Working with the Devic Forces.

DSCN0689Working with the Devic forces means becoming aware of all the ways in which humanity uses and abuses the gifts of the Divine Mother and Father. In days gone by people completely understood their relationship to the earth and sun and to the continuing cycles of time and space.  Many of you  now are coming to the awareness and knowledge of how the Devic forces create your world and you are beginning to learn to work in harmony with it.

Let me show you now how to further your ability in working with these forces. It is an easy task and yet it is also not easy. The Devic forces control the weather, the cycles of the seasons and the ability for life to sustain itself. However, mankind’s efforts in the opposite direction puts the world’s survival in jeopardy.

Try this now: allow your everyday thinking to change its direction. Move your attention to all those things which you take for granted, such as heating, light and food. Imagine, if you will, how you would survive if your world as you currently know and enjoy it, were to fail. How might you survive? In your current way of living, you would probably starve as you have no way of surviving without your superstores.

How would you heat your home? You could not as you have no source of fire, another element man cannot live without.

And as for water? Where would you get that? Everything is provided for you, you have to work for nothing.

Now, the suggestion we make is this: try to move your attention to living within the elemental realm. IN HARMONY WITH ALL LIFE AROUND YOU! You know how to do this as you have done it many times before. All you need to do is REMEMBER.IMG_0149 (2)

Move your consciousness to that place in your body which feels the most connection to the earth, your Mother. When you have done this allow images from the past to flood your mind and record the images you see.  When you have done this design a life around them.

This process will take many months but in the end, you will find that life has taken on a different hue. The world of nature will be One with you. Everything you use, everything you wear, everything you eat, will come from the natural world. Nothing synthetic will survive in the New World for separation  will no longer be desired.

The energies of nature flow all around you and you can feel its impact now on your field. Allow this to be so. Return to the natural world. Taking advantage of past skills and combine your spiritual work with the natural world then teach others to do the same.

Allow this to be your dream.

We leave you now with these words:

“Strive to achieve the best that you can and believe in the forces of nature to support you”.

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