new material in the Library and why so much has been coming in around women’s empowerment. These energies flow through many women, and certain men, around the planet and you can see how many are bringing through the Feminine wisdoms. It has been growing for some time, but for me and the Gaia Method I am glad to be able to do this too.images-1

When they said  how this has never been attempted before I instantly thought, but what about Jesus, Mohammed, The Knights Templar, etc. and I was reminded that they were all men! Women themselves, have not en masse, risen up around the world to end the subjugation and abuse of women. Pockets of women have done it, but it has not been a global shift in consciousness around women and their freedom.

The temples they speak of are more like a sisterhood, each one connected to the energy of a Divine Feminine consciousness, and the energy knowledge that that contains. Each Goddess-seed does her work with her students and those women then work with others, until the Goddess ‘temple’ consciousness is once again available to mankind. There are no bells and whistles, no converting, no ministering, just a quiet revolution of female power through the Path of Initiation.

The earthwork that is currently being carried out, by women and men around the word, anchoring the new seed thoughts, clearing the old energy lines of their older energies, and anchoring the new seed thoughts,  will usher in the New Consciousness. But, as we can see in the world right now, this will not be an easy transition. In doing the clearing and reactivating we are bringing up old issues in the collective unconscious, and this is never pretty. But as long as we hold on to the fact that everything that is happening will have a good outcome, the easier it will be for us to keep on working.

We can collectively create a whole new reality of Divine Balance between men and women and that will have a knock-on effect on so many other levels. And it will so be worth the effort, and sacrifice, it takes to achieve it. But this is not a new Religion; that is the old way, this is more about recognising our Divine Source, and living a more earth-centred, equal, and free way of life, knowing who we are, where we come from and where we are going.

Examples of Dragon/Serpent-Work.

For diary entries of work I did with Dragon energies here are some links to my earth-work site, where I recorded my earth-work journals. That is still a work in progress as the work never stops, it just gets added to. But it will give you some idea of how to work with the dragon energies, so that when you find yourself seeing them, and they’re doing unexpected things, you will know that you are, in fact, an absolutely sane and rational human being!

Red Dragons


More Serpents

Green Dragons

Gold Dragons

Black Dragons

Bronze dragons

White Dragons.




Who are the Tuatha De Danaan?

f331977d037a50e62b64182a177689feThe Tuatha De Danaan are traditionally the faery folk of Ireland, a race of beings sent underground with the coming of another race of beings called the Milesians, who defeated them in battle. In reality, they were the Bronze Age people from the Aegean, who came originally to the Western Isles (Southern England and Ireland) after a cataclysm in the Mediterranean.

This was possibly the Santorini volcanic explosion that erupted during the Bronze Age and caused two years of winter. The people who came at that time came in boats and settled here, bringing their culture and knowledge with them. During energy-work on the Dorset Cursus, I was shown that they came here to escape a massive flood that destroyed their homelands and they took their knowledge of mound-building with them. They said,  “We built them in order to stabilise the imbalance which had resulted from the catastrophe that caused the flooding.” They came here too because we already had a firm foundation of Mother consciousness and shared similar beliefs.

The Beaker people built the burial mounds, with their cremation burials, and these are still thought of today as places of the Sidhe (Shee), or Fairy-Forts if you live in Ireland! When I first started doing earth-work, I began by working with these round barrows, and it was through working with them that I learned so much about the rebalancing of the land.


Dorset Cursus

The myths tell us that the Tuatha de Danaan, or People of the Goddess Danu, the Great Mother, came from a group of islands, and from each of these islands, North, South, East and West, they brought an object of power.  These ‘objects’ can be used today as energetic tools, which you receive when you reach a level of proficiency when working with the balancing  of  sites. The Directional energies in the myth are also encoded knowledge for working at sacred sites, as many round barrows lie on the intersection of earth-energylines, and often you have to acknowledge the four directions as a way of activating them beneath the site.

In every culture, there are the Ancient Ones, the ‘memories’ and knowledge held in the country in which you live or work, by the people who first worked with that knowledge. In Ireland, and the United Kingdom, the Tuatha De Danaan are the Wisdom Keepers, and you can access their knowledge through working with their ‘layer’ of history. It is a form of energetic archaeology!

In Scotland, you also have the Picts, another group of people with sacred Knowledge, but I have not worked with them. The energy in Scotland is completely different to the rest of the UK, it is deeper and more ancient.

3c457ba9402ac37b6e02f13880fa3b8cWhen the Milesians came to Ireland and defeated the Tuatha De Danaan, (They also did the same in England) they went ‘underground’, not literally as in the myth, but their power was taken away and they became marginalised. The Celts were mercenary, and much like armies of today, thought only in terms of power and greed. The ‘knowledge’ of the Goddess people had to become secret, or at least less visible, in order to protect it! It was encoded in the myths, and stories that they told each other in order to preserve, in art and writing, the knowledge of how to keep the earth in balance.

Over time, this knowledge was lost, but now it is returning, through us. One of the myths tells us that Iron kills the People of the Sidhe, and that is because the Celts brought their knowledge of Iron-working to the British Isles, and Ireland, and ‘killed off’ the sacred tribes of the Mother. All of the stories and myths have a truth hidden in them, if you look hard enough.

Working with the Gaia Method gives you the access and training you need to work in the way the Tuatha De Danaan worked, and their tools can be used anywhere in the world. The world needs rebalancing and those people who, on a Soul-Level, work in this way are re-emerging and remembering how to do this work. Many people with ancestry in the British Isles and Ireland have this memory in their cells. They only need activating in order to access them. ‘Ask and you shall receive’. Your guides are only too willing for you to ask them and you will receive the knowledge if you really want it. It is the sincere desire to know something that opens the door to learning it.

Teaming up with your soul.

egypt-egyptian20princess20-2098One of the things I have found, as a result of doing the Gaia Method, is that I work more as my Soul-self than my human personality. I am very much aware of my Soul essence within my body, as though my body is the vehicle for my Soul to carry out its work. That has taken quite some getting used to and a few lifetimes of having my human Will stripped away so that I could allow my Soul consciousness more access to my present life.

I remember when this first started to happen, although I did not realise that it was ‘my Self’ at the time, but when I was doing self-development and healing, which was pretty much all of the time, I would sometimes feel another energy coming into my body. This energy was female and she could look through my eyes. I remember knowing at the time that she had beautiful, large almond-shaped eyes, and she was looking through my eyes into the physical world. She had a lovely energy and was interested in everything she saw.

It was only recently that I learned that she is my own Soul-Self, and her name is Ruteel. As I began to receive more and more of the Gaia Method I found that ‘aspects’ of myself could move around quite independently of ‘me’. The first time that that happened I was working at Knowlton Henge about ten years ago and I had to work with a Round Barrow which was in a field. However, I could not get to the field. As I stood looking at the barrow, wondering how I was going to get to it, I ‘saw’ a part of myself, as an Egyptian priestess, move out of my body and walk towards the barrow. I was fascinated! I watched her greet another woman, who stood on top of it. This other woman was from the Bronze Age culture that had built the mound. (I have written this on another blog).

When she was finished doing wsoulselfhat she needed to do, she walked back and re-joined me. After that, it happened quite a lot. But not always as Egyptian; often she would appear as an ancient Briton; a young woman wearing a white linen dress and with a white circlet of flowers around her head, it all depended on what was needed. I learned that these aspects were previous personalities who had been trained in this work in my previous lifetimes. I was accessing that ancient training in the present. That also told me that there was a definite connection between the energy-work in Britain and in Egypt, going back centuries.

The more I healed myself, the more I studied and the more I tried to raise my consciousness to my Soul awareness, the more I became my Soul-Self. The healing of my ‘issues’ and my past was incredibly important in this process because our fears, sadness, and traumas keep us locked into the physical body. It stops us from moving forward. As my guides said, ‘You cannot put anything into a glass that is already full’.

As I healed I learned to trust, trust in my guidance and what I saw. And the more I trusted the more I became my Soul. This process really is about allowing the Soul-Self to do what you and She/He has come to do. You are a team, working together, for the benefit of future generations of Humanity. That does not mean, however, that you become a saint! When you are going through your human stuff it can get messy, but you know that you are healing it and can view it from your soul perspective.

The more you do that, the more energy-work you do and the more energy you receive, the more you become a team. You know thathe-light-bodyt you are here to serve. You, your Soul and your guides/teachers, and all the people who are on the same ‘job’ understand that. The trick is to let go and to allow yourselves to be Soul-guided.

It takes many years of healing to get to that place of trust, and the younger you start the sooner you get there. And even once you get there you still continue healing. That is also why you are here. You never stop expanding into yourself. The more you do, the more you CAN do!

Sometimes this soul journey can feel rather bewildering, because it also affects your physical body. I go through periods of feeling like my batteries are flat, and have to go to bed and sleep, or I feel ill and have no idea why, but I have a deep intuition that it is something I just need to allow to flow through me. Something is being released, or worked through, and I have to allow it to do what it does, even if it takes time. It’s usually connected to past issues, or there is something energetic happening around me, like an environmental healing, that I do not need to be part of. I am usually told when that is the case.

Letting go of the need to be in control all the time is a huge part of this letting go. Control comes from fear and fear is something you need to let go of. Trusting your Soul and your guides, knowing that they have your best interests at heart is part of it. And knowing that you chose all of this in the first place, and you are continually choosing.

You do not become an automaton, with some unseen force pulling your strings, but you do learn that everything you do is for a particular reason. You might not understand that reason at the time, but you will. There might be karmic reasons for where you are, or you might be needed in a locality. You might have a ‘contract’ with someone and need to be there, or it might be a combination of lots of things. Trusting is the key!

It’s all about teamwork, and learning to be your Soul-self while still in your physical body. That, to me, is Ascension, not leaving your body to become an energetic one, but allowing a space for your Soul to enter into you more consciously. Our Soul is in our body from the moment of conception or birth and leaves it at our death and while we sleep. We have whole other existences that we don’t remember, but we CAN live more and more with our Soul memories and gifts while in this body. We just have to want it.

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Reconciling Realities.

fantasy-36I have always struggled with the idea of how Gods and Goddesses fit into the framework of our Soul reality, the Source, Life between Lives, etc. For instance, I know that Gods and Goddesses are constructs, a way of us to personalise certain forces, forces that make up our created world. But when I started doing the Gaia Method, I found that aspects of those Gods/Goddesses were being anchored in the people receiving the attunement, and often I would ‘be’ a Goddess, energetically, like a channel for her, while she passed the attunement.

Trying to understand this intellectually was a problem. I’m not a believer, or follower, of Gods/Goddesses.  I don’t believe in altars and rituals, although I have no issue with people who do. I was brought up as a Catholic, so for me at least, Jesus and Mary were IT! We didn’t do Gods and Goddesses. I didn’t even know that they existed. We had saints, which of course are the same thing! I know that now!

I also do not ‘worship’ deities. I learned that lesson early, while in the Hare Krsna’s during my teens. Physical idols were just that, physical idols, not Gods. Although, again, I understand that they provide a focus for people to connect to a particular energy.lakshmi1

However, while working with these Goddesses I can feel their  ‘personality essence’ and how they work in our lives. They contain a history of all the ways in which we honoured them in the past. But I still had trouble rationalising them. Working with them is like working with pages of the past, in the present, and they feel like real people to me, but with a knowledge and way of acting that is not mine.

Then I found more Seth material on this subject and I suddenly felt ‘aaahhhh’. Here is what he says:

“I am trying to tell you that if you look inward, and study your own sacredness and creativity and blessedness, and joy and power, as closely as you study the sacred books of the gods, then you would realize that all those books of the gods were based upon the great reality of the individual, the individual soul, and therefore based upon your own reality.

Do yourselves just honor, and in doing yourselves that honor, you will see within yourself, the ‘gods-in-becoming’ that you are.

james-c-lewisNow the idea of the gods has been set up before you, by yourselves as ideals for you to follow – projected outward from your own souls into physical reality as guides for you to follow – that you yourselves have set up. And so they have followed the thesis and the times and the historical context of their mortal birth.

But behind and within those myths are the realities of your being – the Christ and the Buddha are both within you, for they are symbols of what you are. Pray to them and you pray to the hidden gods within you. You do not need to kick them aside like a child irritated with his toys!

Understand the nature of the gods as they come down to you, through your histories, and in them always you will find the unspoken but real nature of the hidden god within each of you.

All That Is is beyond your intellectual ideas of personhood. Any concepts you use to personify that idea can be useful. But only in seeing beyond them can you release the power, and the energy, and to some extent, the knowledge of what you are, and only through understanding that, can you hope to have any idea of All That Is. For All That Is materializes through your flesh and being.”

That made total sense to me, especially as the Gaia Method is about anchoring aspects of Feminine Divinity and manifesting those qualities and energies in the world. It is about re-learning the way we trained in past times, so that the energies of the Goddess, which have been lost in us, is found again. We are re-birthing these awarenesses into this world.hathor_rising

As they move through us, we acknowledge them as part of us, and we live that reality in our everyday world. The world of feminine power and wisdom. We are the Goddesses, incarnated in the world, to bring back the awareness of her love and kindness, wisdom and power to a very ailing world. But we are human beings living in a physical world, so that Divinity is acted on in our reality. We manifest her wisdom through our bodies and our actions. That doesn’t mean we run around acting like a princess, it means learning to channel that part of ourselves, when it is required, into our art, our lives, our writing and our Being; into our relationships, with each other and with the natural world. We move, quietly through the world of humanity, bringing our gifts and sharing our knowledge.

We don’t ‘smite’, as much as we might want to sometimes! We have lived a long time, not knowing this part of ourselves, and getting to know it again, and to channel it again, is going to take time. But there are many great teachers out there who are here to help us do just that. So we are indeed blessed. And remember too, that we are not seeking perfection either, We are seeking to do our best and to Be Divine Humans. We have plenty of room to grow. And one day, hopefully, our world will be populated with the Gods and Goddesses again…US! It is time to reconnect.


A ‘Changing your Reality’ Technique.

mirror-glass-broken-lake-impact-by-erik-johanssonOne of the first things I learned on my healing path was that we create our own reality. What we believe about the world, about people, and about life, is reflected in the world around us. If we don’t like what we see and experience, then we need to look inside ourselves to find out what beliefs, and the emotions connected to them, are creating our actions and hence, our reality.

The beliefs generated by our previous experiences become the generator of our present reality so we need to explore our inner selves in order to uncover the original belief.

This is a Seth method I use to find out what is generating my negative beliefs. And by the way, not all beliefs are negative. We create positive realities for ourselves too, but when our lives are not working then it is a good idea to find out why!

“Ask that some image or picture be presented in your inner mind, that will serve as representative of those portions of your own inner reality. Ask it to speak to you and tell you how to best rid yourself of…whatever issue you are struggling with. If a landscape appears, then ask for a series of such images, that will somehow point the way toward recovery, or toward resolution of the problem. Then follow through with whatever reply you receive.” 

This is an example of one session I did with this technique: I was a beautiful, tropical fish exploring the coral reefs. An Angel-fish, with lots of colours. I swam alone, exploring my watery world and perfectly happy with my situation. I took wonder and delight in finding interesting things to eat and see. nemo

Then a hook descended into the water and I took it. Suddenly I was hauled out of my world and plopped into a fish-tank, a simulation of the world I used to live in, but small, like one you would put in your living-room. The fish (me) was so sad, and she had lost all of her adventurous spirit. I asked her how I could heal this situation and she said to me frantically, through the glass of the tank, “You have to leave here. This place is killing you.” Then she opened her mouth and inside was a large ruby. She spat it out over the edge of the fish tank and told me to put it in my heart. So I saw myself doing as she said.

I asked her to show me where to go and I saw myself packing my luggage and putting it in the back of a truck, and heading off to some place better and freer. She told me that I would know by June! (I did this exercise in Oct 2014)

I was quite surprised by the intensity of the fish’s feelings. But I did recognise how this place was slowly killing me. I had no life here, 0ther than what others ‘allowed’ me to have, and even though I knew that there was a purpose to it, I had had enough of it.

As it happened, I had to go back to the UK to sort out my house and while I was there I went to Paris to pick up a Ruby energy from Chartres Catheral. It went into my heart! I took it back to Egypt with me. I knew that my work here in Luxor was done but I had to wait for the opening to come. It did…in June 2016! I found a lovely place on the East Coast of Egypt, on the Red Sea, and rented it for two years! I knew it was the right place as I had made an energetic connection to a woman, two weeks previously and had seen myself sign a contract with her, so when I found the flat, owned by a lovely English woman, I recognised her energy. We move at the end of October. fih

What is also interesting is that when I got back from the UK, in April of this year (2016), we had to buy a new A/C, a water-generated one! After a few days it begins to smell like a fish-tank!!! The message was clear enough!

But it took two years, after doing this exercise, to actually change my reality. Beliefs change but all of the issues generated by the beliefs have to change too. It’s not an overnight miracle, but doing these inner-change-exercises work if we trust what presents itself in our reality and then take the actions necessary to bring them into our lives. I could have ignored the prompt to go to Paris, and I could have ignored the opportunity to go to the Red Sea, allowing my fear to stop me. But I didn’t. And that made the difference!

Use this technique whenever you are faced with a situation you don’t like and allow yourself to change your world. You’re worth it!



Some observations on Reiki energy.

meditacion-reikiI had always struggled with Reiki and what I had learned about it. There was something not quite right about the information I had been taught, but I could never put my finger on it. There were so many ‘rules’ that it felt restrictive and so much that we really didn’t know.

 I received my first Reiki Master’s cert, (from Antoinette Everts) but we were taught that we now were under obligation to go out and teach it. Neither Ani, nor myself, had any desire to do that. We both felt that it was personal. I had no desire to teach it. I wanted it for my own development and healing, and I tell you, there was a lot to heal!

So, I didn’t rush out to train anyone. But I did practice the attunement process, attuning myself many times as a healing process. I learned many things through practicing Reiki but there was always something missing. I never felt connected to the symbols. They felt superficial. It was only through my own personal teaching, while receiving the Gaia Method, that I began to understand it. When we are first learning about Reiki, we are not able to really ‘feel’ the energies. We are taught on an intellectual level, how to understand Reiki and the symbols, but Reiki is not an intellectual process, it is energetic and sensory.

On top of that, all of my subsequent attunements were also focussed on the Indian 7-chakra system, and this too never sat right with me. Intuitively, the only ‘centres’ I ever wanted to work with were the brow centre, the heart, and the belly. On top of that, I could heal with my ‘seeing’, and my breath, but I had no idea that this too was Reiki, until I found a book by Bronwen and Frans Stein.  Suddenly everything made complete sense! I wasn’t rejecting Reiki, I was doing it the way it was originally meant to be used! What a revelation! b-reiki-y-meditacion-en-el-parque-de-el-retiro-20140605092408681-cb1238

Interestingly, it was while I was receiving the Gaia Method system that I began to understand how the Reiki system worked. Until I had learned how to connect to the earth, I wasn’t fully using Reiki! And without all of the Reiki attunements and the energetic growth, I achieved through it, I would never have been ‘ready’ to receive the Gaia Method in the first place! In fact, when I received the first Gaia Method symbol, I thought it was a new Gaia Reiki, which I was not interested in doing. It turned out to be a completely separate system and yet Reiki got me there!

One of the issues I had was with the symbols, but I found that they were not quite what I had been taught. There was nearly too much information given for the symbols, when their function was in fact much more simple. It was during a Gaia Method class I was holding in Winchester that I finally understood the SeiHeiKi symbol, 15 years after receiving my first Reiki attunement!

seiheiki-wave I did a meditation and it was much deeper than usual and had a deeper impact on the subsequent healing practice! I worked with two women and it was during a session with one of the women, Sandy, that I finally found a connection to the SHK. My guides showed me its effect and elemental use. It appeared as a large wave of water, superimposed on the symbol. When I placed it in Sandy’s energy it created ripples in her watery, emotional layer, which , after a few soft ripples, became a smooth surface, like a lake. After this, a past life trauma emerged, where she lived in the Mediterranean during the Trojan period.

The symbol is a cleansing wave of energy, opening up our emotional body to heal issues within it.  It was that simple. Finally, I could see a use for SHK.  At the time I wondered if this is what Usui was doing when he introduced the symbols for his students? Was it related to the elements too? What was also interesting is that the room I was using was being rented from a Network Chiropractor, who I had been receiving treatments from for a number of years. His Practice is called the Healing Wave of Winchester, so I imagine that it was no coincidence that the SHK symbol ‘showed’  itself here!

A few months later, I did a Reiki Master’s individual training with a student called Chaz. As part of his practice, he attuned me to all three levels, which turned out to be very interesting. During the attunement of the first level, I could feel a connection in my belly (Earth Dan Tien) and a little heat in my hands. For the second attunement, the heat and feeling in my belly and hands increased with a ‘mini’ conflagration! The third degree brought an anchoring of the energy into the Dan tien, with an increased awareness of my divinity. dantiens

I found this very interesting, as I had never ‘seen’ the effects of an attunement before. What I found the most interesting was how the Master degree is designed to anchor the energy in the Dan Tien and that centre connects us to the earth. We are then the medium between Heaven and Eath.

I also realised, over the years and through the Stein book, that Reiki was designed to be a personal healing path, designed to be lived, not just practised. I could relax! There was no ‘pressure’ to be perfect, to live up to some unattainable standards and obligations and there was no ‘law’ that said that now that I was attuned to the Master level, I had to pass it on to all and sundry.

But I discovered, that that is not how Reiki itself works either. It takes time for our bodies and channels to be ready to pass on the energies. For the first few years I taught no-one, but then one day someone asked me to give them an attunement. I was terrified, but I intuitively understood that I was ready to pass on the first degree. “When the teacher is ready, the student appears!”  

For a few more years, of constant personal healing and growing, a student approached me and asked me to pass the second attunement. And a couple of years after that I was asked to pass the Master’s degree. I knew each time that I was ready, because the student would appear! It wasn’t going to happen until I was ready and I consciously had no control over that! My Soul/Entity-Self was in the driving seat, and I learned to trust her judgement.

I received many attunements over the years, in quite a few Reiki modalities, but they all felt like I was adding more energy to myself and adding more keys. I never consciously worked with any of them, but they all added to my growth and the ability of my energy-field to channel greater amounts of energy. Without having gone through this process of Reiki and Ascension I would never have been able to do the Gaia Method at all. And Ascension? That turned out to be ‘Descension’, the anchoring of my body to the earth plane and the world of nature energies! Totally not what I was expecting, but what a gift…traumatic as it was! calm-lake-wallpaper-9

My own personal healing has been and remains a huge part of my life and the Reiki energy that flows through me is the energy that supports that process.  That is why I still offer Reiki attunements to people who want to Learn the Gaia Method. If you want to be the best energyworker that you can be, then your own personal healing is vital to that process. How can you heal the world if you cannot heal yourself?

The understanding of world issues is through the healing and understanding of your own. We all learn through experience! That is why we travel the path on foot and not a chauffeur-driven car!


Woman’s Declaration of Independence. Channelled.

10367737-ancient-parchment-with-the-image-of-dragons-object-isolated-over-white-stock-photoThis came in a few nights ago. As it did, I could see it as though it was written on a scroll, to be signed on the bottom. 

“I acknowledge my God-given right to Humanity, to Freedom and to Peace.

I admit to no ‘faults’, no sins, that are not of my ‘make-up’.

I deny the ‘right’ of others to usurp my power and my will for their benefit alone and I also deny the infallibility of ‘man’,  as it pertains to my ‘womanhood’.

I deny the existence of the ‘Devil’ in myself and in others.

I deny the reality of ‘wrong-doing’ in my soul-centred actions.

I deny ownership of ‘man’s mistakes, lies, and entreaties.

I deny that I am false.

I deny all that is man’s projections of me.


I accept my Self.

I accept my mistakes.kundalini5x7

I accept my own fallibility.

I accept my own lack of courage in the face of adversity.

I accept this does not make me weak, but human.

I accept the improvement of my life  and my ability to create it and to recreate it.

I accept my power for what it is and for what it could be, good or bad.

I accept my flaws, my idiosyncrasies, my imperfections.

I accept myself.

I am the creator of my life and I accept responsibility for all that that entails.


Now, I demand Freedom, Power and Peace. Those are my God-given rights. I accept nothing less.



A Woman’s Declaration of Independence.

Witnessed by the whole of Creation and beyond.

How to Live Longer. Channelled.


  1. Choose your words wisely. (Self-explanatory!).
  2. Stop worrying; if it happens, you will deal with it. If it doesn’t, then you have wasted valuable energy worrying about it; energy that could have been spent creating something less worrying.
  3. Channel your energies into what brings you a feeling of satisfaction and joy. Even in the most difficult places and circumstances, creativity will keep you alive.
  4. Relive the happiest moments of your life, then expand that feeling into the present moment; not the event that evoked that feeling but the energy of the feelings themselves.
  5. Like yourself. You may not always be able to love yourself but liking yourself is a good start. Love is the key but often we cannot find the lock. So long as we can see the door then we are half-way there. Don’t worry about it.

Go ahead and try and don’t dilly-dally; you don’t owe anybody anything.

Enjoy, oh… and sleep well. If you follow the above five suggestions, you should find that you sleep better, anyway!

‘I received this tonight from a very light-hearted guide, who made me laugh. I could feel his humour and his compassion. Only when I was reading them to my husband did I realise that they were like a light-hearted version of the 5 reiki precepts, and it felt as though it was a humorous reminder to lighten up and not expect ourselves to be perfectly spiritual. Perfection is not the aim and in trying to be perfect we berate ourselves for not being so, thinking we are failing some spiritual test!’


The Library.

28th August 2016.

dantiengrafik1I felt a lot of energy coming in so I closed my eyes. From each of the three Tan Tien centres I could see a coloured line emerging.  From my third eye a red line, then a white line from my heart and a black line from my belly. All three lines moved out in front of me and plied together, like yarn, now moving forward as one cord. At the end of this cord, I could see that there was a crystal point, but I had no idea where it was headed.

Then I saw, in the distance, an ancient book, open, and I could vaguely make out a very old library behind it. But the image looked like it was closed, like an inside-out umbrella, with the open end facing me. I began to open it out and flatten the image, stabilising the corners until it was full and accessible. I felt really excited doing this.

I ran into the library, racing to different shelves, taking books off at the speed of light. I was a blur! After seconds I had a large pile of old books in my arms. I could just about hold them! I placed them on one of the library tables and a librarian appeared. He was ancient and wore a grey/blue robe with a headdress that nearly looked like a voluminous nun’s habit. It was as if his head was covered in layers of first black fabric then layers of grey/blue. (I often see my own panel of Elders dressed in these colours). Naturally, he had long white hair and a long beard; just to show me his age I suppose!

Pile of Leather Bound Antique Books

Pile of Leather Bound Antique Books

He welcomed me and then said “Don’t forget this one,” and he walked to a shelf and took down a white and gold book, placing it on top of my pile of books. For some reason this made me feel overjoyed. He gave me the key that would unlock the information in the books. He said that it was time now that this information was presented to humanity. I was so overjoyed that I began to cry. It was a lot of knowledge being made available once again. I felt so incredibly grateful!

Just before I left, he stopped me and drew a symbol in red on my forehead. All I could make out was a circle with a pattern inside it.

A few weeks ago I had been offered this trip to a new part of the ‘library’ but I didn’t realise, until this morning that this is what they meant! Now I am excited to see what this is all about. Although I do seem to be getting new stuff about women’s future role in the world so maybe that is what this is. But I will have to wait and see! When they asked me if I wanted to visit another part of the library they also told me to ‘pick my thread’ so I picked three, obviously; red, white and black. As usual, my inner self is doing all of this so I have no idea what the thread colours represent! There’s no point in even guessing as I will find out when the information comes in.

The Future for Woman-kind. Channelling.

6th September 2016.

fantasy-36It is written, that in man’s greatest hour of need, that Mother Nature will turn against him and all of his cruelties.  That She will close her eyes to the suffering which he has inflicted on the innocents and that She will refuse to participate in the cruel seduction that manipulates the masses, under the ‘guise’ of leadership.

Mankind is about to find that neither man, woman nor beast is to be spared. It is only through the harsh reality of Nature’s power that mankind will be brought to its knees. Once this process of ‘cleansing’ is complete you will find an altogether different humanity, a ‘humanity’ truly deserving of that name.

In times to come this period will be known in history as ‘the great upheaval’, and in the generations to come, mankind will find himself with more respect; more respect for himself, for the Earth and for his equal in nature, Womankind. For it is to her he will look when Nature finally rebels.

Womankind will prove to be fantasy-41the saviour of mankind, for they are resilient and have suffered much at the hands of man. Now their time is coming. The Great Mother will take her place beside a very much humbled ‘man-kind’ and the world will change its direction. New leaders will rise from the ashes of the old, as will new ‘queendoms’. Now it is the time for the great new beginning.

Mortality rates will be high during this time so prepare for much grief. This cannot be avoided. But fare thee well and we will come as and when necessary to give the next steps on your journey, until you find yourself in your own place on earth, the place you chose many moons ago.

Adonai, dear sister, we wish you well on the next leg of the journey. Fare thee well.

The Masters of humanity.

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The Women’s Revolution. Channelled.

2 September 2016.

serpent-5The goal of feminism is not to make men obsolete, but to recognise that women have a God-given right to a free life, a fulfilling life, a creative life, just as man has afforded himself those rights. It is not man’s role to control the women around him, but to recognise that without women they would not survive.

The danger, at present, is that man believes that he is at the top of the social pyramid and therefore his beliefs and ideas should be everyone’s, especially women’s.  If women are to be a force for change in this world, then they need to ask themselves two things:

1) Do they feel that they have the ‘right to exist alongside’ man, or do they ‘believe’ that they are second-class citizens, as they have been taught?

2) Do they believe that they can succeed?

This latter question is most important, for if they believe that they will not succeed, that the odds are stacked against them, then they will not be successful.fantasy-66

Any anthropologist will tell you, that the female of the species is the one that maintains the integrity of the group. The male role is for the procreation and the protection of the more vulnerable members of the society, not that females cannot also fulfil that role, but the male ‘stands guard’ while the female ‘gives birth.’ That is their pairing. While a woman is birthing life, creating new forms, she is vulnerable and the man’s role is to keep her safe from predators.

Unfortunately, man has become the predator and therefore women are no longer safe, as they were long ago. Now the time has come for women to take up the Rod of Power once more, and to wield that power for the benefit of mankind. It is time for the women of the world to take her place beside man, but first, man has to learn a hard lesson, and this lesson is long overdue.

Culturally, women have been born to breed, born to care-take, and to care for and maintain, man’s position in his self-created world. That is all about to change and only time will tell if the women of the world can rise to the challenge.fantasy-71

Now it is time to re-install the new codes of women’s empowerment. The codes that will be transmitted to every woman on the planet, young and old, codes that will reaffirm the power of Womanhood in an ailing world. Time to give back to the world what man, in his quest and greed for power, has stripped away.

Prepare now for a revolution, but this time, it will be a revolution of woman-kind and the collapse of the old world, birthing the new. Prepare yourself for this great new adventure, and let it bring a note of joy, long missing, to your world. It has been a long time coming.

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