Attunements: 3rd Level of the Artemis Temple

earthThe third sphere of the Artemis Temple path: At this level, you are completely focused on your work as a representative of the Divine Feminine/Masculine on the planet. Devotion is the main energy at this level.

Whichever Goddess temple, or Knight energy, you belong to, is who you represent when teaching and passing on the codes of light. You are connected to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Teachers in other dimensions and to all intents and purposes you are their channel for energy on the physical planet. Their energy is contained in your consciousness, and your own Soul facilitates this because there is no separation.

At this stage, you again receive hathor_risingsymbol energies which allow you to directly communicate and receive information from the Energies you are energetically bonded to. You become the channel, and embodiment for that knowledge, wisdom, and frequency of healing love. You are still completely yourself, but you are more healed, more expanded and much wiser. All your personal desires are ‘quiet’ as you realise that it is the Mother’s Will which guides your actions and not your own. This applies to where you go, how you express your gifts, etc, but it does not mean that you lose yourself. You become more of yourself. What you create from this expanded self is far better than anything you could have created with your own desires alone.

Here, you understand completely why you are here doing what you are doing. There is no longer any resistance or fear for your future, because you trust your own Self. You KNOW that you have a job to do and you do it. You are your Divine Self on earth, and when you look back on your life and all the trials and challenges it took to get here, you realise that it all has been worth it and you would not change a thing.

You are still human, with human feelings and thoughts, but you know how to manage them and how to heal them, so they do not control your life or make you feel helpless and hopeless. You move through them, because you know that there is no other way.

But this is just the beginning of this sphere of development and as you progress through it, learning and teaching, you add more wisdom and more learning to it, more energies and more abilities. And on it goes.

We are the channels through which these ancient Goddess energies flow. The expression of the qualities of that goddess are ours as are the qualities of the Knights, and servers of the Mother, as they flow through men.

Divine Balance, in all things, is our mutual goal.

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