The Dark Ages. 29 December 2009. Channelling.


Goddess1-231x300 After the Romans had fled life became very ‘quiet’. There was no commerce, no noisy markets, no money lending or borrowing. Life had come to a standstill. But just as nature abhors a vacuum so mankind abhorred their infertility and strove to initiate new pathways of power to replace the old ones established by the Romans. These were destined to fail, however, because they failed to take into account that the Romans had failed because of their lack of connection to the Mother/Goddess.

Life without form is not life, it is death, and men created another death in trying to deny the Body of the Goddess’s ‘form’. She was obliterated, destroyed, unacknowledged. She was now only a dream, a legend, a myth. A story to tell the young ones so that they could go to sleep at night. They forgot their ancient connections to her and so fell further and further into darkness and disgrace.

Over time this has increased and you find yourself now in a time and place where life as you know it has all the hallmarks of the ancient ones but with no form. It is time to tie it all together. To forget the formless ones and forge new pathways of light in the landscape so that the Mother’s creations can live once more in the minds of the people. It is time now for change but this change will not come easily for men will fight to maintain their power and will not want to forego everything they have created thus far. But it must, and will, fall for the Mother cannot exist in this world of man. Her needs demand a different way of living, a way in which nature is acknowledged and responded to, not controlled and denied.moormaiden1

It is time now to forge new ways of being in the world. New thoughts stream into your world now and it is only a matter of time before the changes will begin to be seen. Take charge of your life and create a new way of living, a way which follows the heart of the mother;  in this way your life will be better but very different. It cannot remain as it is and so it will disappear. But for those who have prepared and who have paved the way for the masses to follow we say this: tune into the many thoughtforms for change which are bombarding your planet now and receive the new ideas and thoughtforms which are coming, for if you can build on what we send you, you will find that life can be as grand and wonderful as you imagine it can be. It will be wonderful and fulfilling but not easy. For too much ease is bad for the soul, There is no enjoyment in too much ease, but creating a balance of ease and work will make your life strong and able to withstand all that is yet to be.

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