The History of The Gaia Method. Introduction.

I suppose it had to start somewhere, but finding its ‘beginning’ is a challenge. If it wasn’t for the years of healing and attunements and activations I had done prior to the beginning, it never would have come about in the first place.

I had my first Usui Reiki attunement from a friend, Corrinne, who passed the most amazing attunements, back in 1994, but I was introduced to Reiki by a good friend named Ani, who had only recently been attuned herself. This was in the UK, three years after I had left Ireland, in very traumatic circumstances, with four small children in tow, and £200 pounds in my pocket.

After a very dysfunctional three years I finally found my path, with the help of my friends and my sister Nympha. We did counselling courses together and Tarot classes with Rosemary Prince. These three things were my foundation. Reiki, psychic development and psychodynamic counselling. I became a Psychodynamic counsellor and trained in many different Reiki modalities and became a ‘Master’ in a few of them. I did workshops with Jhadten Jewell, which were amazing and then in 2001 I travelled to Egypt to do an Ascension workshop with Anrita Melchizadek in Giza. Prior to that I did Magnified Healing and Flower of Life workshops.

Throughout that time, I had also been in an intense healing process; healing myself of abusive experiences from my early childhood, doing much work in co-dependency within my relationships, and did many parenting courses to help me with my children. After all that I fulfilled a childhood ambition and trained in Archaeology.

View from Katy Noura Butler's house in Giza.

View from Katy Noura Butler’s house in Giza.

Going to Egypt was an amazing experience, and it set the stage for the following phase of healing which began as soon as I stepped foot back in the UK. Once I got back my ‘upward’ movement stopped completely, well, actually it crashed! No longer was I a believer in all things metaphysical, at least I stopped believing in the things which the New Age told us were vital to our development, such as crystals, etc. I was working in a New Age shop, called The Speaking Tree, in Winchester, and it all felt like BS. I could no longer do it. I felt like everything I had ever believed in was gone and I was going through a huge void. Nothing mattered anymore. I had discovered Dr. Michael Newton a few years earlier and then discovered that there was a Life Between Life Practitioner only an hour’s drive away!! I booked an appointment as quick as a flash and drove to Dorset to see Andy Tomlinson.

That session changed my view on everything and it connected me to my soul history, and who I was, in a way which has never left me. It opened me to my immortal self. It made me realise that everything we experience has a reason, and that reason might not be what we think it is. I had to look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes while still looking with the eyes of my personality. It takes a long time!!!

The following year I did the Seventh Ascension initiation with Anrita and after that I spent an extremely stressful summer with three of my daughters who lived with me in Winchester. I got so stressed that one day I just walked out of the house, got in my a car and drove, crying all the way to… anywhere. I put on Skunk Anansie full blast, then drove to Farley Mount, our local forest, then I got out and walked. I walked through the woods until dark, not caring about the rapists who frequented the place. I dared them to come and harm me. I was so angry, they wouldn’t have stood a chance. Places I was normally fearful of going into, because they were places which might cause harm, I was no longer fearful of. This became a very important part of my work.

Every day I went somewhere. I could not bear to be at home, but my guides started hinting that I should do some of the lightbody work I had learned from Anrita… out in the woods. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, but I followed my intuition and one day, found myself at a Bronze Age burial mound in the woods.

That was the start of it all. I found I could ‘see’ lines of light entering the mound, and I understood exactly what I had to do. I don’t know how I knew, it just seemed to happen. I began to get hints more and more and I spent most of the summer wandering the woods and local areas, doing energy-work. I loved it. I was still occasionally helping out in The Speaking Tree and one day Chris walked in. While doing the 6th Ascension Initiation with Anrita in Giza, I had been shown the name CHRIS written in the sky above Akhenaten, in the meditation. I had no idea who Akhenaten was, as I had no interest in Egypt before going there.  As soon as I saw Chris I could see the Egyptian Winged disc above his head. I invited him to come to a meditation group I was running in my house. That was the beginning of our work together, although I did not understand that until much later. It was also much later that I realised that this was the Chris I had been shown while in Giza. Then it all made sense.

I attuned him to Reiki, and he did other Reiki modalities too, Flower of Life workshops, and work with Jhadten. We spent a lot of time exploring ancient settlements and doing energy-work, all over the British Isles. It was on one of these days, out in Selbourne Woods, that I received the first Gaia Method symbol and its meaning.

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