The Snow Goddess.

I wrote this after a trip to Iceland and just after moving back to England from Ireland. A move I did not want to make at the time, but now that I am living in Egypt I can see why it had to happen.  Looking at the ‘vision’ now I can see what it means.  I have wondered why it was the God of Summer though.  I know that there is equal balance between masculine and female energies in our Irish belief system of old but why is the God of Summer vegetation calling the Snow Goddess back? In hindsight I can see how our UK winters have been becoming colder and colder and I have believed, since this vision, that we are slowly moving back into a mini ice-age. The channelling I have received over the last few years would certainly lead me to believe this also.

But here is the vision. Tell me what you think!



20 May 2008.

As I was going to sleep I began to have visions which seemed to be about the Goddess in Iceland, (I visited there in march 08). I could see the old goddess, dressed in white but with long white straggly hair. She was shaping the ice mountains and the ice into tall cones. After a time of doing this the image changed and she was dressed in a wedding gown and was marrying the god of summer vegetation. As they stood side by side, she was the winter, white and cold. He was the summer, colourful and fertile with plants. They stood together like a picture of two seasons. She stood on the left, in my vision, and he on the right so that the seasons changed in time.
The next image was of the young goddess and she was asleep in the snow. Beside her stood a golden sleigh, filled with furs and pulled by deer. She was taken, still sleeping, from the snow and gently laid in the soft furs. The deer pulled the sleigh around and began to pull, pulling it into the sky where they disappeared into the distance, behind the sun. They seemed to be going out into the universe but it felt like a cycle of time. As it went behind the sun it would begin to turn and make its way back to the earth, but not yet! The sun became very big and bright and began to pulse heat onto the earth, melting the snows. The snows began to shrink back and melt, creating little streams of melt-water. Plants began to grow.

God of Spring.

God of Spring.

The image faded and then I saw a tall hilltop in the shape of a mound. It seemed to be green on the top, with vegetation, and snow and mist below, like it was a mixture of both. A shaman stood on top of the mound and began to call the goddess back. A freezing cold north wind began to blow and the goddess returned bringing ice and snow with her to cover the land once again. I heard ‘Lammas’ at this point.
I wasn’t sure if this was the cycle of the year or whether it was a longer cycle of time. But it was interesting that there were only two seasons. Winter and summer. Its also interesting that the goddess was pulled into the sky in a golden sleigh by deer! Mother Christmas?! I have certainly made essences with the energy of the gift-giving father who comes as Father Christmas! Both Farther and Mother bring fertility and life. just in different ways…

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