About Me.

Me at Malkata.

Me at Malkata.

My name is Ann Murphy and I come originally from Southern Ireland. I have five daughters, two grand-daughters and am married to Omar, a native of Gourna, on the West Bank of Luxor City. Our present home is a couple of hundred metres away from the Seti lst temple and right beside the twice-weekly souk, where we buy all of our fruit and veg, and where every tuesday you can buy a cow or a couple of sheep…if you want! Which we did!

I do most of the energywork here in Egypt with my husband and with a friend, Chris Bishop, from the UK, who I have known for 13 years and who I trained. Although, I learned most of the Gaia-Method while I was working with him so I can’t take all the credit!

I have been a healer since 1994 when I first began my development and a couple of years later had my first Reiki atunement from a friend of mine who did the most beautiful attunement I had ever experienced.

After that I was an energy junkie and wanted to constantly fill myself up and learn as much as I could.   I wanted to know everything. I read everything I could get my hands on about Initiation, ascension and channelling. My desire was to expand as much as was humanly possible.

Until I did an ascension workshop in Egypt in 2000, after which I came crashing back down to earth! At that time too I did a Life between Lives regression session with Andy Tomlinson and it forever changed my life. I know who I am as a soul and why I chose the life experiences of abuse and domestic violence. Having connected to my soul and the reality of who I am and why I am here, my life took on a new direction.

During all of this time, in between my spiritual development as a Reiki/Karuna/Usui/Tibetan,Seichem/Sekhem/Kundalini and Magnified Healing Teacher, I also trained as a psychodynamic counsellor, and specialised in Abuse and Rape…of course! I also studied Archaeology, which was a life-long love and slotted in nicely to my work as a healer.  I covered all of the bases, NLP for the mental stuff and massage for the physical, which I actually never liked doing.

Me, Omar and Chris at Malkata. 2012.

Me, Omar and Chris at Malkata. 2012.

It was only a few months after doing the workshop in Egypt with Anrita Melchizadek that I started to learn how to do earth healing. I also did lots of workshops with Jhadten Jewell and it all came together, slowly, slowly.

But I found that I could no longer go ‘up’. My energy focus had shifted to ‘earth’ and I learned how to work with the earth’s energy field and the collective unconscious. During this time my guides began to slowly give me the Gaia Method symbols and they have been teaching me ever since. I taught a number of people how to work with the Gaia Method and they still work and we are still in contact.

Having travelled throughout Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Spain, France, and Iceland, before I moved to Luxor  and married Omar, who is now a developing Reiki Master and has level 2 in the Gaia Method.

That is an education all in itself!

8 thoughts on “About Me.

    • Hi Andrea, yes you can receive the attunements easily online. I send them to you and then send the manual and am always available to you when you need support or info. If you want to email me: gaiamethod62@yahoo.co.uk I can explain more. It would be terrific to have someone in Argentina doing this work. I am in the process of writing the book but in the meantime use the blog as a resource. If you want I can also connect you to other GM workers so that you can gain from their expereince too! 🙂


  1. Lovely to have stumbled across your blog today Ann.. Mother Earth is in both of our hearts.. You have a lovely Blog that I know I am going to love exploring. I am from the UK.
    Love and Blessings.


  2. Dear Ann, it is wonderful to come across your amazing blog. I am a Reiki Master from Mumbai, India and have been having some unique spiritual experiences concerning Mother Earth since last few months. Sending you an email.


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