Communicating with Trees.

treemanCommunicating with Trees is very simple. You just sit, or stand, with your back against the tree trunk and you intend that your energy-field blends with the energy-field of the tree. You imagine that both your ‘fields’ are One. Then you wait! If you are with a Dryad, and this will be pretty clear already because you will feel something different about the tree, then you just keep your inner senses open and watch to see what happens. The tree might need your help, to clear it or to change its field, or something entirely unexpected. Or it might share with you, its energy. It might send impressions into your mind telling you what it needs. You just have to be open to whatever  you receive.

It does take some trust, and sensitivity to energy communication, but once you have done it you will always recognise the energy. Sometimes, even just passing a Dryad, it will make it’s presence felt. As you walk through its huge energy-field you may ‘imagine’ that the tree is an old man, or an old woman. Don’t dismiss this feeling as you are picking up the age of the Dryad. You will ‘know’ which of the trees is the Dryad.

Dryads are easy to recognise as they seem to ‘pull’ your awareness of their energy to them, through love and appreciation. You might be out walking and suddenly feel how beautiful a tree is. Your heart feelings are triggered. No matter how old, or young a Dryad is, you will feel a heart connection. DSCN0315

Trees which are close to human habitation are often ‘memory-holders, especially ones near churches or old human settlements! So they might choose to share with you the history of where they grow. That can be fascinating. Some of these trees, especially yew trees, grow to a very old age, so they can hold vast amounts of memory-energy.

Trees that are about to be felled, for one reason or another, might need other assistance, such as requesting that you hold the energy until either a new tree is planted, or another tree can be found to hold the energy elsewhere.

Some trees will communicate with you that they need to be cleared of negative energy, or healed, on some level. Just follow your impulses and do what the tree requests, just as you would a person. Sometimes trees are so filled with negative energy, such as toxic fumes from human existence, that there is nothing you can do for them. In those instances you just have to honour the experience of the tree, recognising their sacrifice to the environment. You could send those trees your appreciation of its work.

The more time you spend around Dryad’s, and within their energy-field, the more you will pick up the energy that they are picking up from the Earth’s consciousness. They know more about the world, and it’s future, than we do!

B0004259Sometimes when a tree wishes to communicate with you you will feel a ‘pulling’ sensation in your belly. It is literally ‘pulling’ your awareness to itself so that you stop and ‘talk’. Once you have stopped, with the intention of listening, you will know what to do, or the tree will show you what it is doing.

Trees always remind me of elephants! I think it must be because they are so huge and the fact that they hold memory. They also know what is coming for the world. After my last experience with the young beech tree in Farley Mount Woods I received this channelling. That made me realise that the tree’s connection to the earth means a lot more than I originally understood. They not only connect us to the past they also give us information about the future!

So when you blend your energy with a tree, be aware that anything could happen. Thankfully trees are way smarter than us and only give us what we are energetically able to manage. Another lesson we can learn from them.

I lately received a book I had been wanting for a long time, by Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of Findhorn. Call of the Trees. Well worth buying if you want to work with tree consciousness. One of the most important messages which trees impart is the need for old, large trees. In cutting down our ancient trees we are cutting ourselves off from their important work. Not only do they do what we already know but they also transmit forces of energy into their surroundings, as I’ve already experienced. As the tree devas say:

We would emphasise the absolute necessity to have large trees for the well-being of the land. The control of such things as rainfall is often in our hands, but as well we draw forth inner radiances, which are as necessary to the land as rain.”

They say that mature trees are the skin of this world; take them away and the whole creature can no longer function, but dries up and dies. We need to be working with trees.B0003840

In the words of the Deva (overall consciousness) of the trees:

“Just tune into nature until you feel the love flow. That is your arrow into the Deva world. It does not matter if there is a message or not, it is the state which counts. Always it is your state which nature responds to, not what you say, not what you do, but who you are.”

From the Beech tree:

“When you are receptive to us, it is as if you are part of our forces; you blend in and you like it, and we like it. When you are not so tuned in, you are cut off and there is no contact between us. We send a blessing in this rare contact. We bless all who come within our influence, but generally it falls on barren ground. Still, we pour our blessing down in everlasting benediction, unmoved, as you come and go your various ways. Your reception repays us a hundred-fold and we give thanks to our creator.”

2 thoughts on “Communicating with Trees.

  1. Thanks for referencing Dorothy Maclean’s book! I was not aware of it. I have her book “To Hear the Angels Sing” in German, and I posted the first part of the chapter “The Message of the Large Trees” on my blog. I was also told that trees communicate the new consciousness to their environment and that is why they are important and why there are so many activities going on at the moment to have them destroyed. It is an attempt to contain that new unfolding consciousness.

    Sometimes trees want to communicate not because they need something from you, but because they want to give something to you. I had to learn that. 😉 I used to think when a tree calls out to me it’s because I should do something for it. Then one evening when I was coming out of a park on my way home, I heard a chestnut tree calling me to come over. I was very tired, so I said, “Sorry, mate, I’m too tired right now, I can’t do anything for you.” It repeated: “Just come over.” So I did. And it turned out the chestnut wanted to give me energy, not the other way around! I was very grateful, but also very astonished. Since then, I have come to know the chestnuts a bit better. I feel they have a very motherly, nurturing energy.

    Another time I came out of a lecture of Marko Pogacnik, who is a renowned Earth healer and geomancer, but the energy in that room had been draining and scattered. (maybe from the listeners). When I came out I felt dizzy and off-centre. The trees helped to re-align and center my energy again. It’s like they really love to help!

    BTW, the chestnuts told me one other thing. They have had the leafmining moths for some years now. Many people see them as sick or suffering because of it, and I was thinking of doing a healing meditation, but they didn’t want that. They told me that the Earth wants to be seen in her beauty and strength. She does not want to be seen as a sick old woman who needs to be taken care of. She wants us to see her in all her strength and her beauty, and wants us to know that she can do anything she needs. By seeing her this way, we amplify her strength. By seeing her the other way, we amplify her weakness.

    I have started visualizing the Earth with many old, strong and healthy trees. I feel now it’s better to envision what I want to see in the world, than resisting what I don’t want, because that means giving it energy.

    Thank you for honouring the trees! 🙂


    • I completely agree Zarah! I tend to receive more from trees than I give. Definitely better to focus on the positive we want we want than to focus on the negative stuff that is happening. Although being aware of it, peripherally, is not necessarily a bad thing, so long as we don’t become emotionally engaged with it. Send me the link to your blog about the trees, if you like, and i will put it on my page. I do have your blog link, but not to that specific post. Your tree experiences are really interesting.
      Yes I have read a lot of Marko Pogacnik. We do a lot of the same work, although with a different methodology. In the Gaia method we tend to use the ‘sword’ as our acupuncture needle rather than stone, and half the time when I am working with towns and cities I have no idea what the energies are doing, I just do them. part of me knows! LOL. Your work is very grounded and Mother-centred so maybe that is why you felt a little off-centre. He works with lots of different levels. But I tend to automatically go to trees now to recentre myself. They have become my support, when I am healing or going through a particularly difficult phase of personal healing. I am so glad that I am in the UK right now, because of all the wonderful trees.
      Its nice to hear from you again Zarah, keep in touch! 🙂


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