The Goddess Artemis in Energywork.

jeff-wack-artemis-art-model-forest-redding“Artemis was the most renowned patron of the Bee in all of Greece. As the daughter of Zeus and twin sister to Apollo, Artemis was the goddess of nature, particularly forests, hills, rocky outcroppings and rivers; all natural habitats of Bees. Artemis’s Roman equivalent was the goddess Diana, and statues of Artemis | Diana from the Anatolian city of Ephesus portray her covered in eggs, which some have identified as Bee eggs given that a typical Queen Bee will lay tens of thousands of eggs in her short lifetime. Alternatively, others believe that the abundance of small spherical objects represent bull testicles. In either case, the connection between Ephesus and the Bee is irrefutable, for “Ephesus” is thought to derive from the word “Apasas”, which was the name of the city in the Bronze Age and a pre-Greek word meaning Bee. Bees are often depicted on statues of Artemis | Diana and her headdress frequently hints at a Beehive style design.”

Often when I am working at a site, opening up vortices in the earth, bees are part of it. In Tel el Amarna, Egypt, I opened the vortex, or Gate, which had been closed when they shut down the energy of the city before Horemheb moved everyone back to Thebes. When I opened the vortex, which was in the form of a link lotus, millions of bees flew out and flew all over Egypt, collecting pollen.

On another occasion, while connecting Luxor temple with the Temple of Khonsu, bees appeared, which then turned into priestesses, who then helped me to anchor the energies. After that I saw lots of related bee energies and would often see a woman dressed in white, offering me a honey-comb, dripping with honey.

“Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas (1921 – 1994) writes of this passage by Porphyry: “…we learn that Artemis is a bee, Melissa, and that both she and the bull belong to the moon. Hence both are connected with the idea of a periodic regeneration.  We also learn that souls are bees and that Melissa draws souls down to be born.”

This I found very interesting! “We also learn that souls are bees and that Melissa draws souls down to be born”. One of the things I do is I work with newborn babies. I am often in communication with them before they are born and if I am to play a part in their life purpose then they tell me how they are faring inutero. Sometimes if they have had a difficult time, I give them healing, so that they can manage this new situation. My guides explained, saying that the new souls being born into this region, are being born into new frequencies and need some help adjusting to them. Because the energy of the Earth is changing they need to be physically aligned to its newer energies. Up until the point they told me this I had been wondering why I was healing so many new-born babies. Often the babies had been born in traumatic circumstances, either prematurely, or unexpectedly, and had often not been expected to survive.  Sometimes I connect my energy to the soul of the child and ‘remind’ it of what it is has come to do. This is a particularly lovely feeling and it connects me to the child on a soul level, so that we remain connected. Artemis is also Goddess of childbirth and protector of women in labour and of young girls. Other Gaia Method healers, who have also been initiated into the Artemis temple, speak of the same experiences, of helping younger women during labour and assisting with animal birthings. It is as if we play the dual role of physical midwife and energetic midwife, birthing these new souls. I find that I play a role in the girl-child’s life up to a certain point. It is as if I am giving them the energies they need as a foundation, and then they are on their way. But I keep an eye on them from a distance!

Artemis is Goddess of Nature, her nymphs inhabiting streams and rivers. Where the waters meet with the sea, an energy shift occurs. The meeting place of these waters is significant as the sea energy is different to that of the land. The river water goes through an energetic transformation as it passes into the sea.

She is the Goddess of the Wilderness and of Wild animals. But is this the natural wilderness or our human wilderness, as spoken of in the initiation into her temple? Perhaps is is both; as a reflection. Although many of us seem to become more involved in the care of animals or birds, or both.

She is a Lunar Goddess, and on the first level of her temple initiation, we are given a lunar god/goddess aspect to work with. This perhaps reflects the energies which we most need to work on in ourselves, as we shine a light into our darkness.

My very first experience of Artemis at a British site was in the North of England. You can read about that here. I was a little surprised that it was a Greek Goddess, but perhaps it was because she represented a Goddess that we no longer have a name for.

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