On Male and Female Manifesting. Channelling.

“We are keen to address the issue of abundance.


Try to imagine a cube. Each side represents an issue concerning one aspect of material abundance. It is a bundle of beliefs which, when taken together, represent a mass belief. This ‘mass belief’ affects humanity in different ways. Cultural differences will dictate which of these beliefs will be acted upon by those self same cultures. Some of these beliefs require a belief in the ‘Almighty’ to provide. But because the Almighty can only provide what the Mother has created he is limited within his own creative potentials.

In order to create a new system of beliefs the image of the sphere is necessary.  Within the sphere, at its centre, lies a point of light; the point of creative potential. Now, this point, or spark, holds all possibilities within itself. It is part of the sphere and yet an individual spark in its own right. In order to create from the spark one must become aware of their own Divine intent.


With Divine Intent one can create almost anything that they choose to create. This is because when you Divinely create from your souls your ‘personal will’ becomes less of an interference .

The square then represents the ‘minds’ intention. Each belief separated from the other. The sphere, on the other hand represents the Whole being with the soul spark in the centre of the body. Therefore you are creating from your Divine Essence and you are creating from your ‘centre’ and this then radiates outwards into all spheres, all dimensions. This is called ‘Holistic Creation’. When you can consciously create from this point your manifestations  become real and all is within Divine Order.

Try now to define the point whereby you can focus these energies and radiate them out to the world.  We will assist you with this undertaking.

Adonai and blessings on your journey.”

While I  was receiving this information I saw that the ‘beliefs’ engraved on the cube’s surfaces were deeply engraved onto its stone surface in particular patterns. I saw that in order to learn to change how we create we would need to smooth out these beliefs until the square became a  smooth sphere. We would have to heal the beliefs that had been so deeply entrenched in our thinking. Self examination, and hard work, was the key.

The sphere is really our Mother-infused energy field with its point behind our navel. It is the centre of our being, our umbilical connection to the Mother Earth! When we work energetically with the Mother consciousness, we are working from our center. When your energy channel is open, the Navel centre, or Hara, is where we are grounded. This centre is also called the TanTien in Chinese energy systems.

Hara, Tan Tien, Mother Centre.

Hara, Tan Tien, Mother Centre.

During my 20 years training I learned about the Hindu system of energy, i.e. the seven chakras, but I found that when I was working with Mother energy I could feel energy more in the heart, the Third eye and the Hara. These are the three centres which Mikau Usui trained his students to use and develop. He believed, and taught, that the Head centre was where Heaven Ki, or energy, entered the body. The Hara, was where Earth Ki entered the body and the Heart Ki was where both Heaven and Earth merged.

When working with Father energy, i.e  more upper-dimensional work, I would receive info via the Heaven centre but it would be ‘placed’ into my Hara Centre. Often, when I am working with upper energies I make connections from the ‘Universe’ which come only into my heart, Earth energies come from below, via my base centre, and stop at my Navel Centre and then are bridged, and connected, at my Solar Plexus. I often see an image of an earthenware jar at my centre, into which my guides ‘place’ information or energy before I do some work at a Sacred Site.

Working with the consciousness of the Sphere is a very palpable experience. Your entire body is involved in the work. This is why it is so important to get back into your body and to heal whatever might be keeping you out of it! Your body is your barometer of what is happening in the Earth, and its emotional/mental/psychic atmosphere. Everything is ‘felt’, but often, if we have had traumatic experiences in our lives, we will not be sensitive physically, because we have cut off from our physicality. It takes years of hard work to feel safe in our bodies again, but it can be done! The more we heal oursleves and get back into our bodies the more we can connect to the Mother in all of nature.

In the next blog I will add a channelled technique for working with both the male and Female manifesting energies so that you can learn to use the Father and Mother techniques for manifesting.

For very good Barbara Brennan Info on the Hara: http://paulsrobot3.com/woowoo/raw4/info-hara.htm

Cube image is from: http://pigshavewings.deviantart.com/art/Carved-cube-186610077

For excellent material on Reiki as Usui taught it:


For Barbara Brennan: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18420.Hands_Of_Light?from_search=true

6 thoughts on “On Male and Female Manifesting. Channelling.

  1. This method of manifesting reminds me a lot of this message by the Hathors (through Tom Kenyon): http://tomkenyon.com/the-sphere-of-all-possibilities

    I’ve always seen the cube as a symbol for buildig in physical matter, so I don’t see anything “wrong” with it, but I think that creaton from the sphere has to come first, and then the actual building process in matter follows … Really they are both necessary.

    I’ll try and see if I can work with the “Divine Intent” … thanx for posting this! 🙂


    • I think they are talking more aobut how we ‘create’ material abundance within cultures. We have learned to ask ‘God’ for our wants and needs but what they are saying is that this puts our creation outside of ourselves, reliant on Father to give us what we need. Now they are suggesting that we create from our own earth-centered awareness and connection. We are our own manifesters in a way, as everything we have comes from the earth!
      I’ll check that Tom Kenyon post! I do like his stuff. Its very sensible!!
      I work with the Hathor energies too and I always love getting Tom’s newsletters as they confirm for me stuff that I’ve already been given but might not have completely understood.
      I’ll post the next part of the manifesting techniques which helps to understand the role of male and female manifesting.
      Thanks Zarah. 🙂


      • I sent it again just now … if it doesn’t arrive, try emailing me at the address you see in your comment section, and maybe it will work when I reply to that. 🙂


  2. I’ve sent you 2 e-mails about the attunement & payment, one on Thursday and one yesterday … could you check if one of them arrived? Thanks 🙂

    It’s strange, there really seems to be a bug in this attunement, with all those delays …

    BTW, I hope the weird energies around you have let up somewhat … I read about weird happenings in another blog and it seems like there was targeted interference by disruptive forces aimed at light-bearers. I never used to believe such stuff, but it seems to be happening …

    All the best 🙂


    • No bugs lol, just Divine Timing. But glad it is all sorted now.
      I don’t necessarily believe in disruptive forces but certainly negative thoughtforms will have an influence on our reality! Have you read any of the Seth Books? He mentions this in great detail. I love his work. It opened me up to so many new realities and taught me that we, as a people, are creating all of our experiences. But, for those who do believe in duisruptive energies of a psychic nature then that is what they will experience. I tend to believe that our collective beliefs will have an effect on our work and that is why it is vital that we clear old belief systems, both within ourselves and our societies.
      I had an interesting experience, many years ago, with a very good healer who I worked with for a time. She was a health dowser and was very good at it! One day she dowsed me for ‘entities’, which I have never believed in. She scanned my spine and picked up an entity which was the energy of an 8 year old girl. This girl felt abandoned and scared and she effected me in a big way.
      As my friend went into more detail about this ‘entity’ which was lodged in my spine, I realised that it was not an entity damaging me, but my own experience as a child. When i was 8 years old I fell out of a tree and broke a rib and fractured a vertebrae in my upper back. My parents were away in Danmark on a business trip and our childminder was very unfriendly and rather abusive. When I was carried home she took no notice of my pain and told me it was my own fault for climbing trees. I lay on the couch in agony but I really needed to go to the loo. So I lifted myself up but fell on the floor and couldn’t move because of the pain. The childminder took no notice until I passed out. Then she panicked!
      Anyway, I spent a week (I think) in hospital, recovering. My parents returned from their trip, not having come home early (business was more important) and they came to visit me just before I was released.
      The ‘entity’ was myself, stuck in the part of my spine which I had damaged, and which has left me with permanent back issues. It was not an entity who had invaded me, but a damaged part of myself which needed healing.
      This was a valuable experience as I had often queried the reality of entities. I didn’t beleive in them but i wasn’t sure what other people were perceiving. This expereince went some way to helping me understand it.
      I think if we believe that we, as Lightworkers, are being targetted by external dark forces, then everything negative that happens to us will be seen through that filter. I tend to have more fear about living people’s negative actions than anything ‘out there’!!! LOL. I can manage ‘out there’!
      The collective unconscious is a powerful thing.
      What are your personal beliefs/experiences about them?


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