Jhadten Jewell’s October 2013 Workshop, Chichester.

City of Light Abergavenny

City of Light Abergavenny

Just Reading Jhadten Jewell’s upcoming workshop page. I love Jhadten’s work and have done workshops with him a number of times over the years. Now that we are moving further into alignment with ourselves and our connection to Mother Earth, Jhadtens’ workshops are a wonderful way to deepen our relationship with the Earth and the Elementals.

Having worked with these energies for a number of years now I know how important it is to heal and activate these three Centres.

If you can do the workshop, do it. It will be wonderful I know. Not only are they powerful they are also light and lots of fun. Jhadten has a wonderful sense of humour and is the most compassionate and humble man I have ever met.

(All the Holograms are Jhadtens work which you can find at his website: Http://www.sacredspaces.net )


Embodying New Levels of Soul Energy
Connect with the New Anchor Points for Healing, and
to Embody the Energies of 2013!

The Astounding Possibilities of 2013!

Hologram for Healing the Womb.

Hologram for Healing the Womb.

In 2012, Mother Earth and our solar system moved into alignment directly with the Source of Creation. An event at the end and beginning of an era of civilisation and awareness. Though the Grand Alignment of 2012 was a zenith point, the waves of energy flowing into our realms are new and exciting, presenting possibilities never experienced on Earth before. The galactic waves of energy flowing to us now are allowing us to embody even more of our soul energy. In order for this to happen, we simply align with the current cosmic configuration and heal the layers of the womb/hara area, the heart and the pineal gland. The healing of the womb area entails the healing of our Mother’s womb, the placenta and our own womb (female), or hara space (male). This healing will be much more profound than ever before, for it is our creative centre that can now experience a full activation.

The full activation of our creative powers happens through initiations into the energies of our souls, only now available to us in 2013, and are anchored mainly through the pineal gland (third eye, consciousness, awareness), the heart and the womb/hara areas. The whales, dolphins and the angelic realms will assist us here, for each are guardians of these anchor points. The shift in our consciousness, perceptions and awareness occurs through the embodiment of these new energies. As we embody the new vibrational patterns of light (blueprints of the soul’s purpose at this time) the elemental kingdoms are able to move into these patterns of energy to not only create the new consciousness within us, but also affect the elementals in the world around us, in our daily life, and thus manifest a new reality.

Hologram for healing/activating the Placenta.

Hologram for healing/activating the Placenta.

The soul is now creating through us more fully and directly. It is important to sound into these energies to imprint them on the crystalline structures of reality in and around us, and for the transformation of our interior and exterior reality to occur in lasting and precise ways. Working with the dynamic alchemical elementals of the Whizzard Cards will assist this process greatly. The workshop is devoted to the healing necessary at this time and the initiation into the new realms of soul experience in our present incarnation. Exercises, sounding and movement will be employed to support this purpose.

The workshop will be magical, profound and great fun. I would be delighted to share this experience with you.

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