My Books

I have just published my first book, after years of writing, editing, and re-editing. My guides/teachers call it ‘a labour of love’, and it has been. Through writing it, I have also learned many things about how to write properly, how to edit and how to publish. I wanted it to be the best it could be, especially as it is my first, (I am currently writing a number of others). It has been the one I ‘cut my teeth’ on. Who knew how much there was to learn about self-publishing?

Now that I have nearly reached the finish line, I need your help. In order to create a cover, I need a graphic designer. They cost quite a bit of money! So, I am raising the funds through Ko-Fi, a site that helps people fundraise for the price of a cup of coffee. All those who support me will receive a signed copy.

These books are channelled, in that I receive the ‘bones’ of the story from my guides and I then have to flesh them out, which takes months and sometimes years. Then I send them for editing, get the covers designed, etc. It is a team-effort, between my guides, my Soul and my ‘personality-self’, plus the people who do the design, editing and proof-reading. My editor/proofreader is Sheryl Lee, who is also the author of her own books.

My books are mainly fictional, but will include some channelled ancestral wisdom books, such as the book of Orkney Wisdom.

As my guides explained to me, when they first gave me these writings, the books are filled with Soul triggers and Light Codes, couched in terms that the personality will ‘recognise’ on some deep level. These Soul Codes/Light keys are designed to awaken your own Soul’s purpose within the realm of Inter-dimensional Mother Earth consciousness.

Before each of us was born, we decided on our ‘plan’. This plan involves the people we will meet, the issues we need to work on and what we wish to learn and develop. Because there is such a need for humanity to reconnect to the Earth Consciousness, Gaia, many of us have volunteered to work within the Elemental and Devic realms, healing, learning and growing within those energies. We have a purpose to bring back the awareness of working with the earth, much as our ancestors did, mythically, Shamanically, and holistically.

These books are designed to help you awaken to that purpose. The codes and keys embedded in them, open up certain aspects of your Soul Plan. For instance, if your plan was to work with dragon energies, then the books will awaken your dragon consciousness, even if you don’t realise it is happening. Each book, and its particular subject, will awaken the energies you have brought with you into this lifetime, so that eventually your life will follow the path you have arranged prior to being born.

These keys and codes are ancient symbols of energies which our ancestors, and the civilisations who came before us, i.e. the Atlanteans, and Lemurians, the Lumanians, etc, have used for millions of years, energies which allowed the souls who incarnated on this planet to continue learning. Remember, Earth is our School, so we need to look after it. 

But this physical earth also has a soul, a consciousness, which the Greeks named Gaia. And in our current evolution we are awakening to that consciousness so we can work with her. That also means, for many of us, that we are re-learning how to work with the many dimensions of Gaia, i.e. the dragon realms, the Sidhe, the Elemental realm, the crystal realm, etc.

The first two books are:

Homecoming. A Wizard’s Story and the sequel: Becoming. A Dragon’s Quest. My intention is to publish them close together as they are an ongoing story.

Both books are multi-layered, filled with the spiritual wisdom of Earth Healing, through developing and using your ‘Dragon’ Nature. Although they might at first seem whimsical, they are in fact encoded spiritual knowledge, knowledge which your soul will recognise and respond to, in whatever way seems right for you. They will also reassure you that you are not crazy and that your work with dragons is real, albeit in other dimensions.

The Journey Home is based on spiritual training in the Early Iron Age in Britain. Two young men, one native of Britain and the other, an Iron-age celt, find their spiritual training in very different ways, but both with the same purpose. Its sequel, which I think is focussed more in Egypt (I’ve ‘seen’ the covers) has yet to come in.

Two books are Biblical. One is the story of Moses, as he told it to his granddaughter Esther before he died,  and the second is the story of Abrahams’s wife. Before she married him, she was a priestess in a temple. This is the story of how she met and married him, and why!

There are two more books, still in process, one about black dragons and the other about a Ruby Queen and a young orphan.

My guides have given me so many stories over the years that I will probably be writing for the rest of my life! But they are interesting stories and the process of writing them is just as interesting.

There are ones about Egypt and Ankhesnpaten, the young Moses, Ahmose, Hatshepsut, etc. Quite a few to be finished; chapters come in randomly. My guides obviously feel that I need a million books to write and that I will have the time to write them — which is reassuring!

The books are available on Amazon and directly from me, if you would like a signed copy. 

I have a dedicated book site for more information on upcoming releases and projects so if you want to know more about channelled fiction, do visit me there.