Arthur’s Gate and the Mother Tree.

I recently had a spontaneous initiation on the grounds of Lainston House, near Winchester, in Hampshire. Many years ago, in 1999, I made a connection with an old Yew tree which grows close to the road that bisects the old Lainston House avenue. This tree is one I have visited many times and every time I visited, she gave me many gifts, such as energy, a cloak of bark and tree wisdom. I had only arrived in the UK in 1991 and within a couple of years had begun training in mediumship, counselling and Reiki. I didn’t know then that I would be working with earth energies. That wouldn’t happen for another ten years. Or that I was beginning a spiritual training that would result in the Gaia Method Earthways. I wouldn’t have believed anyone even if they had told me. I remember my first experience of spiritual communication. It was in the Winchester Spiritualist church, back in 1994. I had been training as a tarot reader with the wonderful Rosemary Prince, which lead to her running a development circle. I went to the church a few times and one night the medium gave me messages, telling me I was a healer. I remember thinking she must be mistaking me for the woman who was sitting next to me as I was certainly no healer. Now, of course, I know she was right, but back then I felt too damaged to be anything, let alone a healer.

My first experience with this beautiful old Yew tree was when I discovered it, having gone for a walk through the woods, close to where I lived. She was such a huge presence there and I immediately felt drawn to go and stand with my back against her. This proved to be an electrifying experience and I felt the energies of every tree in the locality sending information to her through the ground, which she transmitted into the surrounding countryside. (This was before they discovered how trees communicate with each other through mycelium). She was like a mother tree to all the other trees, which she saw as her children, even though they were not of the same tree-species. She had such immense power which spread out for quite a distance across the land. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was becoming one of her children too.

In that first estatic and powerful experience with her, she opened me up to a world of nature-energies and elementals. Each time I visited her, she gave me something, shared knowledge with me or asked me to share my energy with her. I absolutely loved this tree and visited her when I felt the impulse. And that was another thing, she never needed my constant attention. But when something of importance needed to be shared, I felt the urge to visit her and each time I went, something significant happened.

Lately, I’d passed her every day on my way to my father’s house, projecting ‘Hello’ to her as I went by. But one day, I felt the impulse to stop and visit. I had time to spare, so I parked up, and as I walked down the path towards her the words ‘Arthur’s Gate’ came into my head. My first experience of Arthur’s Gate was in Tintagel. I knew it was an initiation but thought the Gateway initiation was only at Tintagel; that it was a place rather than an event. I didn’t realise it was something that could happen anywhere.

I continued to the Tree and when I reached her, I touched her rough bark to connect with her. Then I was told to walk once around her anticlockwise, to open the energies between us. When I reached my original position I laid back against her again, and felt a line go from my heart to her heartwood; a sharing of heart energy. Then, I felt the need to walk forward and walked a couple of meters away from her. I experienced this as though I was a child being pushed gently into the world, able to stand on my own two feet. She was communicating to me that it was time I was out on my own, that I didn’t need her anymore.

This was a surprise because I hadn’t realised that she had been my Mother-tree for all these years, teaching me how to become a tree-person. But when I looked back at all I learned, I realise it was true. If it wasn’t for her, and the generosity of her indwelling spirit, the Gaia Method Earthways would never have been developed. She opened a tree-door for me and gave me access to a whole elemental world.

So, feeling a little weird about it, but knowing it was the right thing, I walked away, saying goodbye to her in my head, feeling sad and grateful.

I walked through the woods looking for the Lainston house avenue. This too, I had passed every day, promising myself I would stop and walk it. It was only a short distance away from the tree and in all the times I had been in that little stretch of woods I had never known it was so accessible. I began to walk along the avenue, feeling a little nervous and not sure if I was allowed to be on it at all. Was it private property? My old fear of authority.

I turned to walk down along the avenue and as I did I saw a huge arch of light stretching over the trees. This was the Arthur’s Gate. It was the biggest initiatic gateway I’ve ever had to move through. Gateways can be of any size, and they can appear anywhere. The size corresponds to the importance of the initiation and how much change has to be experienced in order to achieve it. They also take time to actualise, in physical reality. The place, and the emotions experienced while going through them, are also messages giving clues about the nature of the initiation.

I took my time to walk through this huge arch, reflecting on what it meant. It was arched over the longest avenue of Lime trees in England and connected to a house that was built for Charles II so he could live there with his mistress. He had already commissioned a palace in Winchester which was never finished, but which was going to be based on Versailles. It is a house of abundance and history. I have always rejected wealth and stability having grown up with a father who put money first. I decided, early on, that love was more important. Needless to say, poverty isn’t very noble, as I learned when I lived in Luxor, so I have been slowly healing these beliefs around abundance. Now it would seem that it is time to put my new beliefs to the test.

As I walked through the arch, I was also aware of a prayer mat under my feet. This was connected to the initiation and it felt like both Spanish and Egyptian energies. A Moorish/Islamic element. The two countries were connected, energetically.

The Arthurian Gate is an initiation. It is about moving into an area of development which involves connecting to male energies of abundance and power. The ability to accept wealth, fearlessly. It is a particularly masculine gateway energy, so it connects to the layer of Divine masculine energy flow which looks like a river flowing above your head. When I first went through an Arthurian gate, it was in Tintagel looking from the castle out to sea. I was always independent and hated accepting abundance through men. But I was being asked to. I didn’t like the games around money, the way there were so many ‘conditions’ around generosity. So rather than deal with these difficulties, I chose to remain poor. Going through the first gateway changed that and I had to learn how to deal with those issues.

I had expanded into a new level of abundance, and all the lessons and healing, that went with it. Now, those lessons are expanding into something greater – which might also take twenty years to accomplish. I am guessing about the time here because that is how long it has taken me to get to the second Arthur’s Gate!

The place the gateways take place is significant. There are clues everywhere. I wondered if it was significant that I had to leave the nurturing and support of the Mother-tree, which is only meters away from this avenue, to step onto this road of abundance and the things that abundance could help me to establish. It’s like leaving home, moving into independence with all the learning and tools I need to succeed.

Ultimately, it is now up to me.

Going through ‘gates’ means facing fears, and my initial fear of whether I was breaking some rule by walking along the avenue, was highlighting my fear of ‘needing permission’ to walk the path of empowerment and abundance. Was I allowed to walk this path?

I was walking it, so I guess the answer was YES.So let’s see where the gateway leads.

Activating the Hara at Sacred Sites.

I’m slowly adding meditations and exercises to YouTube and working on making guided meditations, with dragons, elementals, crystals etc.

This one is a short exercise my guides suggested I post, for those of you who work with sacred/energy sites. It never occurred to me to connect to the Hara line of a site but it makes absolute sense.

Since that last work with the churches I haven’t had much to do, except for writing, and doing readings, so I imagine they are giving me the opportunity to expand into something even more useful.

I am also developing structured six-month courses on different aspects of the Gaia Method Earthways so I will post these when they are available. They will include meditations, exercises and ongoing development, building your skills. You can do as many, or as few, as you feel drawn to. They will involve monthly catchup on Zoom or another platform so that you feel supported in your journey and can share with others what you are learning. It’s good to have support, even if you are a solitary worker. You can, of course, not do the Zoom meetings if you don’t want to. Whatever you choose to do is fine by me.

In the meantime, I hope you find the existing exercises helpful.