Soul Readings.

I am now offering Soul Readings, either Past-Life or Soul Purpose/Challenges.

How they work: once you have requested a reading I go to the Akashic Library, which holds the records of all of our lives and our soul purpose. In my mind’s eye, it literally looks like an endless library, full of old books. The Soul Purpose books are usually white, while the past-life books are old and brown.

I then pick out the books that I need, so that I can read them. A day or two later the information comes in, in the form of a direct communication from your guides to you, where they explain the dynamics of a past-life, or a present life challenge or purpose. I write it up as they give it to me, and then I send it on. Sometimes the reading might be preceded by a healing energy transmission to facilitate your understanding of the information from a Soul perspective.

It is always fascinating when they describe soul dynamics within your past-life or present life and give you information on a difficult relationship or situation and the reasons for that difficulty. That then gives you the ability to change something you are struggling with, as your Soul awareness is now in the picture with you, helping you to understand your purpose and challenges and helping you to overcome them.

The price for each reading is £40. This includes the written report that I send you.

If you are interested in a reading just contact me.   Payments are paid through Paypal.

A Soul-reading can take time. I first have to request access to your records on your behalf and when the information comes in, I then spend a couple of hours writing it all up. It can take half a day, from start to finish, sometimes longer. It is a long process. I will send you both a word document of the reading and a pdf so you can keep them.

I am always available for questions if you have received a reading and need clarification on something.

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