Channeled exercise for accessing multiple channels for writing, art etc.

Step 1)
Liken yourself to a tree with many branches. See each branch terminating at the level you wish to access. Say for instance that you wish to create an image, which enhances your story. See the branch leading up into the level on which your image resides. (You do this with intention. Your creative self knows where they are). Then follow the branch up and allow the image to float into your awareness. Imagine it in whichever way comes to you.
(If I do this before going to sleep I usually receive the image a little while later, either in a dream or an image which just pops into my head.)
All the images are there, hidden deep within your imagination but it only takes a little imagination to receive them!

Trees are a good image to use because you stretch upwards from the earth as though you were picking fruit from its branches.

Step 2).
Once you have your image, design it to the best of your ability. Allow its creative energy to fill you up, until you can no longer keep it inside of you. It will spill out onto the page. Later, comes the ‘tweaking’ of the image, so that it fits on the page, complementing the writing.

Every time you need an image, follow this process, keeping in mind the part of the story you wish to illustrate. The story has as much energy as the image, and both will have an impact on the human consciousness that reads or sees the work.
If you wish to receive previously uncompleted written work, you can follow the same procedure, but this time see a book at the end of the branch. The desired story will be there. The rest is up to you.