For Accessing the Knowledge Held at a Site.

corfebwWhen entering a sacred space in nature, or one which you know has been a sacred space before, this technique helps you to easily access the knowledge left there by the ancestors.

When you are the site ask permission from the ‘guardians’ and then focus on your energy field. Place your attention on the energies of the site and imagine that the energy of your field/Aura is vibrating at the same rate as the energy of the site. Your field, and that of the site’s, have become one blended energy and with intention, you can ask that all of the knowledge and wisdom contained in this site is now One with your field, as you are sharing the same energy. Imagine that all the little particles of light information contained in the site are now dancing in your field and can be accessed by you on all levels so that you can know the information.

When you feel ready just ‘disconnect’, seeing yourself as your own field within the greater one of the site, but now filled with the ancient knowledge of the ancestors. Give thanks in whatever way you feel moved to. Often, just the accessing of this knowledge is thanks enough as your guides/soul already know your intention for accessing it in the first place and are glad to share with you.

The information will filter into your consciousness through writing, art, channelling, or ‘knowing’, etc. However you usually receive information and knowedge from your guides!

The Sword and Gates/Vortices.

ExcalaburCaledfwlchTranslucentWhen you receive your first Gaia Method attunement you usually, but not always, receive the energy of a Sword. Like all of the symbols/energies of this system the sword has differing levels of use, from the basic level of more-male focussed thinking to its use as an etheric acupuncture needle while working in the landscape.

As an attunement energy it is called The Sword of Arthur. It is a directed, male energy which allows you cut to the truth of matters. This is the energetic sword of Western Europe, wherever the King Arthur stories are heard. In Egypt it is a different frequency and is called the Sword of Osiris. Each country or region which has its own mythology has also a different frequency and therefore the energies required are different.

As an earth-working tool it is an acupuncture needle, opening or closing vortices in the landscape. My first experience of working with the sword as an ‘opener’ came when I was visiting Beaulieu Abbey with Chris Bishop in 2005. Usually we just walk until we feel the energy-place we need to work with, so we wandered around until I felt the energy of a vortex. It was about 40 feet in diameter and seemed to come from a small outbuilding of the original monastery, rather than from the main church as I expected. This building was L-shaped and had been used as a wine-press and then a place to store sheep’s wool. plan_beaulieu_100(L-shaped building top right of ground plan pic).

I walked to where the centre of this vortex lay and stood on it. Beneath my feet I was suddenly aware of a sword, which was embedded up to the hilt, in the centre of the vortex. My guides explained to me that this was the original meaning of the Sword in the stone which Arthur had pulled out of the stone in the Arthurian Mysteries. The mysteries were really a story about the Planetary healing which was being carried out at the time in Britain, when the country and its people were experiencing huge changes. The stories were a way to keep the knowledge alive. When Arthur, who was wedded to Sovereignty (The Earth) he had to be as pure as he could be. His energy was felt in the land, and with his ‘sword’ he was able to open and close the energetic gateways of the landscape, thereby bringing fertility, and the abundance of the Mother, back to England’s shore once more. Only those initiates who had attained a certain amount of self-knowledge could ‘wield’ the sword for they had to have control over their mind and emotions and had  devoted their lives to bringing healing and balance back to the land. They were ‘servers’ of the Goddess…the landscape…the Mother.

My guides instructed me to pull out the sword, and as I did so the vortex energies suddenly began to rotate faster and over a much wider area. I was ‘told’ that when a vortex/gate needs to be ‘quietened down’ for any reason, such as when the site is about to be taken over by forces which would use the energy for a negative purpose, then the sword is used to do that. Energy gates/vortices keep the energies of the landscape flowing and usually caretakers live nearby in order to maintain the sites energetic status. Abundance flows through these sites, which is why, in the past, sites such as these were able to generate such great wealth from the landscape. They worked within nature’s laws and so reaped the harvest. When a site is in danger of being used by men who would seek that harvest for their own greedy gains, then a decision is made to either close a gate completely or to slow it down so that the energies cannot be used for personal power and gain. The men who take the wealth of these sites do not think of it in terms of energy. All they see is the wealth generated by these sites and they want that wealth for themselves. But for those who work within the Mother’s energy field it can be a heart-breaking decision to close a gate. They know what will happen when the gates are closed and how that will effect everyone who was otherwise nurtured by its energies.

You only have to look at a building to know its energetic status. If it is in ruins then its energy is not flowing. If it is still standing, and still used, then the energies are still flowing. Once a gate way is closed then slowly the land begins to suffer and so do the people. The ‘light’, effectively, goes out and the building falls into ruin.

There are gates on the ground level, beneath the earth, in caves etc. and in upper levels, on mountains and hills. There are also vortices in lakes and pools of water. There are gates in the energy layers above the earth and the sword is used for all of these.

normal_IMG_4245One piece of information which Chris picked up in Beaulieu was that there was a connection between Corfe castle and Beaulieu. Corfe castle has gateways on two different levels, which were also closed when it was taken by Cromwell’s forces. The same thing happened to Beaulieu. All of these sites worked together and those who were their caretakers kept the lines flowing between one site and another. They worked together for the benefit of the Mother, her people, and the Source.

This vortex work has been done for thousands of years, even since before our ‘humanity ‘has been incarnating on earth. I have worked with vortices which were millions of years old but the energy is still the same. Our ancient myths and archetypes tell us everything we need to know about the earth.

The more you work with gates/vortices the more they will appear as Lotus’s or roses, depending on the energy. You might see them differently. But each ‘flower’ has its own significance. Lotus sites are like minor ‘chakra’ points and magenta roses are connected to the Mother layer, above sea level, and are usually much larger points. bronze age dress

When you are working on a site you will be guided to use the sword. It is as though you are just a witness to what it happening, as though there is another ‘you’ carrying out this work while you watch and wait. You will ‘see’ the sword being either placed in a vortex or taken from one. Sometimes you will see it turning, like a key in a lock or you will hold it high as it opens a gate in another layer above you. There are also times when you will see an energetic cord being attached to the hilt which you will then take someplace else. Trust what you see…you are not making it up. Just because it seems like it is ‘just’ your imagination, it is not. It is energetically really happening!  Trust is the key here! The challenge is to learn to ‘watch’ rather than to ‘make’ it happen with your mind. You will know when it is being done properly because it will just happen, without you doing anything to force the images. Often what happens can be a surprise. That is a good thing because then you know you couldn’t possibly have made it up! The more you do it the more you learn to trust it.

The more proficient you become with using the sword energies, your own guides and soul will give you larger swords, for larger work on bigger sites. Normally. while you are training you are given small sites to do and as you gradually become used to the energies and your energy field is able to hold larger amounts of energy then larger sites are worked with. It isn’t something that you think about it is something that just happens.  You are the channel.

Sometimes, depending on how ‘visual’ you are, you will see spirit people giving you swords. This can often be because they are giving you an energy ahead of a site working, which you might not know you are about to do. In this way you are energetically ‘prepared’ and your ‘other self’ the one that actually does the work, knows what it has to do.

These spirit people will come in such a way that will give you clues as to what time period and/or energies you are working in. Their mode of dress and actions will tell you. We really are living in a multi-dimensional world and these people inhabit a mythic dimension which helps us humans to rediscover our ancient abilities. All we have to do is to trust.

Absorbing Higher Energies Before They Impact on the Planet. Channelling. January 2014.

I received this, this morning, as I was cooking lunch! of course…


“Each night, spend some time ‘absorbing’ the higher energies which lie above the Earth’s field. This will fulfil two functions:

1) It will acclimatise you to the energies which are moving onto the planet before they impact it. In this way your body will already be able to manage them when they do hit.

2) It will ensure that any issues you are currently ‘running’ will clear away more quickly and therefore cease to be an issue.

If you do this once a day, preferably before sleeping, your life will move more quickly towards your desired destination.

That is all. “


In order to do this meditation all you have to do is think about being in the layer above the Earth’s field. Your intention will get you there. Once there, just absorb. I think when they suggest that you do it before sleeping it is because you are then ‘there’ while you are asleep and will absorb exactly what you need. You don’t have to be working at it. It will just happen! Of course if you want to be aware of it then do it while awake. I’m going to try it both ways and see what happens!

Male and Female Manifestation Technique.

Female manifesting technique; for when you want to find out what path to manifest.

earth's womb


 “Try your hand at believing that all good comes from the Mother. Place your thoughts in her womb that they might grow into physical creations. Imagine that all you desire to come about already resides in etheric form within the body of the Earth. See it existing, not just in your 3d reality. Bring your awareness then into the female creative function of the Earth and allow your dreams to grow there. Then allow your ideas to take root within that dream until they blossom forth into your physical reality. Let us show you how:”


Go into a quiet space and open yourself up to your soul’s guidance. This is done with intention. Not knowing your goals allows for creative possibilities in your life, a chance to correct your current direction. Ask your Soul/higher Self to show you what your next goal is, then wait, keeping yourself open to what images or thoughts pop into your mind. Sometimes your personal guide will appear and show you. Allow your imagination to explore the possibilities. Try to be as imaginative as you can be, do not censor ideas as they come to you, just follow their trail. Allow the energy of will and desire, plus adventure and exploration to be your guide during this process. Imagine all possibilities. When an idea or vision is shown to you, and sometimes it will be exactly what you want to have, ask that you be shown the first couple of steps that you will need to take in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes the first step might be to do something and sometimes it might mean you have to change your thinking, but whatever it is know that it is the first step in that new direction of your Soul.


Male manifestation technique;  For when you know what it is that you wish to create on a material level.

two-hands-glow-globeImagine that you are holding in your hands a sphere of light. This sphere of light is a thought from the mind of god (Universe, Source etc). This is important to remember as it means that the possibility of your desire already exists in the mind of god and only needs you to activate it!

While holding your sphere imagine what it is that you want and see it in the sphere. Imagine yourself already having what you desire. See every aspect of it, see how you might be enjoying having it, how it feels, how it might benefit your life. Put as much positive feeling into this visualisation as you can. Feel how it will feel to have what you desire.


When you have done this for a few minutes start to empower the sphere with healing energy until it begins to get brighter and brighter. When you feel you have charged the sphere enough allow it to float into the air and high into the sky, back to the mind of God where it originated. See it blending with God and then let it go.  It will manifest quite quickly depending on what you have created.

When you have ‘seen’ what is in your mind and you desire to create that picture, place it in your sphere of light, charge it with energy then imagine that it is moving deep into the Earth, into the Mother’s womb. Allow it to take root there, like a fertilised ovum.  Allow it to gestate, noting the changes in your thinking as what you desire begins to take shape in your world.


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On Male and Female Manifesting. Channelling.

“We are keen to address the issue of abundance.


Try to imagine a cube. Each side represents an issue concerning one aspect of material abundance. It is a bundle of beliefs which, when taken together, represent a mass belief. This ‘mass belief’ affects humanity in different ways. Cultural differences will dictate which of these beliefs will be acted upon by those self same cultures. Some of these beliefs require a belief in the ‘Almighty’ to provide. But because the Almighty can only provide what the Mother has created he is limited within his own creative potentials.

In order to create a new system of beliefs the image of the sphere is necessary.  Within the sphere, at its centre, lies a point of light; the point of creative potential. Now, this point, or spark, holds all possibilities within itself. It is part of the sphere and yet an individual spark in its own right. In order to create from the spark one must become aware of their own Divine intent.


With Divine Intent one can create almost anything that they choose to create. This is because when you Divinely create from your souls your ‘personal will’ becomes less of an interference .

The square then represents the ‘minds’ intention. Each belief separated from the other. The sphere, on the other hand represents the Whole being with the soul spark in the centre of the body. Therefore you are creating from your Divine Essence and you are creating from your ‘centre’ and this then radiates outwards into all spheres, all dimensions. This is called ‘Holistic Creation’. When you can consciously create from this point your manifestations  become real and all is within Divine Order.

Try now to define the point whereby you can focus these energies and radiate them out to the world.  We will assist you with this undertaking.

Adonai and blessings on your journey.”

While I  was receiving this information I saw that the ‘beliefs’ engraved on the cube’s surfaces were deeply engraved onto its stone surface in particular patterns. I saw that in order to learn to change how we create we would need to smooth out these beliefs until the square became a  smooth sphere. We would have to heal the beliefs that had been so deeply entrenched in our thinking. Self examination, and hard work, was the key.

The sphere is really our Mother-infused energy field with its point behind our navel. It is the centre of our being, our umbilical connection to the Mother Earth! When we work energetically with the Mother consciousness, we are working from our center. When your energy channel is open, the Navel centre, or Hara, is where we are grounded. This centre is also called the TanTien in Chinese energy systems.

Hara, Tan Tien, Mother Centre.

Hara, Tan Tien, Mother Centre.

During my 20 years training I learned about the Hindu system of energy, i.e. the seven chakras, but I found that when I was working with Mother energy I could feel energy more in the heart, the Third eye and the Hara. These are the three centres which Mikau Usui trained his students to use and develop. He believed, and taught, that the Head centre was where Heaven Ki, or energy, entered the body. The Hara, was where Earth Ki entered the body and the Heart Ki was where both Heaven and Earth merged.

When working with Father energy, i.e  more upper-dimensional work, I would receive info via the Heaven centre but it would be ‘placed’ into my Hara Centre. Often, when I am working with upper energies I make connections from the ‘Universe’ which come only into my heart, Earth energies come from below, via my base centre, and stop at my Navel Centre and then are bridged, and connected, at my Solar Plexus. I often see an image of an earthenware jar at my centre, into which my guides ‘place’ information or energy before I do some work at a Sacred Site.

Working with the consciousness of the Sphere is a very palpable experience. Your entire body is involved in the work. This is why it is so important to get back into your body and to heal whatever might be keeping you out of it! Your body is your barometer of what is happening in the Earth, and its emotional/mental/psychic atmosphere. Everything is ‘felt’, but often, if we have had traumatic experiences in our lives, we will not be sensitive physically, because we have cut off from our physicality. It takes years of hard work to feel safe in our bodies again, but it can be done! The more we heal oursleves and get back into our bodies the more we can connect to the Mother in all of nature.

In the next blog I will add a channelled technique for working with both the male and Female manifesting energies so that you can learn to use the Father and Mother techniques for manifesting.

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