Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki System.

I have been a Reiki healer since 1994, it was the door that opened me up to everything I do now. It gave me a feeling of energetic support, and through it, I was able to begin the process of healing and changing my life.

I am adding this Reiki page because I still believe that Reiki is the way to heal ourselves. And when someone wants a Gaia Method attunement I always wonder if the person also does Reiki, because the skills you learn with Reiki assist you in your Earth Healing work, and they help you to heal your own woundings so that you can become a better Earth healer.

Reiki, for me, is my personal healing, my own private journey. It is not something I want to impose on others but I do value its gifts.

What I often do, when passing a Gaia Method attunement, is ask the person if they do Reiki. If they do not, I offer that as well. Sometimes they choose not to, and later decide to do it. It’s a very individual choice.

But I did notice a distinct difference between the people who did have Reiki and those who did not. The people who had Reiki were able to move through their personal challenges more efficiently and more quickly. They did their earthwork as skillfully as usual but their emotional/mental healing was not as connected as it could have been. Therefore I decided to offer Reiki as a supportive healing energy. This also helped when they were working on the collective unconscious. How can you heal that if you cannot heal yourself?

So I am adding a Reiki page to this blog, that way, those people who do the Gaia method also have a personal Reiki resource, especially if they are more drawn to Earthenergy-work than Reiki itself, as a healing modality. It is information which I have gained through my own experience and research and is Reiki as I understand and experience it now. The Reiki pages also serve as a manual for those people who do the Gaia Method and for those who want the attunement so that they can learn to manage their lives better but who have no intention of becoming Hands-on healers!