The Seed of the Tree. 13 May 2015.

This is your challenge: to stay focused in the physical reality of your surroundings, whilst at the same time focusing in on the myriad other worlds that form part of this one.

12You live in a multi-dimensional universe, and whilst most people are focused purely on the  physical world they inhabit, you, like many others, choose to focus on the many worlds of existence that intersect, and form part of, your world. As you know there are many levels within the world you inhabit, the physical world being the densest. As you expand into other worlds, the density decreases, until the layers are finer and purer, existing in the level of the Divine Mind, the Father energies, and the Divine Heart, the Mother energies.

As you travel through these worlds, you can see how it is connected, like a giant sphere made up of other spheres, all together within the energy of Mind and Heart. In order to bring the awareness of Mind, and Heart, Father and Mother, into the physical world, you must be the channel, the medium, through which these energies flow. YOU ARE the body of the earth, and through your body, anchored in the dense physical world, these energies are anchored. You hold these energies in your ‘Hara’, or spiritual womb. All creatures, male and female, can utilise this space in their body. It is their reservoir of energy, flowing from the divine mind, and anchoring into the earth, for the benefit of all humankind.  As the energies flow into your body, they bring with them, the energies of Love, flowing through the Heart. These then are the Blue/Father and Pink/Mother. blue-flower-of-life

These creations, which sit in your Divine Womb, can then be birthed into the physical world, through your body, your actions and your creativity. There is no limit to what you can create. All is possible. But keep this in mind. It is the task of the Servers of this World to act as the channels/mediums of new Divine Thought and Love in Action. Look not to others to see how it is done, but place your attention on your Hara, for there you will find the seeds of your own wisdom.

Try this now: Imagine that you are a seed in the vast darkness, waiting for the right moment; the right time to be fertilised and brought into the light. As you wait, you notice other seeds and they too are waiting for their right moment. Some of the seeds will be birthed before you, but you don’t worry about that, for you know that your time will come and all will happen perfectly.

Meditate on this imagery and fill yourself with the knowing that your ‘seed’ will be birthed in exactly the right moment, and when it is, you will understand why you waited so long. All is in perfect motion.

We leave you now with these words:

Just as the fruit ripens on the branch, and sheds its seeds, so too will you ripen, and so too will your seeds fall into the open mouths of those who come to eat from your tree. All is Divinely inspired, so allow your tree to produce its fruit, so that one day, your seeds will quicken the lives of the hungry, filling ‘their’ bellies with the seeds of Divinity, so that they too become the fruit of the world.

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