The Will of the Mother.

For centuries we have been talking about the Father’s Will and how ‘his’ Will be done. We know it usually means giving up our own ‘small’ will for that of a higher Divine Will, in whatever way we believe that to be. But we are never taught about the Mother’s Will. Does the Divine/Earth Mother have a Will? Apparently so!

I received the following channelling a few years ago, in 2008,  which explained to me what the Mother’s Will was and how it manifests in our lives. Following any Divine Will is usually part of a spiritual path and does not mean giving your power away to another outside power, a power which is usually a projection of our own unclaimed power. But it is part of the path which we willingly trust if we are here as healers and guides and with a purpose which is not purely a personal one. Here is what ‘upstairs’ have to say about it:

Mother Earth. Gaia.

Mother Earth. Gaia.

“The Mother’s Will acts from the heart of love, and this is what you will then need to develop, the heart of love. In order to understand how to use this Will energy you will need to understand how to tell the difference between your heart’s Will and her’s. Your heart’s Will contains the pain of loss and lovelessness, whereas the Mother’s Will has an energy of resoluteness, a Divine knowing of the rightness of things. You know here of which we speak.

If you ‘Will’ to do something you put all of your energy into its manifestation. There is no doubt. When the Mother Will’s something this is also true, but the feeling is greater and more real. You experience it as a Divine Vision. It belongs to the heart of Love. When you desire something it has an emotional connection, the feeling of ‘wanting’. But the Mother’s desire is altogether different. It comes with the energy of desiring that the whole of the earth and its inhabitants benefit from her work.

So you begin to understand! The Mother does not act from her own desire,s but desires that which the Whole benefits from. When your work begins to reflect the Will of the Mother. you become her Will. Her Will then moves through you and into the world. rubies_1176_990x742 Her Will is focussed in the heart, and the Ruby ray allows this Will to permeate the entire kingdom of the earth so that all may one day benefit from being held in her arms, just like Hatshepsut’s temple. Now you understand her role also, and that of many others who came to pave the way for her to be re-established in the consciousness of men once more. We ask you now to serve as her Divine vessel in Truth and Will, her Truth, her Will. Let this be reflected in everything you do and in everything you think and feel, for her desire runs through you and it quickens in your blood. Allow nothing to stand in the way of this divine work and let no-one sway you from its completion this time. May the love of the Mother be with you always.”

3 thoughts on “The Will of the Mother.

  1. Wow, thank you for describing this so well! I have been struggling with this topic of the Divine Will, since I received an initiation into the Blue Ray this spring. I had massive problems with this initiation. It seemed I had tried to do it before and it didn’t go well.

    One of the aspects of the Blue Ray is the Divine Will. Now recently, some days after attending a channeling evening where we connected with the masters, El Morya came to talk to me about the Divine Will. He told me that I had always said I will surrender to no one’s will escept my own, but that this was a misunderstanding since the Divine Will IS my will … my Higher Will. The will of my own Divinity, God within me. I tried to get my head around this, but could not feel this Divine Will.

    Then I started reading Initiation by Elisabeth Haich, at your suggestion. And I was really surprised by the chapter where she talks about perceiiving the will of other people who are trying to influence you to do their will – that it looked to her like an energy stream originating from the solar plexus, and if she could not make that will her own in some way, it felt like a pressure on her chest.

    Through reading her description and comparing it to my experience, I found out that my will had never been really mine, because apparently I had some kind of programming that said I could only have my own will if no one else wanted anything from me. As if any other person’s will – no matter who – was more important than mine. This seems to work especially well when people exert their will telepathically, without actually speaking it. It also comes with a feeling of guilt if I do what is good for me instead of doing what others want from me. I rebelled against this influence by taking a “fuck you” attitude, but that didn’t change the underlying programming, it only made everything more difficult. Now I have revoked all old agreements, vows, contracts and the like that said I had to put the will of others over my own. It will be interesting to see what will come of it.

    So, it’s a HUGE topic, and I only discovered it quite recently … thanks from my heart for this post! It was the Pleiadians who taught me to always focus on the highest good for all concerned … I asked them how they solve their conflicts and they said that is what they do first thing, before they do anything else. And if everyone focuses on the highest good, the best way of achieving that usually emerges quite soon. I do my best to focus on that now whenever an issue arises, but sometimes I find it hard, like when I see people felling trees to put up ugly houses, like you describe it in your other post. Sometimes it seems to me the people who act against nature are always winning. 😦 But that is just the small self that gets discouraged. The Big U includes everything, no matter how ugly it seems to the limited and biased mind.

    Thanks for putting up this blog! It seems like everything you write resonates with me.

    Many blessings,


    • I’m really glad it helps. Working with Divine Will(mother/father) is probably one of those challenges that we all have to work through. I know it has always been a tough one for me too and I developed that ‘fuck you’ attitude too for a while. Got me into no end of scrapes as other people still took advantage. I obviously wasn’t as convincing as I thought and my rebel-self still craved approval!
      I struggle with Male Will here a lot!. Its not so much telepathic as energetic as streams of energy seem to overpower my own will. It all happens in the energy field. I often feel like I am a clone of another person’s emotion, especially when I am in relationship with them and Egyptian male emotion is overwhelming at times.
      Have you ever seen Barbara Brennan’s book, ‘hands of light’? She, and her guide, explain these dynamics really well and show how to deal with them. The more you work with human emotion/thought the better you get at recognising how it feels in your body and how it effects you.
      I have been thinking of writing a blog about this subject as it is something that I struggle with here on a daily basis.
      Past life issues are also going to leave a huge mark so its well worth looking into those too. You might have spent lifetimes dealing with Will issues. Human will is a tough one and sometimes we choose lifetimes which break our will in an effort to learn to let go of it! Think of a lifetime of extreme abuse at the hands of others, or as a prisoner in a concentration camp!!
      Thank you for your great comments Zarah! I love them.


      • I’ve known and loved Barbara Brennan’s books for 20 years now. I bought them when they first came out in German and I recommend them whenever I can. 🙂 Unfortunately I am not as good as she is in perceiving energy fields/dynamics. The family dynamics I grew up in were very confusing as people always seemed to say one thing but what they really meant was something completely different. After a while I decided to switch off he energy perception and only focus on the verbal communication … which made things even harder since I could not perceive people’s hidden thoughts or motives any longer. Now it’s hard for me to reclaim the energy perception in human exchanges – some part of me still seems to be scared that we might get in trouble if we perceive more of other people’s “stuff” than they are comfortable with.

        What you describe as being a “clone” of someone elses emotions, could that be a result of too permeable boundaries? Or too much empathy? I’m not the emotional type so thankfully I don’t have that problem most of the time. On the other hand i still have a lot of “head stuff” going on … that thought energy created a buffer between other people’s energy and myself for a long time, protecting me from unwanted (at the time) perceptions. It has served me so well over the years that it’s now a bit difficult to get rid of it. *lol*

        I’m glad you love my comments! I love your posts too, every one of them. 😀 It feels like we have a lot in common. Maybe we have already met in other lives in Ireland or ancient Egypt? I wouldn’t be surprised.

        BTW, I sent you an e-mail about the attunement, but I’m not sure you got that. Maybe it ended up in your spam folder? If it didn’t get to you I can send it again. I am really interested in doing these initiations.

        Lots of blessings, and I hope you don’t get bogged down too much in that weird male Egyptian energy. 😉 It might be an idea to ask the ancient Egyptian gods & goddesses for assistance with that. (Just came to me …)


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