9 March 2009. The Dark Ages Cont’d. Channelling.

2006-05-29 16.53.58 (2) During the middle ages our people roamed the deserted lands looking to regain what they had lost but they were unable to as they had lost the ability to fend for themselves. They had depended on the roman empire for their every need, travelling to their cities and forcing themselves to fit in with the alien mentality and language. Britain was no longer the place they remembered and yet they were unable to live the way they had become used to and so they struggled. They had completely lost touch with their own culture and thought-forms as they had tried to mould themselves in the image of the conquerors, and although they appeared to succeed, when the Romans withdrew, they reverted back, because they did not have the ability or knowledge to continue it. And so many cities fell into disuse and became barren empty places. The knowledge which the Elders had tried to pass down to their children had been ignored, as they endeavoured to become more roman than the Romans themselves, but the Romans themselves never acknowledged them in any way other than as Britons. And so when Rome fell so did Britain. This is what happens when a governing, controlling people leave the citizens to their own devices. The conquered peoples lose their sense of security as their reality is no longer what they thought it was. They no longer have a root and must endeavour to find a replacement.


It is said, in the annals of old, that many peoples died during these times as their source of food dried up. They were forced out of the cities and back into the fields and had to learn how to fend for themselves. Some succeeded but many others didn’t. The country was in chaos and yet it was also a very ripe time for human development as they were forced to acknowledge how they had allowed themselves to be ‘ fed’, in all manner of ways, and now they had forgotten how to feed themselves. They knew, that in order to survive, that they must relearn the skills necessary for their survival and so they did. They went back to basics and although this ending took some time and not all were convinced of its reality, it did eventually come to pass that all who had thrived on Roman support now suffered the most loss.

Now, in order to survive the coming times, you too must learn the basic skills of cooking, dyeing/spinning, sewing and weaving. Only in so doing can you hope to create an abundant life for yourself and your loved ones.

You must learn to light fires and to share your abundance of nature with others so that they too will survive. In order to do this we suggest you learn how to create the beautiful images in your minds eye in fabric, wool and felt. This can be likened to a great work of spiritual art which is passed on down through the generations so that all who see them will be inspired to remember that abundance comes in many forms and that art is an art and life is an art and for those willing to spend time on it they are the ones who will reap the harvest and survive when things are hard and humanity struggles to regain what it has lost.

Learn this well for it help you to secure your future and rejoin your loved ones in the heart.

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