Paying for Attunements.

picsart_05-14-07-24-43ghkIf you wish to receive an attunement, just send me a photo of yourself. This is because the photo helps me to tune into you.

For each Distant Attunement: £32.  $44.  36 Euros.

These can be paid by paypal or by a bank transfer. I do not charge for the energy, just for the time and the work I put into writing up the individual report of the attunement so that you can keep it for future reference. This can take over two hours, and can often be transferred in segments, over a period of a couple of days.  Once you have received the attunement I am always available to talk to if you need any help or extra information. I will always do what I can to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

You can receive attunements whenever you feel like you are ready for a new one. This gives you the extra keys and codes you need to further your work in the field.

The Reiki attunements cost the same as the Gaia Method attunements. For a Reiki 1 or 2 attunement, on top of your Gaia Method attunement : £10 extra

As I am often asked for healing I find that these healing session also tend to be attunement based, in that they add the necessary energies that you need, permanently into your field. So they can cost the same as the attunements themselves, although this is flexible for current students.

If I am prompted to send enerascension-lemuriagy to someone who has not asked me then I do not charge for that, as they did not specifically request it.

In the UK the attunements can be done in person or by distance transfer, either at a workshop, individual attunement or with a group at a sacred site.

If you are in Egypt then the attunements costs the same as they do in the UK or Europe etc, and we can do the gateway initiations at temples or other sacred places. I am still playing with the possibility of doing the Gateway initiations via an energetic process from a distance, as it is possible for people to energetically experience initiation at a sacred site, without actually being physically present, as I recently discovered!

And if you are wondering why I do not charge vast amounts of money it is because that is what my guides suggested I do. In their view, the energy given to me was given without charge, and therefore all they wanted me to charge for was my time and physical work.

Plus, they said that there would be people who would receive the attunements but not actually do any of the work, and would then sell on the attunements for a lot more money. Because they treat it like a business, and not a Path of Development, their students would not receive the energies at all. In that way, the genuine teachers of the system, those who actually do put in all the years of work and development necessary, will be recognised. Because they are not treating it like a business; it is their purpose and way of life.

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