Spider Woman Weaves the Web of Life.

Channelling received in 2008.

tumblr_m6ncfjHBHr1r3cx40“The spider weaves the threads of energy which link the holy sites of the Mother. Her legs fasten on to each web she spins, and threads of many hues and colours emerge from her belly. She grows light. She is light. She is the weaver of the Webs of light, the webs which involve the growth and stability of new human thinking. Without her weaving the new thoughtforms could not travel ‘the web’.

Creation happens in an instant but it’s growth happens over time. In order for the web to be successful it needs to be maintained. Threads can be broken or destroyed and the Spider Woman reweaves them, constantly mending and growing new ones. In this way the web is maintained.

New Spider women are being awoken now. These ancient seamstresses, sewing and weaving earth’s creations, are moving into place. The web must now be maintained and strengthened so that the future of humanity can be stabilised and can continue to grow and evolve.

Help the spider women to become aware of who they are and what their task is. Some will work only with particular colours, their colours, some will work with more. They will relearn this skill.

I am the Spider woman, Mother of the World. Red and black are my colours. The earth dragons are me, and mine. My energy flowing through the veins and fissures of the earth.

Welcome to my domain.”


The Earth lines are Red/Male and black/female. Red and Black dragon energy.  The red line Dragon energy is like lifeblood, feeding the earth, like blood feeds your body. You will often find the red lines connecting to sacred sites, along with other lines.  They can be quite deep in the earth and sometimes you will have to pick them up and anchor them higher up in the land so that they can feed that level of the earth. I have also found, with some small sites, that the red line can feed smaller satellites sites of bigger Mother Sites! A little like a mother feeding her child.

These earth lines are anchored by people, who act as mediums between earth and sky/cosmos. The earth lines you perceive in the landscape were laid by others in times past. The more proficient you become in working with the red and black earth lines, which already exist in the landscape, the more you begin to create new lines in areas which require them. Its not something you think about before hand its just something you do when it is required.

Banjo Enclosure

Banjo Enclosure

My first experience of the red lines was at a site called Coldridge Woods, just over the Hampshire border, where I had been doing an archaeological survey of a Banjo enclosure (Bronze Age/Iron-age circular earthwork with avenue, like a banjo shape). This settlement site lay in a woods which was medieval but which was originally open land with a few trees. A fellow archaeology student and healer, Kat, and I noticed that the current ‘avenue’ into the banked enclosure was not its original one as there was a faint remains of a ditched trackway facing in another direction. I tuned into this direction and saw red energy flow down from another source which we then had to walk anti-clockwise around the circular ditch to join again with the incoming flow. It then moved in the opposite diection but parallel to the incoming flow. Flowing back to where it originated from. I had only begun to do energywork but this felt like the site’s lifeblood, which fed this enclosure and brought fertility to the land. But where had it come from?

We walked the line as far as we could before it disappeared but I ‘knew’ that it was connected to a Hillfort somewhere. So later on in the day I got my map (indispensable when doing earthwork) and followed the line straight to Fosbury Hillfort! The archaeology student who had led us to this Banjo enclosure later brought us to Fosbury and it was a beautiful settlement, filled with the energy of the Mother, and this ‘Mother’ was ‘feeding’ its ‘child’ settlement at Coldridge. At this point I didn’t know that it was part of the Spider Woman energies as I was still learning about energywork in the land.

So sites which are fed and kept nourished by the red energies do not necessarily flow in straight lines but can be channelled into whatever spaces they need to nourish. Trees often act as anchors for these red lines, the tree roots ‘holding’ the energy line in place and acting as transmitter of the line’s energies.

On-going exploration of this site, both archaeological and energetic showed us how important this site was to the locality as it contained two vortexes, Spring and Winter, at the base of the Avenue. The original occupants of the site had lovingly built and maintained these energy sites until incoming invaders had burned their settlement to the ground.

The black lines are the Black Dragon energies and the deepest aspects of the Human unconscious. During a GM attunement with a friend Eartha Dragon we had a ‘visit’ from a female energy calling herself ‘Mer’. She said that she was the dark, underworld Goddess. She had black orbs for eyes, black hair and pale skin. She said that she lived in the bowels of the earth, in the deepest recesses and represented the dark emotional energy of the collective unconscious. Her realm is where the black energy flows. She is the deepest healing possible, the realm of the Night, and all the dark places.

Image credit: http://jayjayaurelio.livejournal.com/8160.html

Jhadten Jewell’s October 2013 Workshop, Chichester.

City of Light Abergavenny

City of Light Abergavenny

Just Reading Jhadten Jewell’s upcoming workshop page. I love Jhadten’s work and have done workshops with him a number of times over the years. Now that we are moving further into alignment with ourselves and our connection to Mother Earth, Jhadtens’ workshops are a wonderful way to deepen our relationship with the Earth and the Elementals.

Having worked with these energies for a number of years now I know how important it is to heal and activate these three Centres.

If you can do the workshop, do it. It will be wonderful I know. Not only are they powerful they are also light and lots of fun. Jhadten has a wonderful sense of humour and is the most compassionate and humble man I have ever met.

(All the Holograms are Jhadtens work which you can find at his website: Http://www.sacredspaces.net )


Embodying New Levels of Soul Energy
Connect with the New Anchor Points for Healing, and
to Embody the Energies of 2013!

The Astounding Possibilities of 2013!

Hologram for Healing the Womb.

Hologram for Healing the Womb.

In 2012, Mother Earth and our solar system moved into alignment directly with the Source of Creation. An event at the end and beginning of an era of civilisation and awareness. Though the Grand Alignment of 2012 was a zenith point, the waves of energy flowing into our realms are new and exciting, presenting possibilities never experienced on Earth before. The galactic waves of energy flowing to us now are allowing us to embody even more of our soul energy. In order for this to happen, we simply align with the current cosmic configuration and heal the layers of the womb/hara area, the heart and the pineal gland. The healing of the womb area entails the healing of our Mother’s womb, the placenta and our own womb (female), or hara space (male). This healing will be much more profound than ever before, for it is our creative centre that can now experience a full activation.

The full activation of our creative powers happens through initiations into the energies of our souls, only now available to us in 2013, and are anchored mainly through the pineal gland (third eye, consciousness, awareness), the heart and the womb/hara areas. The whales, dolphins and the angelic realms will assist us here, for each are guardians of these anchor points. The shift in our consciousness, perceptions and awareness occurs through the embodiment of these new energies. As we embody the new vibrational patterns of light (blueprints of the soul’s purpose at this time) the elemental kingdoms are able to move into these patterns of energy to not only create the new consciousness within us, but also affect the elementals in the world around us, in our daily life, and thus manifest a new reality.

Hologram for healing/activating the Placenta.

Hologram for healing/activating the Placenta.

The soul is now creating through us more fully and directly. It is important to sound into these energies to imprint them on the crystalline structures of reality in and around us, and for the transformation of our interior and exterior reality to occur in lasting and precise ways. Working with the dynamic alchemical elementals of the Whizzard Cards will assist this process greatly. The workshop is devoted to the healing necessary at this time and the initiation into the new realms of soul experience in our present incarnation. Exercises, sounding and movement will be employed to support this purpose.

The workshop will be magical, profound and great fun. I would be delighted to share this experience with you.

On Dragon and Serpent Energies.

The italicised words are words that come directly from my guides.

“Dragons are the guardians of the underworld, both that of the Earth realm and that of the realm of human consciousness. When you awaken the sleeping dragon, you are initiating a course of action within the mind of humanity, which will change the thinking of everyone on the Earth plane. For this reason, only certain people are ‘qualified’ to work with the dragons, as they have built up, over many incarnations, the ability to work with the human mind. Their thinking is focused and direct and they are capable of deep contemplation, plumbing their own depths and that of humanity. The dragon represents all that is mighty and powerful within the forces of creation. In awakening this dragon you also awaken man’s ability to create heaven on earth. Only in using power with wisdom can true magic be effected.

The serpents, on the other hand, are those energies which allow for certain frequencies to be brought into play. The Earth serpents ‘maintain’ an energetic balance between sun and Earth. They hold the grid in place. Within their energy there would be no world. They are designed to activate certain areas within the grid that resonate with Divine Power. At these sites, abundance is attained and with it, the lessons of Power. The ability to generate abundance that is free to all depends on the ability to balance power with desire. If one desires much and is given what they desire yet their power issues are out of balance, that abundance is then used for personal gain and does not benefit the whole.


However, when abundance is achieved by one who balances power with desire that abundance is then used to generate ‘more abundance’ for the common good and the betterment of humanity.

Working with the serpents needs courage and dedication.

Working with the dragons requires a sound connection to both Sun/heaven and the Earth. When you assist in their awakening and maintenance continual creation is assured.

The dragons guard the crystal eggs. These eggs contain the new coded information for the continuance of the planet. Each of your students is aligned to a facet of this creation energy and will, in time, learn how to use it, as you  have.

If there is a crystal at a site, many people ‘layer’ it. Each person works with a facet of its energy to awaken and maintain it. In this way many people are required to work the timelines. Each person begins by moving to their site at the allotted times and works their magic. The energies then unfold and the next person due comes and does theirs. In this way many hues are added and all seeds sown.

The black tower (Tower of London) is one such site. As it unfurls its great, black wings, and rises into the night it’s egg is uncovered and, as dawn breaks, the dragon returns.

But the egg is changed, it is alive with passion and with power. Alive with the knowing that all good things will emerge from within its crystal shell. New life will burst, birthing a new solar consciousness, bathing the earth with life and joy, bathing each person with love and wisdom.

Only the strongest, most resilient, can work with the black dragons. They are the dark, the mysterious, full of illusion and delusion. If you have not learned how to balance your thinking, how to question what you see, then you are not ready. Only those with the strongest, clearest minds and can see ‘multiple realities’ for what they are i.e. layers of symbolic meaning, designed to protect the very nature of the work, can work within these realms. These are the realms of humanity’s deepest recesses, their darkness, their passions and desires for riches, power and dominion. Only those who can keep their heart light steady, focussed on what is real, can join the ranks of the great Dragon healers. Healers of the dark side, the shadow side of human consciousness.


We dwell there and from there we see that all that surrounds us is covered in a layer of fear, fear of knowledge, fear of love, fear of true knowing. For in knowledge lies wisdom, and in knowledge lies the possibility of love. Humanity has become afraid of these things because they fear, that in having them, they will lose what they think they need.

You know this not to be so, so are in a position to remove this layer. This energy is rooted in many places. Travel to these places now and sever their connections so that the entire layer is no longer able to feed itself on the fears generated by human emotion and thinking. It is a double edged-sword, each feeds and maintains the other.

So now, as the dark dragons take flight, fill your minds with hope and thoughts of freedom as we lead you to the secret lairs of the Dark Dragons. There you will uproot the fears that have penetrated to the very heart of your world and you will plant the flames of Divinity, so that thoughts of love and succour fill the hearts of mankind.”

There are two celestial serpents which travel through space and through the Earth, keeping it anchored. The blue serpent energy is female and moves through space. It circles the earth many times before finding an ‘entrance point’. This serpent is usually associated with rain. The aborigines speak of the Rainbow Serpent, which enters, and leaves, via waterholes, sacred to the Australian Aborigines.

The gold serpent is connected to the sun and is male. It is the Sun God of antiquity. Appollo, Ra etc. Kukulkan, of Chitzen Itza played the same role. Solar energy descends into the earth realm of the Mother, bringing life to the land. In Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple in Luxor a serpent winds it way down from the solar court to enter the Horus bird at the bottom of the ramp, where the Temple of Anubis (God of the Underworld and Initiation) and Chapel of Hathor (Earth Mother as a Cow) are situated. Male and female in Balance.


Both the Blue and Gold Celestial serpents are the energies which come from outside the planet as Sun and Rain, the two physical energies needed for life on Earth.

Even though they are Celestial energies they also need to travel through the Planet in order for their energy to permeate the body of the Earth. The Gold and Blue earth energy lines flow throughout the land, surfacing in certain places and at certain times of the year, then going underground again. Cathedrals tend to lie on crossover points of these lines. All of the cathedrals we have worked on so far are built on a large ‘blue river’ of serpent energy.

 “The meeting place between two points is where the greatest potential for distortion lies. When a site is powerful any distortions appear greater and the effect of these distortions are magnified. In order to heal the distortion reconnective energies are needed. The energies of blue and gold keep the balance of flow and magnitude/magnification flowing at the right frequency. If either of these lines of force are not moving at the correct speed then the distortions occur. Trying to rectify the imbalance becomes an emotional challenge as these lines show up and magnify any corresponding imbalances in the energy field.”

If you are interested in reading about the actual journals of working with these energies you will find them here:


Male and Female Manifestation Technique.

Female manifesting technique; for when you want to find out what path to manifest.

earth's womb


 “Try your hand at believing that all good comes from the Mother. Place your thoughts in her womb that they might grow into physical creations. Imagine that all you desire to come about already resides in etheric form within the body of the Earth. See it existing, not just in your 3d reality. Bring your awareness then into the female creative function of the Earth and allow your dreams to grow there. Then allow your ideas to take root within that dream until they blossom forth into your physical reality. Let us show you how:”


Go into a quiet space and open yourself up to your soul’s guidance. This is done with intention. Not knowing your goals allows for creative possibilities in your life, a chance to correct your current direction. Ask your Soul/higher Self to show you what your next goal is, then wait, keeping yourself open to what images or thoughts pop into your mind. Sometimes your personal guide will appear and show you. Allow your imagination to explore the possibilities. Try to be as imaginative as you can be, do not censor ideas as they come to you, just follow their trail. Allow the energy of will and desire, plus adventure and exploration to be your guide during this process. Imagine all possibilities. When an idea or vision is shown to you, and sometimes it will be exactly what you want to have, ask that you be shown the first couple of steps that you will need to take in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes the first step might be to do something and sometimes it might mean you have to change your thinking, but whatever it is know that it is the first step in that new direction of your Soul.


Male manifestation technique;  For when you know what it is that you wish to create on a material level.

two-hands-glow-globeImagine that you are holding in your hands a sphere of light. This sphere of light is a thought from the mind of god (Universe, Source etc). This is important to remember as it means that the possibility of your desire already exists in the mind of god and only needs you to activate it!

While holding your sphere imagine what it is that you want and see it in the sphere. Imagine yourself already having what you desire. See every aspect of it, see how you might be enjoying having it, how it feels, how it might benefit your life. Put as much positive feeling into this visualisation as you can. Feel how it will feel to have what you desire.


When you have done this for a few minutes start to empower the sphere with healing energy until it begins to get brighter and brighter. When you feel you have charged the sphere enough allow it to float into the air and high into the sky, back to the mind of God where it originated. See it blending with God and then let it go.  It will manifest quite quickly depending on what you have created.

When you have ‘seen’ what is in your mind and you desire to create that picture, place it in your sphere of light, charge it with energy then imagine that it is moving deep into the Earth, into the Mother’s womb. Allow it to take root there, like a fertilised ovum.  Allow it to gestate, noting the changes in your thinking as what you desire begins to take shape in your world.


Image credits:

Green Dragons by  http://ianjam.deviantart.com/art/Green-Dragons-177450979


On Male and Female Manifesting. Channelling.

“We are keen to address the issue of abundance.


Try to imagine a cube. Each side represents an issue concerning one aspect of material abundance. It is a bundle of beliefs which, when taken together, represent a mass belief. This ‘mass belief’ affects humanity in different ways. Cultural differences will dictate which of these beliefs will be acted upon by those self same cultures. Some of these beliefs require a belief in the ‘Almighty’ to provide. But because the Almighty can only provide what the Mother has created he is limited within his own creative potentials.

In order to create a new system of beliefs the image of the sphere is necessary.  Within the sphere, at its centre, lies a point of light; the point of creative potential. Now, this point, or spark, holds all possibilities within itself. It is part of the sphere and yet an individual spark in its own right. In order to create from the spark one must become aware of their own Divine intent.


With Divine Intent one can create almost anything that they choose to create. This is because when you Divinely create from your souls your ‘personal will’ becomes less of an interference .

The square then represents the ‘minds’ intention. Each belief separated from the other. The sphere, on the other hand represents the Whole being with the soul spark in the centre of the body. Therefore you are creating from your Divine Essence and you are creating from your ‘centre’ and this then radiates outwards into all spheres, all dimensions. This is called ‘Holistic Creation’. When you can consciously create from this point your manifestations  become real and all is within Divine Order.

Try now to define the point whereby you can focus these energies and radiate them out to the world.  We will assist you with this undertaking.

Adonai and blessings on your journey.”

While I  was receiving this information I saw that the ‘beliefs’ engraved on the cube’s surfaces were deeply engraved onto its stone surface in particular patterns. I saw that in order to learn to change how we create we would need to smooth out these beliefs until the square became a  smooth sphere. We would have to heal the beliefs that had been so deeply entrenched in our thinking. Self examination, and hard work, was the key.

The sphere is really our Mother-infused energy field with its point behind our navel. It is the centre of our being, our umbilical connection to the Mother Earth! When we work energetically with the Mother consciousness, we are working from our center. When your energy channel is open, the Navel centre, or Hara, is where we are grounded. This centre is also called the TanTien in Chinese energy systems.

Hara, Tan Tien, Mother Centre.

Hara, Tan Tien, Mother Centre.

During my 20 years training I learned about the Hindu system of energy, i.e. the seven chakras, but I found that when I was working with Mother energy I could feel energy more in the heart, the Third eye and the Hara. These are the three centres which Mikau Usui trained his students to use and develop. He believed, and taught, that the Head centre was where Heaven Ki, or energy, entered the body. The Hara, was where Earth Ki entered the body and the Heart Ki was where both Heaven and Earth merged.

When working with Father energy, i.e  more upper-dimensional work, I would receive info via the Heaven centre but it would be ‘placed’ into my Hara Centre. Often, when I am working with upper energies I make connections from the ‘Universe’ which come only into my heart, Earth energies come from below, via my base centre, and stop at my Navel Centre and then are bridged, and connected, at my Solar Plexus. I often see an image of an earthenware jar at my centre, into which my guides ‘place’ information or energy before I do some work at a Sacred Site.

Working with the consciousness of the Sphere is a very palpable experience. Your entire body is involved in the work. This is why it is so important to get back into your body and to heal whatever might be keeping you out of it! Your body is your barometer of what is happening in the Earth, and its emotional/mental/psychic atmosphere. Everything is ‘felt’, but often, if we have had traumatic experiences in our lives, we will not be sensitive physically, because we have cut off from our physicality. It takes years of hard work to feel safe in our bodies again, but it can be done! The more we heal oursleves and get back into our bodies the more we can connect to the Mother in all of nature.

In the next blog I will add a channelled technique for working with both the male and Female manifesting energies so that you can learn to use the Father and Mother techniques for manifesting.

For very good Barbara Brennan Info on the Hara: http://paulsrobot3.com/woowoo/raw4/info-hara.htm

Cube image is from: http://pigshavewings.deviantart.com/art/Carved-cube-186610077

For excellent material on Reiki as Usui taught it:


For Barbara Brennan: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18420.Hands_Of_Light?from_search=true

The Will of the Mother.

For centuries we have been talking about the Father’s Will and how ‘his’ Will be done. We know it usually means giving up our own ‘small’ will for that of a higher Divine Will, in whatever way we believe that to be. But we are never taught about the Mother’s Will. Does the Divine/Earth Mother have a Will? Apparently so!

I received the following channelling a few years ago, in 2008,  which explained to me what the Mother’s Will was and how it manifests in our lives. Following any Divine Will is usually part of a spiritual path and does not mean giving your power away to another outside power, a power which is usually a projection of our own unclaimed power. But it is part of the path which we willingly trust if we are here as healers and guides and with a purpose which is not purely a personal one. Here is what ‘upstairs’ have to say about it:

Mother Earth. Gaia.

Mother Earth. Gaia.

“The Mother’s Will acts from the heart of love, and this is what you will then need to develop, the heart of love. In order to understand how to use this Will energy you will need to understand how to tell the difference between your heart’s Will and her’s. Your heart’s Will contains the pain of loss and lovelessness, whereas the Mother’s Will has an energy of resoluteness, a Divine knowing of the rightness of things. You know here of which we speak.

If you ‘Will’ to do something you put all of your energy into its manifestation. There is no doubt. When the Mother Will’s something this is also true, but the feeling is greater and more real. You experience it as a Divine Vision. It belongs to the heart of Love. When you desire something it has an emotional connection, the feeling of ‘wanting’. But the Mother’s desire is altogether different. It comes with the energy of desiring that the whole of the earth and its inhabitants benefit from her work.

So you begin to understand! The Mother does not act from her own desire,s but desires that which the Whole benefits from. When your work begins to reflect the Will of the Mother. you become her Will. Her Will then moves through you and into the world. rubies_1176_990x742 Her Will is focussed in the heart, and the Ruby ray allows this Will to permeate the entire kingdom of the earth so that all may one day benefit from being held in her arms, just like Hatshepsut’s temple. Now you understand her role also, and that of many others who came to pave the way for her to be re-established in the consciousness of men once more. We ask you now to serve as her Divine vessel in Truth and Will, her Truth, her Will. Let this be reflected in everything you do and in everything you think and feel, for her desire runs through you and it quickens in your blood. Allow nothing to stand in the way of this divine work and let no-one sway you from its completion this time. May the love of the Mother be with you always.”

The Snow Goddess.

I wrote this after a trip to Iceland and just after moving back to England from Ireland. A move I did not want to make at the time, but now that I am living in Egypt I can see why it had to happen.  Looking at the ‘vision’ now I can see what it means.  I have wondered why it was the God of Summer though.  I know that there is equal balance between masculine and female energies in our Irish belief system of old but why is the God of Summer vegetation calling the Snow Goddess back? In hindsight I can see how our UK winters have been becoming colder and colder and I have believed, since this vision, that we are slowly moving back into a mini ice-age. The channelling I have received over the last few years would certainly lead me to believe this also.

But here is the vision. Tell me what you think!



20 May 2008.

As I was going to sleep I began to have visions which seemed to be about the Goddess in Iceland, (I visited there in march 08). I could see the old goddess, dressed in white but with long white straggly hair. She was shaping the ice mountains and the ice into tall cones. After a time of doing this the image changed and she was dressed in a wedding gown and was marrying the god of summer vegetation. As they stood side by side, she was the winter, white and cold. He was the summer, colourful and fertile with plants. They stood together like a picture of two seasons. She stood on the left, in my vision, and he on the right so that the seasons changed in time.
The next image was of the young goddess and she was asleep in the snow. Beside her stood a golden sleigh, filled with furs and pulled by deer. She was taken, still sleeping, from the snow and gently laid in the soft furs. The deer pulled the sleigh around and began to pull, pulling it into the sky where they disappeared into the distance, behind the sun. They seemed to be going out into the universe but it felt like a cycle of time. As it went behind the sun it would begin to turn and make its way back to the earth, but not yet! The sun became very big and bright and began to pulse heat onto the earth, melting the snows. The snows began to shrink back and melt, creating little streams of melt-water. Plants began to grow.

God of Spring.

God of Spring.

The image faded and then I saw a tall hilltop in the shape of a mound. It seemed to be green on the top, with vegetation, and snow and mist below, like it was a mixture of both. A shaman stood on top of the mound and began to call the goddess back. A freezing cold north wind began to blow and the goddess returned bringing ice and snow with her to cover the land once again. I heard ‘Lammas’ at this point.
I wasn’t sure if this was the cycle of the year or whether it was a longer cycle of time. But it was interesting that there were only two seasons. Winter and summer. Its also interesting that the goddess was pulled into the sky in a golden sleigh by deer! Mother Christmas?! I have certainly made essences with the energy of the gift-giving father who comes as Father Christmas! Both Farther and Mother bring fertility and life. just in different ways…