Access Attunements and Readings.

Each attunement/reading takes approximately five hours from the sending of the energies, to the writing up of the session.

Please include a photo when you email me for an attunement, reading or healing. This helps me to focus on you as if you were here in the room, and makes for a much more powerful experience.

To make payments easier, I have added credit/debit card payments. You don’t need to join Paypal in order to use it this way.

Gaia Method Earthways First or Second level

The First level attunes you to the Soul of the Earth, otherwise known as Sovereignty. You are given a name which represents your particular Goddess aspect, which you embody on earth. Men who receive an attunement are given a name too, and this can be the name of a God of nature or a personality from any of the stories of the servers of Humanity. The name given is an energetic representation of the work your Soul wishes to anchor on earth. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. The Second level, which is done at least a year later, connects you to the elements that your Soul resonates with, such as the sea, the mountains, the trees, the stars. It opens the channels that enable you to be their voice, in whatever way they wish to communicate. This could be through art, writing, music, etc. You also receive the anchoring of the Venus Grid which introduces the lessons of Love, in all its forms. Self-love, Soul-love, Love of Other, and love of the earth and all it contains. It shows you what Love is not, just as clearly as it shows you what it is and it teaches how to Love, in a soul/Goddess-focused way.


Gaia method One/Two plus individual flame/dragon attunement.

If you wish to have one of the other attunements at the same time as the main attunements, then there is a £10 discount for each additional attunement. If you want one additional attunement, then choose this box. Just let me know what additional attunement you want.


The Mantle and Flame of The Goddess Brigit.

There are a number of energetic expansions you can experience which allow your energy-field to hold more energy. This attunement will allow you to work directly with the fertility aspects of fire as the ancestors once did. In becoming attuned to the Brigit energy, you become aligned to the spring focus of fertility. The Mantle is about reclaiming ancient sites associated with spring fertility and learning how to work with them again for the benefit of all. The sacred flame is anchored into your energy field so you can become a channel for the Sun and for the fire in the earth. You can then light these fires, energetically, at sites where this was once done. That light then travels through the network of energy lines, bringing with it the promise of new life. This is the first in a series of attunements for the first level and includes a pdf giving information on both the Mantle of Brigit and the Flame. It also includes a guided meditation which you can use during Spring, and a shorter one you can use throughout the year and information on how to work with sites using the Brigit energy. As usual with all attunements, I also include a written report of the attunement you receive. If you would like more information on this attunement, please contact me for more details.



Madonna Light. Blue Flame Attunement

This anchors the Blue Flame of the Divine Mother into your energy field. Often, when the personality is about to face an important, developmental challenge, it needs extra energy in order to go through it. This attunement provides the energetic equivalent of maternal support and love, bringing peace to your human mind and heart. (Although the energy of Mary is used in this attunement, she is purely symbolic of the state of compassionate understanding and support). This flame also comes in the form of a blue mantle which can be used in ‘laying things to rest’ or bringing peace to a situation, or place. It is often used in human habitations, or places which were once used as sacred places but which now have no energetic, or social, function, such as ruins of old religious institutions: monasteries, cathedrals, etc. As usual, you need to be attuned to the First level of the Gaia Method Earthways in order to work with these energies.


Tree Attunement

This is an attunement which imparts to you the energy of trees. In effect, you become a tree, able to work with other trees energetically and to communicate with the indwelling Dryad. You will easily recognise the conciousness of a dryad in the landscape; you will also develop a relationship with them, and learn to follow their instructions when they need to connect to each other in the way they need to connect. Working with trees is a magical experience that teaches you how to be strong and stable in the world and also to understand trees in a ‘tree-way’. Often, our own human emotions project our fear and longings into trees but their consciousness is different to ours. In working with them we learn how to be as accepting, and as understanding, as they are. Becoming a tree means that you can pull in energy from ‘above’ as well as from ‘below’, so you are fed on all levels. Trees are bridges between earth and sky, so in receiving this attunement you become a human tree. You need to have been attuned to the first level of the Gaia Method Earthways in order to receive this attunement.


Red Dragon Attunement.

This attunes your energy-body to the Red Dragon. Once you have the Red Dragon anchored in your field, your purpose becomes more focussed. The Red Dragon guides your path towards enlightenment and healing, filling your with the energy and vitality that allows you to heal your own sense of purpose and that of the world around you. The Red Dragon is your purpose, made manifest in the body of the dragon. It is your life’s blood, your raison d’etre, your soul path. If you allow it to guide you, you will find your sense of self expanding and growing, eventually transforming old beliefs and emotions and becoming a clearer version of yourself. The Red Dragon shows you what you need to heal and what will feed you and it will also show you what is not nourishing you.


Blue Dragon Attunement

Working with the Blue Dragon energy gives you the ability to work with sources of water, i.e. rain and storms. Without water, we cannot live, so this dragon gives us the ability to work with sites that ensure a water connection. Many ancient sites, and those which are not so ancient, are built on sources of water: underground streams, and rivers, for instance. Water ‘holds’ energy, so building a sacred site on top of a water channel ensures that the sacred energy built up through ritual, permeates the water, which then flows through the landscape, spiritualising the earth. Many stone circles were created close to a river for this reason. Water is fertility.


Gold Dragon Attunement

The Gold Dragon teaches you how to use wealth, but it is the wealth you use when working on behalf of the Earth Mother. When you are holding wealth on behalf of humanity, there are many lessons to learn. If you have issues around money, if you are afraid of it, if you have self-worth issues around it, this dragon will show you how to heal those fears. It is important, while working as an earth healer that you have the funds to allow you to travel and live. But, as usual, this wealth is not to make you filthy rich, it is for your work and spiritual goals, so long as they are in alignment with The Mother. The Gold Dragon will teach you how to do that.


White Dragon Attunement.

There are a few different frequencies of White Dragon. It’s energy works with all the elemental dragon energies and it can travel through all dimensional layers and earth lines. It is like a ‘spirit’ dragon, able to shift vibration depending on the task at hand, rather than being limited by its frequency as the others are. But it always works within the elemental dragon frequencies, meaning that it is still confined to nature. It is the higher form of all natural energies on the dragon dimension. It works on the Earth’s Soul level of creation so when changes are necessary, as part of the world’s Soul development, the White dragon brings inspiration from the Soul realm which influences humanity’s thinking, bringing new ideas and inspiration. As for all the attunements, you need to have, at least, the first level of the Gaia Method Earthways to receive this attunement.


Elemental Portal Attunement.

In order to receive this attunement you must already be attuned to the Second level of the Gaia Method Earthways. This attunement installs in your energy field the ability to work with, and anchor, Elemental portals in the landscape, and to use the portal energy in sending energy to others. The Elementals are nature spirits who maintain every growing thing. They ask those of you, willing to give of your time and energy, to work with them to help stem the tide of destruction and greed taking over the consciousness of humanity. Working with the Elementals, in this way, is a form of service, allowing us to build closer relationships with them so that together we can help bring the back the balance of life. As well as the attunement, you will also receive a manual and a write-up of the attunement, which may include additional energies which the Elementals think you might need to enhance your development or work.


Reiki One or Two

Your own personal healing journey is a vital component of Earthwork. Through learning to heal yourself, and thereby helping others to heal, you enable your energy body to hold more energies. Holding more energy allows you to do greater work. During the attunement, you may be given additional symbols/energies to help with your journey. Your guides know what you need. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Reiki Add-On with Gaia Method Attunement.

If you do not already do Reiki, but are doing a Gaia Method Earthways attunement and would like a Reiki attunement too. This gives a balanced Sun and Earth energy attunement. It is important, while doing earthwork, that your own personal healing continues. Reiki can help enormously in this respect, providing energetic support to your endeavours. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Gaia Method One or Two with Reiki Booster

This attunement is for those who already have Reiki but wish to do a Gaia Method attunement and have a Reiki booster with it.


Reiki Booster

If you already have Reiki and wish to receive a Reiju, or Reiki booster. Reijus were the traditional Mikao Usui way of boosting your ability to channel the energy into your system. You may just wish to improve your channelling capacity or need an extra boost to help with a challenging situation in your life.


Distance Healing

These healings are sent in much the same way as attunements, although the symbols are added temporarily, and intuitively. I work with your guides and they instruct me as to what you need. This may be to overcome a challenging time, help with emotional struggles or to help deal with issues that arise with physical illness. Healing does not ‘fix’ a physical issue but it will lead you to the perfect people who can. Sometimes, these issues are past-life related, or they can be challenges your Soul has agreed to overcome. Whatever their source, the healing will bring clarity and succour. Please provide me with a picture of yourself, so I can tune into you while sending the energies. As usual, I will write up what I have sent, and will send it on to you via PDF or Word Document. If you would like to discuss your particular issues with me, please feel free to contact me (Contact page).


Soul Readings

This reading comes directly from your own Soul and Guides and often includes channelled information. For more information, please go to Soul Readings page. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version as either a PDF or Word doc. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Past-Life Reading

This is a reading of a significant past-life that is pertinent to your current life. The records are taken from the Akashic Library, where all Soul-Records are kept. The reading often includes information on how that life-time effects this one, so you can begin to heal the issues consciously. The reading is written up and sent on to you either as a PDF or Word document, so you have a permanent record that you can refer back to. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


 Once you have received the attunement, I am always available to talk to if you need any help or extra information. I will always do what I can to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

Once you have received your main first and second attunements, you can receive attunements whenever you feel you are ready for a new one. This gives you the extra keys and codes you need to further your work in the field.

As I am often asked for healing, I find that these healing sessions also tend to be attunement based, in that they add the necessary energies that you need, permanently into your field. So they can cost the same as the attunements themselves, although this is flexible for current Gaia Method Earthways practitioners.

In the UK, the attunements can be done in person or by distance transfer, either at a workshop, individual attunement or with a group at a sacred site.



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