The Temple of Artemis.

artemis_templex_thumb.jpgA message from the Mother Goddess Artemis:

”It is through nature that we maintain the balance of the earth. Through us too humanity gains the fruit of life, its abundances, its clear running waters, all that is needed to survive on this green and blue planet. Becoming a temple priest/priestess means becoming a Guardian of nature, a Guardian of all that nature creates, which includes mankind, all of the animals and plant-life, and all of the processes of wind, rain, fire and earth.

All is under my dominion, for I am caretaker of the Earth and She is my charge. To all who would wish to serve me I bestow many gifts, the gift of Life, the gift of Abundance, the gift of Spiritual Awareness, your divinity in the form of God/Goddess. For those who wish to serve also wish to serve the Earth, in all her glory and in all her guises, for there are many. She brings life, but also brings destruction, for that is the way of life. All form that is created is one day, uncreated and that is how it has always been. To you who wish to serve we say this: live not in the world of man but in the world of Love, for Love is the heart of the Mother and to the Mother we must all return, once our bodies have fulfilled their earthly sojourn. You, as spirit, inhabit briefly, the body made of My body, the Earth, and that must be returned to me when your need of it has finished. Honour My body as you honour your own. Plant sweet herbs and trees, bring beauty to my world, the world which is also yours. Honour your co-creative abilities and bring Heaven to Earth once more. WE are a team , you and I, and together Eden will once again be restored, through the balance of nature in harmony with our father,the sun. We are your parents and you, our children. ‘Honour thy father and thy mother’ and you will grow into a world that is becoming. “ 

That is the core of the Priest/Priestess path of the Artemis temple, put far more succinctly than I could have done myself!

“Set up a Temple of Artemis. Its outer form is regulated by the thought forms of mass consciousness but its inner form will take the form of a temple of priestesses dedicated to the Great Mother Artemis. “

“Now is the time to allow the mysteries to awaken in the hearts of men and women everywhere, in fact it is imperative that it do so. Without this knowledge, the sacred work of rebuilding the planetary balance, and synchronization necessary to maintain balance, cannot be achieved.

There are three levels to this system:

· The first level is the journey through the wilderness. This is the wilderness of your own fears, desires and thought streams. In this part of the process, there is a need to discard all unnecessary encumbrances and free yourself from outmoded thoughts and desires. It takes as long as the candidate requires and there is no deadline for its accomplishment. It is, after all, a soul journey and not a personality journey.

· The second level involves learning to work as a unit; as a team. The Serpent Goddess priesthood, such as the Artemis and Diana Mystery Schools maintained a balance of unity in the souls and minds of the people and this now is the next level of development. The first level is primarily a solitary one whereas this second level is the level of relationship and unification.

· The third level requires that the candidate undergo a trial by fire in which all aspects of the personality are finally purged. With the completion of this last and most profound initiatic level, self determination is finally achieved and unity with both the God and Goddess accomplished. It is perhaps the hardest of the levels to complete but it is also the most awakening.

When these three levels are complete you are then a fully fledged and self-realised representative of the Goddess/God.”

These initiations are a vital part of the Gaia Method System of Healing. They are energy activations and transmissions which put you on the path to Service of the Divine Feminine and to Planetary Balance. The Gaia Method Symbol Attunements are the keys and codes of the system, designed to align you with the energies you need in order to carry out your Earth healing work. They are your ‘toolbox’.

The Artemis initiations place your feet on the path of service to the Divine Feminine in her Earth form, Gaia. It is a spiritual path which takes in all cultures and times. Having the attunement into the Temple, which is a thought-form of service to the Mother, awakens all of those other lifetimes where you trained in the Mystery Schools of the Goddess, in whatever form that took, reawakening any gifts and skills you gained during those lifetimes.

During your initiation the Goddess gives you the tools you need to be her ambassador. When I pass these attunements I am channelling the energy of Artemis, sometimes she comes through as Diana, her Roman equivalent, or Isis. Sometimes too the attunements are given as a Priestess of a male God, such as Anubis, who seems to work hand in hand with Hathor/Isis, in the Egyptian temples.  The Goddess places your feet on the path of service but  she always asks if you are willing to accept her conditions; she never assumes. Your soul is free to agree or not.  If you accept her conditions she gives you whatever gifts she knows will serve you. One of the gifts is usually a sword of some type. The type of sword can be a clue to where your service is most needed in the world. When I was first given mine, thinking I was just experiencing another meditative vision, I was doing earthwork in Wales, at a place called Cader Idris. A most elemental, clear and wonderful place. This is my journal entry for this time:

“The first one was in Cader Idris (6/4/07 )when I experienced an initiation into the temple of Artemis. It was one of those fertility times where I became one with the mountain; I anchored both the rose and diamond energy there. I saw her emerging from the mountain, huge and white and loving then found myself in her garden. Two female guards allowed me to go in to her temple. She was looking at me and all I could see was her head and face. She had a white veil on her head and a yashmak covering the bottom half of her face. She had deep brown beautiful eyes and she was looking straight through me. She held out a scimitar (sword) wrapped in white silk and a white buffalo calf skin. She asked me if I was ready to take the sword now and I asked her what it represented. ‘Power and authority’ she replied. I thought about it for a minute and felt that yes, I could take it now. She placed in my hands. Artemis-the-hunters-of-artemis-30711061-300-300

Then I was in her temple with others. When I was called to her, as she sat on a raised dais, I placed my sword on the ground in front of me and knelt in obeisance. She spoke to me asking me if I was prepared to take what was being offered. I replied that I was. She then told me that I needed to make certain vows before I would be accepted at this level:

‘Are you ready to accept the sword?’ Yes.

‘Will you dedicate yourself to the anchoring of Love and Light?’ Yes

‘Do you vow to leave the Earth Plane when your mission is complete?’  This last freaked me out for a minute but I figured that there wouldn’t be much point in hanging around if I had completed my work anyhow, so I answered! Yes.

When I had answered all three questions she beckoned to me to come to her. I laid the sword on the ground in front of me and stood over it to walk and stand in front of her. She handed me a scroll and a very large amphora of sweet anointing oil. I accepted these gifts and walked back down to my place, stepping back over the sword as I did so. I picked up the sword and placed it at my left side. Kneeling, facing her she came down to me and placed both hands on my head, giving me a blessing. A High Priestess then led me out of the temple and showing me a beautiful landscape said “ All this is yours. Be powerful in it”.”

It has taken me a few years since this experience to actually understand what had happened. The scimitar is connected to the Middle East, which is where I live now. I really do need its help here! The anointing oil Channelled information on the Initiations into the Temple of Artemis.

artemis_ephesusDuring the first initiation you dedicate yourself to service of the Earth. Often, you are given a sword, if what you are trying to achieve includes the need for clarity and power. When I was given my Scimitar, I had no idea that I would be trying to do energywork in Egypt, where male power is so out of balance. I have to constantly keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles from the male belief systems, appear in front of me.

Each level is represented by a God/Goddess energy, which will give you some idea of what energies you will be working through at each level. The first level is usually the Lunar path, where you begin your deep healing, shining light into your own darkness. It is your ‘wandering in the Wilderness’. As your darkness is also part of our collective darkness you also learn about the unconscious beliefs and emotions of the culture and place in which you live. As you heal your own issues, which match the issues around you, you help to move up through the darker layers, helping to raise the consciousness and energies of the place and people around you, even if it doesn’t seem like it! The results might not be apparent until many years later.

The second level begins a new chapter of service. And again you take on a new God/Goddess aspect, or an aspect from mythology.  It is all about energies and archetypes. The God/Goddess aspect which is yours, is an indication of what development you need and what your service is to be. Usually before moving up to the next level you can feel the changes happening so that when you receive the initiation, it makes perfect sense. As usual your healing is part of the healing of the whole and can last as long as it needs to. There are no time limits to these levels.

The third level changes things again, and once more your God/Goddess energy vibration changes.  At this level your focus is completely on your spiritual life, and working in service. Everything you do is dedicated to the Mother. In many ways it is like renouncing the world and living entirely in service. As I have only recently had this level activated I have no idea how it is going to be, but I’ll get back to you when I know! But I can already feel it coming…and it feels good!

The attunements for me are slightly different.  In their attunements I am the one giving the energy but under instruction from a male spirit, often a Shamanic figure or masculine energy. I would love it if more men were drawn to this work as everything is about Balance.

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  1. Hello

    I would like to know more about learning how to do the gaia method of healing, and also about receiving an attunement

    Jaqueline xx


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