The Madonna Light Attunement. Blue Flame.

5b753be85e6ae77b3ec1fca13689963d The Madonna Light is a frequency of light which my guides describe as:

 “A frequency of light designed to quench the thirst of all those who seek replenishment. It is an energy frequency of the ‘higher nature’ and brings knowledge, as well as reassurance, to the indwelling Soul.

Many times, when the Soul is seeking knowledge, knowing it’s path is that of ‘Seeker’, it may feel anxiety building in the personality. The Madonna Light helps to reassure. It helps the personality to feel excited about the new path opening up before it and it helps the Soul to influence the personality in a calm, directed way. In this way, no splits occur and both soul and personality move forward as One. This energy looks like a soft lilac-blue mantle, a soft caressing mantle of the Mother. It surrounds the energy body, protecting it from outside influences which could lead it astray and therefore add to its anxiety.

Although it is of a high frequency, when placed within the energy field, it slows the molecules down, calming their ‘excited’ state. In this way, the fused personality can ‘slough off’ any unnecessary beliefs. Beliefs which are no longer a part of its pathway.”

I have experienced this anxiety many times in the past when I knew it was time for me to move forward in my spiritual development. I can remember enric monserday vidalfeeling anxious each time I had another attunement, or experienced another initiation, because I was afraid to lose what I already had, like my relationship, friends, job, etc. However, anxiety notwithstanding, I went through it as it felt more important than the loss that it might create. I also found that, because I had changed, my fears were no longer an issue and I let go easily of the things and relationships that I no longer needed. “When love is your guide, there is no room for fear“.

This can also be helpful when you are about to embark on a new life path. It can feel exciting, but also scary. The soul knows that this new path will challenge the personality, especially if this new path is significant in terms of your future development. But the use of the mantle helps you to get through the challenges posed.

This mantle, once installed in your field, also gives you the ability to use it while doing Planetary fieldwork. I have often laid this ‘mantle,’ which literally looks like a blue cloak, on the ground of a sacred site, usually in the ruins of an old Cathedral/temple. I have also used it here in Luxor in my home. That was a surprise at the time, but when I thought about it, it made sense because we were dealing with ‘lots of personality Wills’, all of which needed to be moving in the same direction, without too much resistance!

Although it is called the Madonna Mantle, it is not necessarily related to ‘Mary’. It is more symbolic of the mother’s love when you are attempting to move into unfamiliar waters and need some reassurance; knowing that Mother’ is there watching and waiting while you take your first steps.

This is what the Madonna Light gives you, the guidance of love.

Top image: “The Ravensburg Madonna of Mercy”, by ~LordShadowblade.

Bottom image: The Crowning of a Mother—Enric Monserday Vidal (1850-1926)

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