Working with the Dragon Energies.

Channelling on the Dragons:

“Dragons are indeed the guardians of the underworld, both that of the Earth realm and that of the realm of human consciousness. When you awaken the sleeping dragon you are initiating a course of action within the mind of humanity, which will change the thinking of everyone on the Earth plane. For this reason, only certain people are ‘qualified’ to work with the dragons as they have built up, over many incarnations, the ability to work with the human mind. Their thinking is focussed and direct and they are capable of deep contemplation, plumbing their own depths and that of humanity. The dragon represents all that is mighty and powerful within the forces of creation. In awakening the dragons you also awaken man’s ability to create heaven on earth. Only in using power with wisdom can true magic be affected.


 The serpents, on the other hand, are those energies which allow for certain frequencies to be brought into play. The Earth serpents ‘maintain’ an energetic balance between sun and Earth. They hold the grid in place. Without their energy there would be no world. They are designed to activate certain areas within the grid that resonate with Divine Power. At these sites abundance is attained and with it, the lessons of Power. The ability to generate abundance, that is free to all, depends on the ability to balance power with desire. If one desires much and is given what they desire yet their power issues are out of balance, that abundance is then used for personal gain and does not benefit the whole. However, when abundance is achieved by one who balances power with desire, that abundance is then used to generate ‘more abundance’ for the common good and the betterment of humanity.

Working with the Serpents needs courage and dedication.

Working with the Dragons requires a sound connection to both Sun/Heaven and the Earth. When you assist in their awakening and maintenance continual creation is assured.

The dragons guard the crystal eggs. These eggs contain the new coded information for the continuance of the planet. Each of your students is aligned to a facet of this creation energy and will, in time, learn how to use it, as you  have.

If there is a crystal at a site, many people ‘layer’ it. Each person works with a facet of its energy to awaken and maintain it. In this way many people are required to work the timelines. Each person begins by moving to their site at the allotted times and works their magic. The energies then unfold and the next person due comes and does theirs. In this way many hues are added and all seeds sown.


The black Dragons:  As it unfurls its great, black wings, and rises into the night it’s egg is uncovered and, as dawn breaks, the dragon returns. But the egg is changed, it is alive with passion and with power. Alive with the knowing that all good things will emerge from within its crystal shell. New life will burst, birthing a new solar consciousness, bathing the earth with life and joy, bathing each person with love and wisdom.

Only the strongest, most resilient, can work with the black dragons. They are the dark, the mysterious, full of illusion and delusion. If you have not learned how to balance your thinking, how to question what you see, then you are not ready. Only those with the strongest, clearest minds and can see ‘multiple realities’ for what they are i.e. layers of symbolic meaning, designed to protect the very nature of the work, can work within these realms. These are the realms of humanity’s deepest recesses, their darkness, their passions and desires for riches, power and dominion. Only those who can keep their heart light steady, focussed on what is real, can join the ranks of the great Dragon healers. Healers of the dark side, the shadow side of human consciousness.

We dwell there and from there we see that all that surrounds us is covered in a layer of fear, fear of knowledge, fear of love, fear of true knowing. For in knowledge lies wisdom and in knowledge lies the possibility of love, and humanity has become afraid of these things, because they fear, that in having them they will lose what they think they need.

You know this not to be so, so are in a position to remove this layer. This energy is rooted in many places. Travel to these places now and sever their connections so that the entire layer is no longer able to feed itself on the fears generated by human emotion and thinking. It is a double edged-sword, each feeds and maintains the other.


So now, as the dark dragons take flight, fill your minds with hope and thoughts of freedom as we lead you to the secret lairs of the Dark Dragons. There you will uproot the fears that have penetrated to the very heart of your world and you will proceed to plant the flames of Divinity, so that thoughts of love and succour fill the hearts of mankind.”

Water Dragon.

Water Dragon.

There are two celestial dragons which travel through space and through the Earth, keeping it anchored. The blue dragon energy is female and moves through space. It circles the earth many times before finding an ‘entrance point’. When it finds it, usually associated with water, it enters it and becomes the rivers and oceans. This includes underground rivers and water channels.

The gold dragon seems to be connected to the sun and is male. “The meeting place between two points is where the greatest potential for distortion lies. When a site is powerful any distortions appear greater and the effect of these distortions are magnified. In order to heal the distortion, reconnective energies are needed. The energies of blue and gold keep the balance of flow and magnitude/magnification flowing at the right frequency. If either of these lines of force are not moving at the correct speed then the distortions occur. Trying to rectify the imbalance becomes an emotional challenge as these lines show up and magnify any corresponding imbalances in the energy field.”

Absorbing Higher Energies Before They Impact on the Planet. Channelling. January 2014.

I received this, this morning, as I was cooking lunch! of course…


“Each night, spend some time ‘absorbing’ the higher energies which lie above the Earth’s field. This will fulfil two functions:

1) It will acclimatise you to the energies which are moving onto the planet before they impact it. In this way your body will already be able to manage them when they do hit.

2) It will ensure that any issues you are currently ‘running’ will clear away more quickly and therefore cease to be an issue.

If you do this once a day, preferably before sleeping, your life will move more quickly towards your desired destination.

That is all. “


In order to do this meditation all you have to do is think about being in the layer above the Earth’s field. Your intention will get you there. Once there, just absorb. I think when they suggest that you do it before sleeping it is because you are then ‘there’ while you are asleep and will absorb exactly what you need. You don’t have to be working at it. It will just happen! Of course if you want to be aware of it then do it while awake. I’m going to try it both ways and see what happens!

Stanton Drew.

This morning, as I was waking up, my guides told me to post the journal entry for a trip I made with Kathryn Jackson to Stanton Drew stone circles. We were studying an Archaeology degree in Winchester together at the time and I was still learning about Earth work. Kathryn too had been attuned to Reiki, by me, and so we were colleagues learning together. Much later, when I was ‘given’ the Gaia Method I attuned her to the first level. She had already been attuned to Reiki Master level by then and was well on her way in her healing journey. In a way we learned a lot about how to combine our healing with the knowledge of how our ancestors worked energetically within the landscape. We travelled quite a lot to different sites back then. This is the record of that day.

clip_image002 January 2005. Today Kat and I went to Stanton Drew stone circles (Grid. Ref. ST603 630)

It was wet and windy, not Kats favourite weather! The Great circle was smaller than I expected and I didn’t detect any energy activity. I did, however, pick up the fear and superstitions that the people of the Middle Ages felt about the site. They really were scared of them and saw them as places of the devil where horrible things happened to people. They imagined that the builders sacrificed animals and people and stuck their heads on poles to rot. They built up so many negative beliefs about the place that the energy remains there. Interestingly we did find a rabbit’s head which had been deliberately placed on one of the stones!! Bit weird!! Then I remembered the Lemurian’s instructions to place a protective light frequency around me so that I would only pick up the energies that I needed to work with. When I did that I no longer picked up those energies. I’ll remember that next time!

I had an impulse to place all my Lemurian crystals in the rain-water which had pooled on top of one of the flat, square stones in the North-East. I wasn’t quite sure why I was doing it but it became clearer later.

The stone was markedly different to the others in that it was not an upright. We thought initially that it had just fallen over but we realised that it was supposed to be flat. Interestingly I had no desire to walk to the centre of the circle, as I would normally, but felt the need to walk around the edge to the stone, immediately opposite the first stone we had come to on entering the field. When we had reached that stone I  felt an impulse to walk into the centre of the North-East circle. As I did I began to feel the familiar energy-rush feeling I usually get at an active site. It always leaves me feeling breathless! While Kat wandered around the stones I stood in the centre and tuned in. I wanted to lift my arms up to the sky so I ‘saw’ myself doing that. I was aware of the light moving around the stones in a clockwise fashion after having started at the square, flat stone that lay in the north east. As the ring of blue light energy travelled around the stone circle it stopped at the square one and created a ‘ring’ effect, like a ring with a gemstone we would put on our finger. It seemed as though the square stone somehow ‘held’ the charge of Solar energy which the Priestess in the centre had channelled into the circle.


Stanton Drew Energy-lines now.

As I continued to channel the energy into the circle I ‘saw’ a sword of fire being plunged into the ground. I’d never seen this before. Usually, in order to clear a blocked energy line, I would drive a sword into the point of blockage but it never had fire around it. (The sword is just an image I see in my imagination that acts like an etheric acupuncture needle, unblocking the flow of energy through the earth’s meridians). I wasn’t quite sure what this meant but, again, it became clearer later on. When this process felt complete I wanted to walk down the avenue of stones so that’s what we did.

The next step was to visit the South-West circle. We had to cross another field which was thick with mud and cow pats! Sheep and their early lambs were playing on the stones of the smaller circle but they moved away as we entered the circle. I expected this circle to be ‘quiet’ as the previous one was active but to my surprise it too was active. I stood in the middle and tuned in. As I became more aware of the energy, I felt my own energy wanting to move deep into the Earth. Then I saw a wheel with me in the centre. Another one appeared under it and they began to rotate in opposite directions. I heard ‘step off the wheel’ but didn’t know what this meant! A few minutes passed and I wasn’t sure if I was finished or not. Then I saw myself as a priestess again but this time I held a large serpent in my hands. It was extremely long and moving in a winding movement. I placed it deep in the Earth with its head facing towards the North-East circle, but not entering it. It bypassed it.

Then another line, obviously still present, was activated. This line ran under St. Mary’s church, through the centre of the circle and out the other side. I waited for this to properly anchor. I saw the priestess holding a lantern and she began to ‘walk the light’ down the line of the serpent towards the North-East circle. I had the idea that this is what the original avenue of stones marked out yet she had created a new line. Both avenues now joined this new line. Had there been a line there before and it had become blocked at another location and needed to be recreated?

Then I ‘saw’ the peace symbol and was told to anchor this quality into the circle. I still felt as though I was deep in the Earth, so I felt the energy of peace lay itself over and into the circle like a disc of energy. This then moved deeply into the Earth. I waited until I could no longer feel the energy and I knew we were finished.

This had been an interesting site. Although it had three circles it wasn’t a Triple Goddess Site. It appeared as though one circle belonged to the fire element and one belonged to the Earth element. I had read some research by Gwen Broughton and the three stone circles that existed in Winchester during the Neolithic. This information had been channelled by an Australian woman and she said that there had been a large stone circle where the cathedral now stood. Two satellite circles, one a ‘water’ circle and the other a ‘fire’ circle lay under what is now the Brooks centre. Three Sarsen stones from the smaller circles now lie in the Abbey gardens. I am sceptical until I experience evidence of channelled information (even my own!) so I went and sat on the stones and tuned into them. I was ‘told’ that the stone I was sitting on was a ‘Venus’ stone and that it was used to tune into the qualities of Venus! I saw a stone circle and a Druid/priest instructing his/her students. Each student sat at a stone in order to experience and know the energies of a particular planet. Interesting, but again I needed proof. I found it. I read it on the internet but cannot find it now. It stated that druids would teach their students about planets by getting them to tune into stones that were infused with that particular energy!

Now I had also experienced ‘elemental circles’ so I knew the Australian woman was possibly correct. I will have to visit some more stone circles to see if this is a common occurrence.


I have subsequently, since writing that, done much more work with these etheric energies of Winchester’s stone circles and with the three stones which still remain. I will gradually post these when I have a hundred years worth of time!!!