The Three Creative Centers.

PicsArt_143860512539 - CopyWelcome to my domain. All that you see around you, in the form of trees and plants, wild animals and tame, the cycles and the seasons, come under my rulership. The Devic realms, and all the realms of earthly light, are within my territory, my ‘land’, for I am known as the Devic Lord, the Lord of elemental light and life. It is my task to oversee the smooth evolution of nature and the light within nature.

Come with me now on a journey into that light and see for yourself how all is put together. Try as you might, in your everyday consciousness, you cannot begin to imagine the ‘delicate intricacies’, that make up the creation and maintenance of nature. It is my task now to give you a glimpse of my world so that you can share the awareness of this light with your world.

In your greatest imaginings, you cannot begin to comprehend the task which we share with you. It goes beyond anything you have ever known. Our task is Herculanian, a mighty task, yet a task full of wisdom and caring.

Nature can be both a terror, frightening, and a joy, pleasing. In order to work with the cycles of time, you need to understand nature and her ways.

It is I, as Lord of light, who takes Nature’s creations and ‘evolves’ them. I mold them with light and ensure their survival. Yet now my task has become more difficult because of the interference of man’s greed. They are destroyers, not creators and yet they have the potential to create.PicsArt_11-02-12.04.56ghj

Man’s eternal desire is always to create and grow but this desire has become masked in pain and coldness, and so his creative forces cannot flow. This constriction of the creative channels blocks other avenues of expression, such as love, compassion and loyalty, respect and admiration. In the blocking of these channels all connection to the beauty and joy inherent in Nature’s creations can not be seen or acknowledged. They cannot be valued and emulated.

The only way that mankind can move forward now is through the unblocking of these channels of light and creation and the only way that these creations can be manifested is through the unblocking of those channels.

In order to create one must be clear, clear in body, mind and spirit. When one reaches this point of clarity the creations in and of the soul begin to peek their heads out and call for attention.

When mankind has opened these creative channels and begun to create ‘life’ and ‘light’ from within then can nature find her ‘flow of creation’ once more and the lords of light, and the Mother, can continue their works of creation.

To begin, one must clear the channels in the body so that the forces of light from the Sun and the forces of light within the earth can flow like the lemniscate, filled with rainbow light. It is these forces within you now which drive you to create your forms. Allow them to flow through you, your body and mind, filling your form with rainbow light.

Through the heart flows the majestic lines of heavenly art. Through the solar plexus flow the lines of earthly creation and through the sacral centre flow the juices of the Mother’s creations. In all three of these centres unify your intentions. Create a matrix of light, joining these three centres into one, a unified chakra, yet still three.

These three centres are the most important centres in the human body. In order to create from your soul all three of these centres must act as one. We do not speak here of anything other than the use of these three chakras within the creative forces of the Soul, as these chakras also have their other functions. But in terms of working with the creative forces of light and life one must be proficient in using these three chakras.

For this reason, you need to clear these three centres when working with the forces of Nature.

We leave you now with these words of light: “Creation has many purposes but its primary function is to create life, in all its forms.”

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