Homecoming, A Wizard’s Story.

My first book is now available to buy on Amazon, in both Ebook/Kindle and Paperback. It has been a labour of love! But this is only the beginning. The next book, which I am currently one third of the way through, follows on from this one.

The books are a spiritual journey in themselves. They are works of fiction, but embedded in the stories are codes and keys of an energetic nature, designed to awaken those of you who have already decided, before your birth, to awaken to your Soul path.

As you read them, your Soul will recognise the symbols and energies, and seeds will germinate in your psyche, awakening you to your potential.

In the years to come, you may well find yourself walking the path of the Creators: the path of the healer, the artist, the writer, and guardian of the natural world.

During this time of great change, you are ALL needed.

Bill is not happy. He is an overlooked, overworked, underpaid wizard and if things don’t change soon, he might just have to do something drastic. Pushed to his limit, he decides, that in order to have the freedom he craves, changes will have to be made — and fast.
Unfortunately, things do not always go to plan and Bill finds himself the unwitting protector of an abandoned baby dragon named Scarlet. As he learns to care for her, the changes he wanted happen without him even realising, and he discovers, the hard way, that change isn’t always as easy, or as desired, as he’d imagined.
Journey with Bill and Scarlet as they are initiated into the world of the Shepherdesses: the protectors of Divine Balance on Earth. Follow them through a labyrinth of lessons and life challenges as they learn to live in the care of the Great Mother, the Soul of Planet Earth.
Let them, in their turn, guide you on your journey into the Mother’s world, to meet the many Beings who reside within the protection of her Ruby heart.

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