Workshops and Training.

There are three paths for the Gaia Method. You can take the Therapeutic Path, where you learn the Gaia Method for healing, as part of your therapeutic practice; or you can take the Path of Earth Energy-worker, focusing on earth-work in the Landscape; or you can take the path of the Initiate, in service to the Divine Feminine. Each path incorporates the other, so if you decide that you feel drawn to being an Earth-energy-worker, then that will also include the Therapeutic path, and the Initiatic Path also includes the Therapeutic and the Earth Energy Path.pathway optionslarge

The only path that is not consciously chosen is the Initiatic Path. This is the initiation into the Temple of Artemis. If your soul is an Initiate then that will be made clear at the beginning of your attunement. Otherwise you can choose the Path you feel more drawn to.

Learning the Gaia Method, and/or receiving Gateway initiations, or any of the other attunements, can be done either in a weekend workshop out in nature and Sacred Sites, Weekend training at a venue, or as a day trip to a few sacred sites, depending on whether it is the Therapeutic path, or the Earth Energy path. You might begin at Path 1, but progress later onto Path 2, or you may remain doing the work you enjoy at Path 1. All Paths are an individual choice and all are valuable to the Whole.

Training can be done as a group, or you can have your training alone, where and when you feel comfortable. Each way has benefits. The group energies mean we are connected as One energy and the energies can be quite powerful, plus we get to work on sites as we receive the energies. Individual training means you can do it privately and you get my undivided attention!

Group Workshops.

We keep workshops small so that each participant will get the most out of their attunements and can then receive what other energies/gateway initiations, that they require. The workshop price covers all attunements, initiations, training, and materials, plus entrance fees if needed (if you are an Earth-energy-worker).  For workshops, accommodation is extra. I provide a list of B & B’s. I try to make sure that we stay in the same B & B, as it adds to the Group energy, but some people might want a more private experience.)

For Earth Energy Workshops we usually spend time at particular locations, traveling from site to site, as time and weather permit. Initiations can be experienced, one person at a time, at a particular place and then, once everyone has received their attunements, we work with the energies on the sites.

Often, additional initiations and attunements are carried out, if I am guided to do so, so that every participant gets what they need. They can experience both the group and individual energies.

Training Day-Trips.

Next year we will be offering a 12 week training course, over the summer months in the UK and Ireland. Once you have done the first level of the Gaia Method, or later, you can do the 12 week training course. These are usually carried out on a Saturday or Sunday, when most people are free. Again we travel to local sacred sites, especially ones which are not commonly known, so that you get a good feel for how to locate a site and how to sense when you are at one! It is not always obvious. (If you are unable to do a weekend day then I can organise a weekday training trip.) These day trips will focus one one aspect of earth-healing at a time, such as burial mounds, Hill-forts, trees, rivers, mountains, hill tops, sea-shores, ancient settlement sites, Churches and Stone circles,  etc. We will also focus on Soul-Rescue skills, clearing stagnant energy, anchoring discs, opening Meridians and energy-lines, and communicating with the elementals.

There are 12 training days a year, one per week, during the summer, and you can sign up for all 12, or you can sign up for the ones you feel drawn to doing.

During the Winter months in Egypt, if you want do some Egyptian Energy Work, we will focus on the Temples, Mortuary Temples and Tombs, accessing the information there, anchoring flames, working on the Grid, anchoring the energy lines and releasing soul fragments, which are trapped inside ancient burials.

(I can help with Accommodation and Transport in Luxor too.)

Healing Sessions.

There will be time for some individual healing sessions before the workshops. These are always helpful as they prepare your field for the incoming energies, and may make your experience of the workshop more powerful. I am always available for support and healing during the workshops, and after.


Weekend workshop prices will be announced when I have organised the workshop, but usually it costs £100 for the energetic part of a two-day workshop. Accommodation, transfer and food is separate, unless we get an all in deal. The £100 also includes entrance fees to any site.  If we do not have to pay for sites then the cost of the workshop is £75 per person. This includes training manual, report and certificate.

The 12-week training program costs £20 per day, per person.

Healing sessions cost between £10 and £20 each, depending on the length of the session.

Payment for distant attunements and workshops can be made through paypal, by using my email address, or via bank transfer, or as a cash payment.
Workshops will require a deposit of 20% of the full cost, as venues will have to booked in advance of the workshop. The deposit is also your commitment to the Workshop and ensures your place.The full cost will have to be made two days before the workshop begins.
As soon as workshop/Training program dates are announced I will also have cost information. I try to keep the costs down so that those who would like to do the training, but who are not yet ready to sell their child, can participate!

If money is an issue, then Day Training Programs are a good option, as then you don’t have to worry about accommodation or travel expenses.

All the money from the training and workshops is going towards building our own Gaia Method centre here in Egypt, where people can come and stay with us for a period of time; learn, grow and live in a centre dedicated to the Mother.
I look forward to working with you.

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