Absorbing Higher Energies Before They Impact on the Planet. Channelling. January 2014.

I received this, this morning, as I was cooking lunch! of course…


“Each night, spend some time ‘absorbing’ the higher energies which lie above the Earth’s field. This will fulfil two functions:

1) It will acclimatise you to the energies which are moving onto the planet before they impact it. In this way your body will already be able to manage them when they do hit.

2) It will ensure that any issues you are currently ‘running’ will clear away more quickly and therefore cease to be an issue.

If you do this once a day, preferably before sleeping, your life will move more quickly towards your desired destination.

That is all. “


In order to do this meditation all you have to do is think about being in the layer above the Earth’s field. Your intention will get you there. Once there, just absorb. I think when they suggest that you do it before sleeping it is because you are then ‘there’ while you are asleep and will absorb exactly what you need. You don’t have to be working at it. It will just happen! Of course if you want to be aware of it then do it while awake. I’m going to try it both ways and see what happens!

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