Working with the Energyfield.

The most important thing, when doing energy-work, is to build a strong energy-field, or energy-body. Getting to know your energy-field, and building its frequency and size, means that you are also developing your Self. You are your energy field. It contains everything you need to know. It is like a vessel, a container for everything that you are in this lifetime, be it emotions, patterns of behaviour, thoughts, frequencies, keys, codes, memories and knowledge, both of this lifetime and all the other lives which you have lived. Everything you  have ever learned is in this field, although, like a computer, you only use certain ‘programs’ at a time.

When doing earth-work it helps if you FEEL the energies with your body. Your body is your map of the chakras that are being activated and which are not. Most earth energywork is felt in the Hara, the heart and the head, although sometimes it can be felt in other centres too.

Here is the exercise that I used to develop sensitivity in my energy-field so that I could get to know how I ‘felt’ in myself, and when I was doing energy-work or healing. Working with your energies directly, also provides you with an emotional map, because changes made to your field effect your behaviour, bringing things to the surface, as trapped emotional energies are released. The more you release, the more effective you become as an energy-worker. So here is the first basic exercise.

gold channel thru body sun and earth

Connecting to Sun and Earth.

Building your connection to Sun and Earth and Creating Healthy Boundaries.

1. Sitting in a comfortable position, but not so comfortable that you want to fall asleep. Keeping your back straight, state your intention silently to yourself that you are going to be spending the next 20 mins strengthening your field.  Take a deep breath into your Tan Tien (Small Star at your navel) and breathe out a long relaxing breath…

Continue breathing in and out of your Tan Tien, until you feel ready to continue. At this point you should be more aware of the  ‘inside of you’ than ‘the outside of you’. Moving your awareness inside can take as long as it takes, so just keep breathing until you feel fully centred, your awareness focused in your Tan Tien.

2. Now imagine that a gold line, the Hara Line, is extending from your Tan Tien into the earth beneath you. Let it connect to the earth’s core.  When it ‘feels’ anchored, imagine that the gold line is also moving up into the sun, through your body. Anchor it there and wait until you feel that line connecting you to sun and earth, is stable. Sit with this feeling of connection for a couple of minutes. This line makes you feel strong, centred and confident. It is your spiritual connection to All that is and to the Heart of the Mother. Your Tan Tien is the centre of your being.


3. You can see the sphere of your energy-field all around you. Your Tan Tien is at the absolute centre of this sphere.  To know the extent of your field, it should be at your fingertips, when your arms are outstretched and parallel to the ground.

If your aura is closer to your body then it can feel like you are being oppressed by others around you. Your own ‘personal’ space is not valued by others. You feel ‘squashed’ and small. You might pull it in to protect yourself. (image on the left is an energy-field which is too expanded).

If your aura is larger than your arms’ width, then you put a lot of your energy into outside things. People might perceive you as a ‘larger than life’ personality, or as dynamic and forceful.

4. ‘Look’ at the boundaries of your field. Is it spiky? Wobbly etc. How it looks is how you feel. A healthy aura should be at your fingertips with your arms outstretched to the side.  If it is doing any of the above then you can change it. If it is too big, mentally ‘pull’ it to a healthy size. If it is too small push it out, until it is at a healthy size. If you find either of things difficult to accomplish then it is pointing to issues which keep you in that pattern, so you are being given a clue.

Again, it is your field and you decide how it acts, so try again. If it helps, you can physically draw in or push out with your hands. I often still do that because it feels more tangible.

When you can bring it in to as healthy a size as possible, you can create a safe boundary around it. A protection, if that is needed. Allow your subconscious to create an image which means protection to you. If you work with other protective energies, such as the Violet Flame, then you can place those around your field.

Unhealthy Boundaries

Once you have placed your chosen protection around your now ‘healthy-sized’ energy field, you can take a few breaths and bring your awareness back into your physical surroundings, feeling more relaxed and empowered.

Do this basic exercise a few times a week and see how both your behaviour changes and the behaviour of others around you.

If you have always had problems asserting your values and needs then you might find that you stop being a doormat, and people start treating you differently as a result. Working with your energy-field helps you ‘know yourself’ better. (The image on the left is an energy-field which needs expanding).The more you use it, the easier it gets and you can soon do the entire exercise in a couple of minutes, or when you are walking to work, or even on-site!

This is the foundation for the other work to come, so becoming proficient in playing with your energy-field makes the exercises  which follow, that much easier.

If you want to go into Auras in more depth, I would recommend both of Barbara Brennan’s books. Hands of Light, and Light Emerging.

The Shining Ones.

Channelling Received 6th July 2015.

mesolithic campIt was on a moonlit night when we first left our shores. None of us knew when we would return as we faced into the West, heading into an unknown future.

We knew we could not look homewards, for in so doing, we knew that our hearts would surely break. Our destiny lay ahead, on wayward shores. Would they welcome us with open arms, or repel us with swords and shields? We knew not where our destiny would lead us, but we knew, without a doubt, that it would lead us somewhere.

Our lives, whilst on that journey wore long and hard, and there were times when we believed that we would never reach those distant shores, but we did, eventually.

When we landed we were greeted by our fore-runners, those brave souls, who by dint of their upbringing, were the privileged few to come to this new land. We knew not what to expect, but they were older souls than we, and knew how to live on these wild shores.

They greeted us as though we were family and welcomed us into their homes. We wined and dined and ate to our fill, but soon it became clear to us that this was not our home. We were needed elsewhere, somewhere wilder and forgotten.

We packed our belongings and set off into the wilderness, hoping to find the place wherein we could settle. Ours was a heavy burden and at times we despaired of ever finding a place to settle down. After years of moving and searching we came to this land, the land of your ancestors. It was a wild place, full of forests and wild beasts. No-one had yet settled here and so, in the beginning, we could only inhabit the outer edges, close to the sea.

The winters were harsh and the summers short and food was often in short supply. We learned how to fish and how to hunt in these surroundings and learned how to live, and survive, in this New Land. But we still did not feel that this was our home, so one day, we picked up our belongings and began to move again.birch pine forest

The going was slow, due to the dense vegetation and many of us lost our lives, scrambling through the thickets only to fall to our deaths over a sudden sheer cliff and into the deep valleys below. We were lost indeed.

But one day we found an area close to the sea, but on a rise in the land, and we decided to rest here for a while. We cleared away the trees and scrub and made an empty place in the forest. In order to keep out wild animals we built a palisade with a ditch outside of it and inside we built simple roundhouses of mud and wood. This became our home for a while. We fished, we hunted and life became less of a struggle.

One day a new person arrived. He had been travelling alone, lost and scared and had found our settlement. We let him in and listened to his story.

His settlement had been some distance away and it had been a good place to live. His father had been master of their people and his Mother, the living representative of the Great Mother in form. But there were those amongst the people who took no part in the running of the settlement. They wanted to contribute nothing, but spent their days in lazy self-indulgence. Their settlement began to split in two, some people supporting the camp and the others taking from it.

It was decided that those who took from it could no longer dwell within it, but the Takers disagreed and rebelled. The young man’s parents were both killed and the settlement burned to the ground. The survivors went out into the forests to try and find other settlements, as no-one knew where the other ones were, or if indeed, there were any others!

newton stoneWhen we heard this man’s tale it was unanimously decided that a network of lines should be established, which connected the settlements to each other. Marker stones would be erected showing the position and directions to each one. People were elected to find the other settlements and to put this idea to them. We reasoned that we would be safer if we knew the whereabouts of each other. We could form alliances to keep ourselves safe. Now not only were we protecting ourselves from the animals, but from people too.

And so they set off and, in time, many settlements were discovered, and nearly all of them agreed that it was a good idea. It would be harder for the rebels to rebel if they knew that other settlements would come to the aid of their leaders, most of whom were fair and devoted to maintaining the integrity of the settlement.

Then it was decided that there should be central communities, whose job would be to oversee and feed their own group of settlements. They began to create huge banks and ditches to mark out their own territory and all of those settlements were under the protection of the larger ones.

In order to maintain balance, the larger settlements were built on hilltops and most could be seen by the others.

All worked, for a time. The people lived abundant lives, peace reigned, with only minor grievances. But came a day when the invaders rolled up on our shores and everything changed. Our lives, our way of life, changed dramatically. We were no longer lords of our lands and one with the God and Goddess. Now we were outcasts, sent to the margins to live, but still under the central control of those who wished to take everything we had created.

Our people became the unwanted ones, as everyone joined forces with the new invaders who promised them power and wealth. Some of us remained; separate, nomadic travellers. We had returned to the old ways, but it was harder now. The invaders had taken our land, which they now controlled and so, they also controlled the food. WE returned to hunting and fishing to feed ourselves. What we had created in order to serve and support the communities, was now being used to control them, and there was nothing we could do to stop them. Celts1320

In despair we turned to the Goddess, and she told us to bide our time, that soon her ways would return and the ‘takers’ of this land would be gone. All that had once been, would be again.

Reassured, we waited, ever staying in the background, watching as waves of new invaders arrived, taking from the takers. But alongside them, came people from another land and they could see our handiwork. We rejoiced, for we thought that this was the time spoken of by the Goddess. But we were disappointed. They too were overtaken by the takers and all they had built, they lost.

Over and over again we watched those who would take, overtake those who tried to bring the balance back. To us it seemed like ‘soon’ was just too far away, so we shrank back into the forests and woodlands, slowly giving up hope that the Goddess would return. The land was a wasteland and we could no longer look upon it.

Then one day we noticed that something was changing. The world was getting brighter. At first we did not understand what this meant, but then the God and Goddess appeared to us and told us that it was Time; Time for their return to the land of men and to the honouring of each other, and of the Earth.

astraea_and_altennimer_by_irulana-d5m85vfWe were overjoyed and celebrated with huge feasts and dancing in the moonlight, for we still did not wish to be seen. But, we began to notice that there were people appearing in our world. Modern people who could see into our hidden places; people who desired to bring back the ways of the Old Ones.

We collectively decided to share our knowledge and wisdom with these people, for we could see who was pure of heart and who was not. Those whose intentions were true, we passed the knowledge to, making a pact with them that they would share this knowledge with others, who like them, also wanted peace and balance once more.

And now you know our story. We are the Sidhe of Old, the ancient energies who live in this world and who have been waiting for this time. We hope that our collaboration with you, and the ones like you, who are trying to ‘right’ the imbalances in the world, yields positive results. Only in working together can this work be established, and only in this collaboration can our lives mean something again.

We are glad that the humanity of the new World is working in partnership with the humanity of the Old World. Together we create a bridge of Light, a bridge that we hope many will cross, bringing our worlds together once more; bridging the wide gap of Time and Space to become One once more.

All of this we hope for and in our hope lies our deepest desire for communion. All for One and One for all. That is our hope. We greet you on this bridge, so that together we can walk into the future, hand in hand, as One.

The Shining Ones.

Healing your Energy Field.

auricbodiesAs a Planetary healer your most important tool is your energy-field. In order to heal effectively it is important to raise the vibration of your energy-field through exercises, emotional/mental healing and  attunements. It is a lifelong process and the more you clear yourself, the more  effective you become in your healing work. The more energy you are able to hold, and channel, through your field, the larger energies you can anchor.

Over the years I have received many attunements and done many workshops in my quest for healing. Many of the tools I learned, often through studying other channelled sources, helped me to open my ‘field’ to both my Soul Awareness and to being able to receive the Gaia Method training from my guides. I will provide you with the links to the most influential books I have read over the years, books which taught me how to connect and to clear. I will also share techniques, on other pages, which my own guides gave me, and exercises  to help you to build a strong energy field.

Every time you receive healing, or an attunement, you are putting new energy into your system. That higher vibrational energy releases old, denser energies, which may have been stuck for a long time. The more healing/energy you receive, the more the old stuff is released. Learning to recognise the source of the energy you are releasing is very helpful and gives you the knowledge that this too will pass. It helps you to understand that what you are experiencing is stuck emotional energy leaving your system, and that you are not going crazy! Sometimes, as a result of making choices that you know will bring healing, others might not understand why you are doing what you are doing. So long as you do the rest doesn’t matter and you learn to follow your own path regardless of what others might think.

The goal in the Gaia Method is to to be able to change the frequency of our field through intention. Sometimes we need to raise it and at other times we need to lower it. It depends on which energy layer we are working on at any particular time. healing_flow

If you feel drawn to doing a different healing workshop or training in different healing modalities, I would suggest that you follow that impulse. The more you do, the better you get ,and the more energies you can hold in your field, in the form of energy keys and codes. Everybody develops their own way of working and expressing those energies, so whatever floats your boat…

One of the misconceptions about becoming a healer is that we are suddenly magically healed. We find our soul mate, we attain the perfect body, we become rich. Our lives are comfortable and stress-free. We have everything we ever wanted etc. That might be true for some people, but its  an ideal which is pretty hard to attain. Getting to that place in our lives might take a lot of healing, depending on what we have come in to heal. Perfection is not the goal!

Through healing we become better healers. Our lives become better but not perfect. We might change how we feel about our bodies, we might, or might not, find a loving relationship. We might find ourselves happy not being in a relationship. We each create according to our dictates and beliefs.

What does happen is that we feel supported in our journey. We heal ourselves and release what no longer works for us, even if that takes many years. We allow ourselves to be guided by our guides and to follow the clues. We become more emotionally intelligent, we develop our greatest gifts.  We learn to accept ourselves. We become creative, powerful and centred people with a desire to serve humanity through our work. Not through our compulsive helping and healing, but by being ourselves. Most importantly we ‘know’ that we are souls, living in a human body, and that Earth is our chosen school of experience. We also become better at surfing energy and being anchors for the new keys and codes for the future of humanity. A worthwhile occupation to be sure!

Here is a list of some of the books I found most useful.

The best book to read on the Human energy field is Barbara Brennan’s Hands of light.  She is an amazing healer/teacher. Any of her books help you immensely in how to understand the human energy field.

Sanaya Roman. Soul Love: awakening your heart centres. I had some amazing experiences using the exercises in these books.

Any of the Seth books, by Jane Roberts.

All of Michael Newton’s Books. Life between Lives.

Elizabeth Haich, Initiation.

I have read thousands of books over the years but these are the ones I go back to.

Read whatever you feel drawn to, as that is what you need to read.

Personal therapy is also very good, as and when you feel you need some outside help.

Good video on grounding. Aura grounding and cleansing.

Tree-work 8/9 July 2015.

DSCN0693I went to a lovely woods last night for a walk. I wanted to visit the first tree I had ever connected to, so I went in search of it. The woods were magical and as soon as I walked into them the energy surrounds me. The Dryad there, ancient, spreads its energy-field over the entire  area. You can feel it within 10 metres of walking along the path into the woods.

It had been sixteen years since I had first seen it, so when I caught sight of it again I felt so excited! It was still here! It felt the same as finding a long lost treasure. But its branches were bare and ivy grew up all around it. (You can just about see Cheryl hugging the trunk on the left of the tree!)  I walked up to it and could feel its energy. It made my skin tingle. I felt it welcome me as a sister. I stood with my back to its trunk and I felt very energised. Initially all I could see was light around my vision, then I saw images of the Aran Islands and a gold key like a small arrow. I felt like the tree was telling me to go back there.

Then the energy shifted and I felt the familiar pulling in my Hara/centre.  I was feeling the tree’s massive energy. My whole body felt electrified. Then I saw, and felt, the tree place a cloak of its bark around my shoulders, like a cloak. It felt like protection and the essence of its ‘tree-ness’. Then I saw myself writing, and the tree said ‘write about us’.  They wanted me to share my experiences of them with others. No problem!DSCN0692

On the way back I watched a large hawk trying to steal the eggs and babies of blackbirds in their nest. The hawk was making a huge screeching racket and the blackbirds were trying to get rid of it, loudly. Each time the hawk stopped on a branch, the blackbirds would chase it off.  They preceded me almost down the entire path! What was the message there, I wonder? I love Blackbirds and their songs. Every-time I hear them singing, it resonates inside of me and I feel comforted by it. My whole energy softens and I feel safe. It always felt as though they were very healing birds. So what/ or who, is this predator, come to steal their creations, their babies? Something I need to work on resolving obviously! Although I think I might have a good idea…

I went up to the woods again today, this time with my friend Cheryl. She followed her ‘gut’ until we came to the tree. The energy today was very different, perhaps because I had already connected to it, although its energy was just as palpable as we entered the woods. This tree has a huge energy-field. This time its messages were different. The only growth visible was the ivy climbing up around it. The rest of the tree seemed to be dying; only tiny outgrowths were visible, quite high up. The tree communicated that although it was coming to the end of its life, it was time for its work to be passed to the younger trees. As he died, they grew, and this felt perfectly alright. It was just the way of tree-things. But we were struck by the way the ivy was obscuring the tree itself. We could not see the bark because it was covered  in ivy. It was like our true selves being obscured by clinging people and issues. They grew and thrived while we died. Food for thought, to be sure!

DSCN0707Once we were finished here we walked back along the path and came to a lovely old Spruce (I think). We stayed under this tree for a little while and it felt so nurturing.  It looked like it had been grown for wood, but never used, so it has just kept on growing. It was a very peaceful place and a lovely place to come and meditate.

Walking further along we came to three more old yew trees, all in a row. We tuned into the larger of the three and I received the message “ Give to the Givers.” Of course, in giving to the givers they will then give to more givers and so on. There is no point in giving to the takers, they will not share it, but will hoard it and use it selfishly. So simple really!

We received a lot of very subtle messages in these woods, and some not so subtle. I will definitely be going up again. If you want to go up yourself, the woods lie alongside Lainston House Hotel. It’s probably part of its lands. There is a pathway on the left of the main Stockbridge road from Winchester, which is where we start from, just across from where the road from Littleton joins the Stockbridge Road. There is a little parking space there too, across from Apley House, the last house on the Littleton road.

There is also a ruin of a 12th/13th century chapel in the hotel grounds so the Lime tree is probably that old, if not older. Cheryl and I are going to go for afternoon tea there, so we can check it out!!!

Communicating with Trees.

treemanCommunicating with Trees is very simple. You just sit, or stand, with your back against the tree trunk and you intend that your energy-field blends with the energy-field of the tree. You imagine that both your ‘fields’ are One. Then you wait! If you are with a Dryad, and this will be pretty clear already because you will feel something different about the tree, then you just keep your inner senses open and watch to see what happens. The tree might need your help, to clear it or to change its field, or something entirely unexpected. Or it might share with you, its energy. It might send impressions into your mind telling you what it needs. You just have to be open to whatever  you receive.

It does take some trust, and sensitivity to energy communication, but once you have done it you will always recognise the energy. Sometimes, even just passing a Dryad, it will make it’s presence felt. As you walk through its huge energy-field you may ‘imagine’ that the tree is an old man, or an old woman. Don’t dismiss this feeling as you are picking up the age of the Dryad. You will ‘know’ which of the trees is the Dryad.

Dryads are easy to recognise as they seem to ‘pull’ your awareness of their energy to them, through love and appreciation. You might be out walking and suddenly feel how beautiful a tree is. Your heart feelings are triggered. No matter how old, or young a Dryad is, you will feel a heart connection. DSCN0315

Trees which are close to human habitation are often ‘memory-holders, especially ones near churches or old human settlements! So they might choose to share with you the history of where they grow. That can be fascinating. Some of these trees, especially yew trees, grow to a very old age, so they can hold vast amounts of memory-energy.

Trees that are about to be felled, for one reason or another, might need other assistance, such as requesting that you hold the energy until either a new tree is planted, or another tree can be found to hold the energy elsewhere.

Some trees will communicate with you that they need to be cleared of negative energy, or healed, on some level. Just follow your impulses and do what the tree requests, just as you would a person. Sometimes trees are so filled with negative energy, such as toxic fumes from human existence, that there is nothing you can do for them. In those instances you just have to honour the experience of the tree, recognising their sacrifice to the environment. You could send those trees your appreciation of its work.

The more time you spend around Dryad’s, and within their energy-field, the more you will pick up the energy that they are picking up from the Earth’s consciousness. They know more about the world, and it’s future, than we do!

B0004259Sometimes when a tree wishes to communicate with you you will feel a ‘pulling’ sensation in your belly. It is literally ‘pulling’ your awareness to itself so that you stop and ‘talk’. Once you have stopped, with the intention of listening, you will know what to do, or the tree will show you what it is doing.

Trees always remind me of elephants! I think it must be because they are so huge and the fact that they hold memory. They also know what is coming for the world. After my last experience with the young beech tree in Farley Mount Woods I received this channelling. That made me realise that the tree’s connection to the earth means a lot more than I originally understood. They not only connect us to the past they also give us information about the future!

So when you blend your energy with a tree, be aware that anything could happen. Thankfully trees are way smarter than us and only give us what we are energetically able to manage. Another lesson we can learn from them.

I lately received a book I had been wanting for a long time, by Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of Findhorn. Call of the Trees. Well worth buying if you want to work with tree consciousness. One of the most important messages which trees impart is the need for old, large trees. In cutting down our ancient trees we are cutting ourselves off from their important work. Not only do they do what we already know but they also transmit forces of energy into their surroundings, as I’ve already experienced. As the tree devas say:

We would emphasise the absolute necessity to have large trees for the well-being of the land. The control of such things as rainfall is often in our hands, but as well we draw forth inner radiances, which are as necessary to the land as rain.”

They say that mature trees are the skin of this world; take them away and the whole creature can no longer function, but dries up and dies. We need to be working with trees.B0003840

In the words of the Deva (overall consciousness) of the trees:

“Just tune into nature until you feel the love flow. That is your arrow into the Deva world. It does not matter if there is a message or not, it is the state which counts. Always it is your state which nature responds to, not what you say, not what you do, but who you are.”

From the Beech tree:

“When you are receptive to us, it is as if you are part of our forces; you blend in and you like it, and we like it. When you are not so tuned in, you are cut off and there is no contact between us. We send a blessing in this rare contact. We bless all who come within our influence, but generally it falls on barren ground. Still, we pour our blessing down in everlasting benediction, unmoved, as you come and go your various ways. Your reception repays us a hundred-fold and we give thanks to our creator.”

What is Planetary Healing?

earthIn these pages I will go into detail of what you might find while working in the landscape. The Earth’s energy matrices, as in vortices and gateways, energy-lines etc., have always been, but as Humans work within the landscape these energies change. Their actions create changes within the earth’s Magnetic field. If you were to imagine the earth, without humans on it, as a planet made up of different levels of existence; the energy lines running throughout it, keeping the balance of nature, and within the solar system it is part of. Everything runs smoothly and creation happens every day.

At different junctures of the energy lines, there are vortices of energy which interact with other levels of existence, just like our chakras effect the different energetic layers of our bodies.  Earth was created to be a ‘school’ for our souls to develop on, one of many, and so life-forms evolved in order to provide us with the opportunity to learn and develop as Souls.

As humans, with a Soul, we have free-will, and so our actions, good and bad, create change on this planet. This change is often very damaging, therefore the earth’s basic energy matrix often needs upgrading or rebuilding. If we are to remain here on our earth school, then we need to take care of it. At different times during our collective evolution, we also need new energies, new ideas, etc. and these come in through us; the ones whose job it is to maintain the energetic integrity of the planet; the Harmonisers and Balancers.

As Healers of the Earth we are the upgraders, rebuilders, anchors of new energies, soul rescuers, guides, energy-cleaners, and the custodians of Holy places. It is our job to work within all of the layers of the Earth School’s ‘building’, so that Humanity can continue its progress of learning. We have to do the plumbing, the electricity, the heating, the gardens, provide the food, the shelter, etc., fixing it all when it becomes old and damaged. Our Earth house has many floors, many wings, and many rooms.

However, the earth also has a Soul. As Seth says in his book :

“The body of the Earth can be said to have its own Soul, or mind (whichever term you prefer). Using this analogy the mountains and oceans, the valleys and rivers and all natural phenomena spring from the earth’s soul, as all events and all manufactured objects appear from the inner mind or soul of mankind. The inner world of each man or woman is connected with the inner word of the earth. The spirit becomes flesh. Part of every individual’s Soul, then, is intimately connected with what we will call the World’s Soul, or the Soul of the Earth.  The smallest piece of grass, or flower, is aware of this connection,and  without reasoning comprehends its position, its uniqueness and its source of vitality.”954802_567143093347441_265610033_n

We, as Earth-workers, bring those inner creations into physical manifestation. We work within the Earth’s Soul layers and her place in the Universe, creating new creations, and experiences, for our Souls to develop and enjoy. We bring harmony and balance, even though that might feel like the opposite, and it might feel like our work is achieving very little, but it acts on subtle levels, bringing change and renewal over time.

Seth calls the vortices of the Earth  ‘coordinate points and explains them thus:

“These coordinate points act as channels through which energy flows, and as warps or invisible paths from one reality to another. They also act as transformers, and provide much of the generating energy that makes creation continuous in your terms…these points impinge upon what you call time, as well as space…”

Learning to work with these vortices and realities is part of what we do as Planetary healers.

Reading Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls I was interested to read from one of his clients under hypnosis that within the astral plane surrounding Earth, alternate or coexistent realities are part of our physical world. Within these realities non-material beings can be seen by some people in our physical reality. there are boundaries between these different realities, like spheres. These spatial zones have vibrational properties that allow for soul passage only when their energy waves are attuned to the right frequency.

This what many of the attunements of the Gaia Method facilitate; because we work within these other realities we need to be able to move up, or down, in vibration, in order to be able to communicate with the beings that inhabit those other worlds. In many of my experiences in Earthwork I have experienced these communications.  They are very open to sharing their knowledge and gifts with us and happy to work with us. All you have to do is want to!