Spider Woman Weaves the Web of Life.

Channelling received in 2008.

tumblr_m6ncfjHBHr1r3cx40“The spider weaves the threads of energy which link the holy sites of the Mother. Her legs fasten on to each web she spins, and threads of many hues and colours emerge from her belly. She grows light. She is light. She is the weaver of the Webs of light, the webs which involve the growth and stability of new human thinking. Without her weaving the new thoughtforms could not travel ‘the web’.

Creation happens in an instant but it’s growth happens over time. In order for the web to be successful it needs to be maintained. Threads can be broken or destroyed and the Spider Woman reweaves them, constantly mending and growing new ones. In this way the web is maintained.

New Spider women are being awoken now. These ancient seamstresses, sewing and weaving earth’s creations, are moving into place. The web must now be maintained and strengthened so that the future of humanity can be stabilised and can continue to grow and evolve.

Help the spider women to become aware of who they are and what their task is. Some will work only with particular colours, their colours, some will work with more. They will relearn this skill.

I am the Spider woman, Mother of the World. Red and black are my colours. The earth dragons are me, and mine. My energy flowing through the veins and fissures of the earth.

Welcome to my domain.”


The Earth lines are Red/Male and black/female. Red and Black dragon energy.  The red line Dragon energy is like lifeblood, feeding the earth, like blood feeds your body. You will often find the red lines connecting to sacred sites, along with other lines.  They can be quite deep in the earth and sometimes you will have to pick them up and anchor them higher up in the land so that they can feed that level of the earth. I have also found, with some small sites, that the red line can feed smaller satellites sites of bigger Mother Sites! A little like a mother feeding her child.

These earth lines are anchored by people, who act as mediums between earth and sky/cosmos. The earth lines you perceive in the landscape were laid by others in times past. The more proficient you become in working with the red and black earth lines, which already exist in the landscape, the more you begin to create new lines in areas which require them. Its not something you think about before hand its just something you do when it is required.

Banjo Enclosure

Banjo Enclosure

My first experience of the red lines was at a site called Coldridge Woods, just over the Hampshire border, where I had been doing an archaeological survey of a Banjo enclosure (Bronze Age/Iron-age circular earthwork with avenue, like a banjo shape). This settlement site lay in a woods which was medieval but which was originally open land with a few trees. A fellow archaeology student and healer, Kat, and I noticed that the current ‘avenue’ into the banked enclosure was not its original one as there was a faint remains of a ditched trackway facing in another direction. I tuned into this direction and saw red energy flow down from another source which we then had to walk anti-clockwise around the circular ditch to join again with the incoming flow. It then moved in the opposite diection but parallel to the incoming flow. Flowing back to where it originated from. I had only begun to do energywork but this felt like the site’s lifeblood, which fed this enclosure and brought fertility to the land. But where had it come from?

We walked the line as far as we could before it disappeared but I ‘knew’ that it was connected to a Hillfort somewhere. So later on in the day I got my map (indispensable when doing earthwork) and followed the line straight to Fosbury Hillfort! The archaeology student who had led us to this Banjo enclosure later brought us to Fosbury and it was a beautiful settlement, filled with the energy of the Mother, and this ‘Mother’ was ‘feeding’ its ‘child’ settlement at Coldridge. At this point I didn’t know that it was part of the Spider Woman energies as I was still learning about energywork in the land.

So sites which are fed and kept nourished by the red energies do not necessarily flow in straight lines but can be channelled into whatever spaces they need to nourish. Trees often act as anchors for these red lines, the tree roots ‘holding’ the energy line in place and acting as transmitter of the line’s energies.

On-going exploration of this site, both archaeological and energetic showed us how important this site was to the locality as it contained two vortexes, Spring and Winter, at the base of the Avenue. The original occupants of the site had lovingly built and maintained these energy sites until incoming invaders had burned their settlement to the ground.

The black lines are the Black Dragon energies and the deepest aspects of the Human unconscious. During a GM attunement with a friend Eartha Dragon we had a ‘visit’ from a female energy calling herself ‘Mer’. She said that she was the dark, underworld Goddess. She had black orbs for eyes, black hair and pale skin. She said that she lived in the bowels of the earth, in the deepest recesses and represented the dark emotional energy of the collective unconscious. Her realm is where the black energy flows. She is the deepest healing possible, the realm of the Night, and all the dark places.

Image credit: http://jayjayaurelio.livejournal.com/8160.html

2 thoughts on “Spider Woman Weaves the Web of Life.

  1. I work with Mer Essence through the Black Dragon Current and the Blue Dragon Current and this and your entire page is SO HELPFUL and resonates so deeply. Thank you for existing and sharing these Deep Healing truths for our Planet 🙂


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